Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 301

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 301: Hero past prime

Dark Underworld Emissary died and the overall situation was decided.

The surviving disciples of Black Cauldron Sect threw their arms and came out to surrender lowering their head. Only Tuoba Xiong was still putting up a desperate struggle. He roared repeatedly and dashed ahead regardless of his safety, but everything was just a futile effort. He was completely suppressed by Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. If Ye Chuan had not ordered them to capture him alive, then he would have already died many times.

A formidable man with the commanding presence of former days reached a dead end.

Tuoba Xiong also knew that he was making a futile effort, but he would rather die than submit swallowing the grievance. Although he was unreasonable and overbearing, compared to Dark Underworld Emissary who wanted to sneak off when the circumstance was anything but reassuring, he was many times stronger than him at this point.

“Father, father……”

A soft voice suddenly resounded. At an unknown time, Tuoba Xiaoniao also had arrived at the battlefield. Now, her complexion was wan and sallow. She supported her fragile body and walked over as she said, “Father, lay down the bronze cauldron and surrender, father……”

Tuoba Xiong paused and slowly turned around. Seeing the suffering expression of Tuoba Xiaoniao, a complicated emotion flashed in his eyes as he recalled his wife who had died many years ago. After growing up, Tuoba Xiaoniao greatly resembled her mother, and her temperament was also similar, which evoked the memories of Tuoba Xiong when he was young.

“Father, don’t fight anymore, hereafter, this daughter will accompany you to look for a peaceful and quiet place to pass our life, isn’t that fine?” The eyes of Tuoba Xiaoniao were bright red as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Considering her, Ye Chuan was lenient and had spared the life of her father Tuoba Xiaoniao. He hadn’t dealt with her father like how he had dealt with Dark Underground Emissary Exploiter Hu. But, if her father obstinately persisted on like this, then Tuoba Xiaoniao understood that Ye Chuan would not be softhearted and kill him decisively. As a matter of fact, people that wanted to accomplish big matters were the same in some places, they will never be softhearted like dainty and delicate girls.

“What don’t fight anymore, Xiaoniao, do you want your father to go into retirement, or, spend the remainder of my life in prison?”

Tuoba Xiong smiled sadly, then the blood and qi within his body suddenly seethed. He gathered his strength to put up a final desperate struggle. If he couldn’t rush out, then he would die here.

Rumbling sound suddenly resounded.

Regardless of Horned Demon Na Gusi behind him, he initiated a ferocious attack towards Flame Devil in front of him. He wanted to exchange a life for a life. Either Flame Devil would get out of the way or die together with him.

Even though the strength was higher, facing a madman who didn’t fear for his life, anyone would yield three-tenth. Flame Devil was also the same, he decisively retreated a few steps to dodge the attack of Tuoba Xiong. And at the same time, a sharp spear appeared behind Tuoba Xiong which directly stabbed towards his back.

Horned Demon Na Gusi who was behind Tuoba Xiong had ferociously thrust his spear. Now, either Tuoba Xiong had to turn around and block or dodge sideways, otherwise, he would be stabbed by this spear.


The complexion of Tuoba Xiong was ferocious. He ignored the spear behind him and continued to forcibly advance towards Flame Devil. He wanted to break through this encirclement in a spurt of energy. Flame Devil coldly snorted and extended his hand to block, confronting the tough with toughness. Meanwhile, the spear coming from behind nearly reached the back of Tuoba Xiong. As long as this powerful stab come into contact with his back, a big hole would be created.

“No……, father……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed. She wished to use her flying sword and rush up to save her father, but she was already too late.

A big hand suddenly appeared and firmly grabbed the spear behind Tuoba Xiong. The sharp tip of the spear had just touched the back of Tuoba Xiong. A bit of blood flowed out from the wound, but it wasn’t even an inch deep wound.

Ye Chuan suddenly appeared blocking the fatal blow of Horned Demon Na Gusi. Then the latter and Flame Devil took a quick glance and retreated a few steps back.

“Why didn’t you allow them to kill me? Why?”

Tuoba Xiong panted and he still carried a heavy cauldron on his shoulders. But his body had already begun to tremble slightly. His energy was already exhausted. Still, he glared at Ye Chuan like a wild beast as he said, “Why? Brat, could it be that you want to humiliate this lordship before attacking?”

“Your Excellency Sect Master, you are thinking too much. In Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, you helped me stop the attack of Elder Feng Ren one time, so I save you once. Now, we don’t owe anything to each other, you can leave.” Ye Chuan indifferent said.

Everyone was surprised hearing this.

Tuoba Xiong had his eyes wide open as he thought he had heard wrong. Tuoba Xiaoniao was also the same. She had never thought that Ye Chuan would unexpectedly let go of her father. Not killing was already pretty good, she had assumed that Ye Chuan would at least imprison her father. Releasing her father, could it be that Ye Chuan didn’t fear to leave future trouble?

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Zhu Sijia came over. She wanted to stop Ye Chuan.

Who was Tuoba Xiong?

He was an ambitious person who singlehandedly developed and strengthened Black Cauldron Sect in his generation. Setting him free, wouldn’t that be letting the tiger return to the mountain? Black Cauldron Sect ceased to exist, but who knows how many remaining evil elements were hiding in the dark. Just in case, after letting Tuoba Xiong go, if he assembled them then it would be difficult to annihilate them again.

“Jiajia, don’t say anything, let him go.”

Ye Chuan remained unmoved, then the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quickly made way. Even Flame Devil who had been blocking Tuoba Xiong also walked to one side.

Entrusted with the authority of the sect, in addition, destroying both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in own fell swoop, unifying the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, now the prestige of Ye Chuan had reached the apex without rival in Cloud Mist Sect. Now, let alone Zhu Sijia, even if Great Elder Zhu Guohong was present in person, he might be unable to stop the command of Ye Chuan.

“Boy, don’t you fear that I will kill you in revenge?” Tuoba Xiong looked at Ye Chuan with a complicated gaze.

“I dared to let you go, naturally, I don’t fear your retaliation. Your Excellency Sect Master, you aren’t my opponent now, and in the future, you will not be my opponent even more.” Ye Chuan was full of confidence. One could even say that he was wildly arrogant, but no one felt this was improper. Because, even though this was crazy, Ye Chuan also had qualification and skill for speaking this.

“Good, good, Ye Chuan, you are awesome. In the past, I made an error of judgment. But, I will not let the matter drop like this, one day, I, Tuoba Xiong will return.”

Tuoba Xiong left behind these words and left in large strides throwing the heavy cauldron on his shoulders to one side. He didn’t even want to take this big killing weapon, he wanted to leave Cloud Mist Mountain range and look for a place to stage a comeback. He had determined attitude with lofty aspiration, merely, his steps were somewhat staggering and heavy. He didn’t have his overbearing and prideful attitude of former days.

Without numerous trusted aides he had cultivated for many years and burnt down of Black Cauldron Sect, moreover, leaving a familiar Cloud Mist Mountain Range and looking for a place to stage a comeback, this was easier said than done.

Hero past prime.

Tuoba Xiong would rather die than submit. From the beginning to the end, he couldn’t swallow this resentment, he was determined to stage a comeback, unfortunately, he had already grown old. Current Wilderness World already belonged to the generation of young people like Ye Chuan.

“Father, father……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao repeatedly called out. Tuoba Xiong however left without even looking back. Seeing the back view of her father was getting further and further away, she turned around and reluctantly looked at Ye Chuan, then resolutely chased after her father. Between romantic love and family love, she chose family love, she left Ye Chuan with tears in her eyes. Ye Chuan had strong soldiers, moreover, Zhu Sijia, this kind of beautiful woman, beside him, but her father Tuoba Xiong, he had nothing to his name, so he cannot again lose even his daughter.

“Noble son Ye, I’m sorry, if there is next life, Xiaoniao will not beg to stay young forever and also will not beg for immortality, only beg to be able to become a little junior apprentice sister of Cloud Mist Sect and accompany you to old……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao muttered to herself as she rushed behind a small hill. She turned her head and looked at Ye Chuan from far away and her eyes became blurred with tears. Then using her flying sword, she flew away, keeping pace with her willful father. Father and daughter went further and further away and disappeared into the horizon.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, why don’t you bring back big sister Xiaoniao?” Little Long’er asked.

“When she wished to return, I don’t need to go bring her back, she will naturally return on her own.”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand and rubbed the head of Little Long’er, then he returned towards Cloud Mist Sect. He left all the matters to Zhu Sijia, Flame Devil and others. Now that both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had ceased to exist, he concentrated his energy to counter the upcoming Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect.

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