Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 300

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 300: It turned out to be you

“Yi Yanzi, Na Gusi, you two, stop this mad bear, capture him alive.”

Receiving the command of Ye Chuan, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi rushed forward and joined forces to stop this raging Tuoba Xiong.

Rank 5 Daoist Master realm against Rank 4 Daoist master realm, moreover, two versus one, very quickly, Tuoba Xiong was suppressed. Flying into range and his soring killing intent had no effect. Moreover, he was unable to escape the attack of two people even after running left and right.

He hastily turned around and saw the masked old man was sneaking away. He had decisively chosen the weakest place in the line of defense of Cloud Mist Sect to break out of this encirclement. He had even left his followers without any care.

“Old man, why are you in a hurry like this?”

Early prepared Ye Chuan leisurely came out from behind a tree. He used his unparalleled style technique to block the path of this old man and said, “The weather is truly nice today, let’s talk about the weather.”

The masked old man kept his mouth shut and turned to flee. The result, a shadow flashed and Ye Chuan was already in front of him blocking his path.

“If you don’t like talking about the weather, then fine, let’s change the subject of the talk. Old man, how about we talk about this battle? You say, can Tuoba Xiong still take a few more hits?” Ye Chuan smiled looking at this masked old man. And looking over to that side, he saw Tuoba Xiong was losing more and more, and his smile became even more brilliant. But seeing this smile, the masked old man was even more frightened.

There was no suspense now, Cloud Mist Sect was destined to unify the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, slowly returning to its peak state.

Now, this masked old man had already given up his thought to forcibly seize Cloud Mist Mountain Range. He just wanted to escape alive from here.

The masked old man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and again turned around, the result, just like before, before he could take a few steps, Ye Chuan already blocked his path.

“Old fox, since you don’t want to chat about the weather, and also don’t want to chat about the battle, that’s fine, but this is the last chance, let’s talk about your origin. Speak everything you know, how did you assume the position of Dark Underworld Emissary, who is instigating all these behind the scenes, what is your objective, speak everything. If I am happy, I will leave your corpse intact, otherwise, I will make you suffer bitterly.”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at this masked old man who had nowhere to run. Then with a rustling sounds, 12 human faced snakes slowly came out from the grove, completely surrounding this old man.

“What Dark Underworld Emissary? I don’t understand, noble son Ye, you got the wrong person.” The gaze of old man glimmered as he denied while looking for a chance to break out of this encirclement.

“You can die without admitting, but, that is useless, Rhodes……”

Ye Chuan called out loudly and a vine emerged from the ground, transforming into a stern middle-aged man, then laughing strangely, he said, “Noble son, did you look for me?”

“Last time you said that you can change a person into a dried corpse sucking his  blood, and you can change him into neither alive nor dead puppet absorbing his vital yang, can you truly do that?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, I can, it is not a big deal. I can change people into living mummy, moreover, pouring a bucket of ox and horse blood, he would have flesh and blood too. As for changing him into neither alive nor dead puppet by sucking the vital yang, it is even easier. If noble son wants, this subordinate can plant this old fellow underground, changing him into a half human half demon too. His upper body will remain unchanged but his lower body will change into a vine. There is no problem, kakaka……”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily. After sucking the essence blood and vital yang of a large number of the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, not only his cultivation made progress, his appearance also had a great change. Now, he looked much younger than before, his withered body also began to look full, and there were many signs of returning to his youth. This signs made this old evil spirit burst with joy.

When he had first submitted to Ye Chuan, he still had some reluctance. Now, even if Ye Chuan freed him, he will not leave.

In these few days he had stayed with Ye Chuan, he had made such a great progress that now he had a hope to match those exceedingly powerful evil spirits of Five Fingered Buddhist Cave in future.

He had escaped from Five Fingered Buddhist Cave for his life. Outside, he could summon wind and rain, but inside Five Fingered Buddhist Cave, he was just a small demon who was not worth mentioning. If he hadn’t escaped, then he might have already died. But, just escaping wasn’t his dream, his dream was to return to Five Fingered Buddhist Cave one day and crush those exceedingly powerful evil spirits he didn’t even dare to look up at that time.

He cultivated in Five Fingered Mount Yin for many years by himself, but he didn’t see any hope to achieve this dream. So, he could only satisfy his craving in the midst of ordinary yao beasts. But beside Ye Chuan, he saw the hope of returning to Five Fingered Buddhist Cave one day.

One could clearly see the fear in the eyes of this masked old man.

The words of Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was truly frightening. Directly dying was much simpler as all the troubles end when he died, and changing into dried corpse also fine, in any case, he would see nothing after death. But changing into half human and half vine demon, he would definitely go insane.

“Old man, think over clearly, if you have anything to say, just say them quickly, I have to hurry back to Cloud Mist Sect to water the medicinal plants. I will give you ten seconds, if you still not speak, then you will also be planted to the ground, 10……, 9……, 8……”

Ye Chuan indifferently looked at this masked old man and began to countdown. From the beginning, he didn’t appear to be taking this old man seriously. But, he had spoken one thing seriously, it was time to water and nurse Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed. According to his calculation, it had already been a period of time since he had last taken care of it. He wondered how big it has grown now.

The chest of this masked old man rose and fell rapidly as he felt that this was the greatest humiliation he had ever felt. Originally, he wanted to bargain with Ye Chuan and watch for his chance to break out of this encirclement, but he had never thought that Ye Chuan wouldn’t even give any chance to bargain.

He sweated profusely. Although he had many schemes and intrigues and also had stomachful of evil tricks, but in front of Ye Chuan, all were useless. He didn’t have much time to do anything.

“Brat, I will fight you to death.”

The masked man suddenly turned the Dark Underworld Ring in his hand and spared no effort to rush towards Ye Chuan. A large amount of black mist appeared in the sky which condensed into many extremely vicious specters. Numerous specters pounced on towards Ye Chuan, but the masked old man suddenly changed direction at a high speed. He wanted to take this chance to break out of this encirclement. He played the same old trick to forcibly break out of this encirclement.

Countless vines suddenly sprang out from the ground. They routed all specters.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly made a move dealing with the attack of this masked old man. Meanwhile, 12 human faced snakes also rushed forward, they surrounded the masked old man who was trying to run away and initiated violent attacks. Very soon, the old man was repeatedly thrashed. He was injured all over and was covered with blood. His most powerful attack was suppressed by Old Demon of Mount Yin, and he himself was surrounded by 12 powerful human faced snakes. And at one side, there furthermore were Ye Chuan, Little Long’er, Sea Demoness and other experts glaring him like a tiger eyeing its prey. Even if he was given a pair of wings, he wouldn’t be able to escape from here. Not long after, he fell to the ground dripping with blood. Ye Chuan pulled off the black mask of the old man from far away, and a familiar face appeared before him.

He had an emaciated triangular face without much flesh, and his left chest had a black tattoo. He was none other than the stall-keeper in Underground Ghost Market he had seen a few times, Exploiter Hu. [T/N: Exploiter Hu make the first appearance in chapter 40]

“Eh, it turned out to be you.”

This was beyond the expectation of Ye Chuan. When Ye Chuan first saw him at that time, he thought that this old man Exploiter Hu was just eccentric, unsociable and indifferent. But to his surprise, he unexpectedly had another identity. Becoming the outer sect disciple of Five Style Sect, he was lying low in Underground Ghost Market. He hid so deeply, no wonder he was able to appear and disappear mysteriously in Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

“Hahaha, brat, even if you kill me, you will also not obtain what you need. Dark Underworld Archfiend will avenge me, you will also not live for long, hahaha……”

Exploiter Hu roared with laughter and his head suddenly slanted to one side as his laughter ceased abruptly. Then, from the corner of his mouth, black blood flowed out and he stopped breathing. Since he was unable to break out of this encirclement, he committed suicide like his death soldier subordinates, leaving no clues behind for his opponent.

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