Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 30

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 30: Uninvited Guest

The stealthy footsteps’ sounds increasingly got closer, then paused for a moment, and bypassing the front gate, roundabout to back door.

Ye Chuan motionlessly sat cross-legged on the floor, pretending to know nothing, but his ears heard everything clearly, and was able to determine the uninvited guest’s height and weight from the sound of footsteps. The uninvited guest was a brawny big fellow. After that Ye Chuan sent out his divine sense to carefully examine him.

The uninvited person was indeed brawny, dressed in the standard long robe of Cloud Mist Sect disciple, and his face was covered with a piece of black cloth. But surprisingly, the cultivation of this big fellow was merely Rank 6 Wuzhe, far from being an expert.

Sent a trifling Rank 6 Wuzhe disciple to assassinate me, did Jin Zhikun, that old fellow lost his mind, or is he still not putting me in his eyes?

This circumstance was somewhat unexpected, still Ye Chuan stood up, and with a flash he passed through the window and came out.

Hesitating for a while, uninvited guest climbed over the wall and crept in, then walking on tiptoe, he carefully searched around. Unfortunately, although he was already very cautious, but he accidently knocked down a medicinal herbs storing jar. Careless in handling things, seeing this, Ye Chuan who was secretly following behind him shook his head.

Inside study, empty, there was no-one;

Inside alchemy house, also empty, only some commonly used pill medicines and medicinal herbs;

Inside bedroom, also was no-one;

Uninvited guest searched all around the Purple Cloud Courtyard, but gained nothing, so he slowly creased his brows. In the dim moonlight, entire Purple Cloud Courtyard was empty without the sight of any person.

“This junior apprentice-brother, are you looking for me?”

Even after secretly following behind him for a while, this uninvited guest was completely unable to perceive him. So shaking his head, Ye Chuan appeared behind him and patted the shoulder of this uninvited guest.


Uninvited guest jumped up along with a screamed, then turned around. Seeing Ye Chuan who had mysteriously appeared behind him, he couldn’t help but shivered all over, “Big……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I……”

“Which Hall are you from, what is your name?” Ye Chuan asked, and his eyes suddenly became threateningly sharp while looking at this uninvited guest.

Even the gaze of Great Elder was not this terrifying, and in that instant, he trembled with terror, and replied instinctively, “Alchemy Hall, Gongsun……, Gongsun Ye.”

“Good, your name is pretty good, I like it. Now tell me, who asked you to kill me?” Ye Chuan asked, and those terrifying gaze revert back to normal. Then with an evil smile on his face, he added, “No, this is out of question, a scaredy-cat cannot kill. Whether you know or not, the person who made you come here wants to harm you, or wants to kill you by another’s hand.”

“No……, not, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I don’t, I……”

Uninvited guest Gongsun Ye stuttered, and the words he wanted to speak didn’t come out properly due to nervousness.

Tall and strong, compared to Ye Chuan, he was still a head taller, but seeing Ye Chuan, he was trembling continuously just like a mouse seeing a cat.

“Return back and cultivate properly, killing you is more like losing face.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then circulating the Heaven Swallowing Talisman of inside his body, he swatted out. ‘Peng’, brawny Gongsun Ye was sent flying just like a kite with a broken string, and heavily fell outside the wall. After screaming, he struggled to crawl up and ran away in a panic. Inside the perimeter wall, Ye Chuan clapped his hands, and return back to the study to continue cultivating.

Evening wind whistled with bone piercing chill in the air. Right now it was precisely the darkest and coldest time just before the dawn.

Ye Chuan didn’t think much of this matter as if he had just driven away a fly. But not long after sitting down, the sound of stealthily footsteps came through outside once again.

Still coming?

Ye Chuan coldly snorted.

Outside Purple Cloud courtyard, an uninvited guest had really come again, but not that brawny Gongsun Ye, rather a stealthy short person, and his cultivation was also merely Rank 6 Wuzhe. This guy was noticeably more flexible and jumped over the perimeter wall without much hesitation.

After he carefully examined him, Ye Chuan was too lazy to come out this time, so with a thought, Golden Cicada King while driving away a large swarm of mutated flies came over.

Deep in the night, he let Golden Cicada King and those swarm of flies approach this uninvited guest without a trace. Only after these flies flew in front of him, this uninvited guest discovered them, and just when he exclaimed in surprise with his mouth wide open, immediately this swarm of flies swarmed around and completely covered him. Very quickly, this uninvited guest fell down to the ground losing his footsteps, and rolled away while wailing mournfully throughout the way. Before he could even see the figure of Ye Chuan, he was already injured heavily.

“Who said that these mutated flies can only destroy without a single redeeming feature?”

Hearing that wailing mournfully sound of that short person, Ye Chuan laughed wickedly, then he suddenly thought of a plan.

After Second Elder bustle about in mountains for several days, the number of flies in mountains had become less, but was still not completely eliminated, and these flies were still nibbling away the medicinal herbs. How to deal with these hateful flies, this had become a great headache of all the people of Cloud Mist Sect. At first, Ye Chuan also didn’t have any good method, but after Golden Cicada transformed into four winged Golden Cicada King, this problem was readily solved.

After these mutated flies were driven away, Purple Cloud Peak would be able to restore to its original appearance, but now, Ye Chuan suddenly thought of an even better plan. After driving away these mutated flies to a place where they could be controlled easily, they would become best guards, who would be more useful than the current group of guards!

Ye Chuan immediately put his thoughts into action. He instructed Golden Cicada King to fly all over the mountain, and gather together those mutated flies. Slowly, the number of mutated files became more and more outside the Purple Cloud Courtyard. Didn’t matter whether these mutated flies hid in stone cracks, shrubs, treetop, and so on place, once Golden Cicada King appeared there, they would suddenly flutter all over the sky.

After an hour, the forcing out of mutated flies went smoothly and easily, and at the same time, Purple Cloud Courtyard received several uninvited guests. But all of them were bitten away by the swarm of flies without exception.

Without Ye Chuan having to raise his hand personally, all the uninvited guests ran away in panic, but slowly, he couldn’t help but became increasingly suspicious.

Merely in one night, so many uninvited guests came, but none of them were strong, this was really too strange.

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged inside the study, and his spirit quietly came out, then under the protection of Cyan Lotus Light, he slowly drifted out while looking around carefully. After breaking through and reaching Rank 6 Wuzhe, and completely condensing a Heaven Swallowing Talisman, his sprit was obviously a lot stronger than before. But just after his spirit came out, Ye Chuan felt the change in the world and danger.

East, towards the direction of Black Cauldron Sect, baleful qi was still soaring; South, endless sea was till dangerous; North, towards the Evil Dragon Abyss, an aura that would make people feel jumpy was coming, and compared to first time he had used Spirit Nightwalking, it was clearly much more dangerous. This gave people a feeling of as if extremely frightening evil ghost was about to come out from deep inside the Evil Dragon Abyss!

Very strong yao qi.

What secret is hidden inside the Evil Dragon Abyss?

Ye Chuan became stern, even with his experience as a Heaven Concealing Great Sage, the aura coming through the Evil Dragon Abyss shocked him. In the spirit form, he didn’t dare to casually wander outside at random, so he just circled over the Purple Cloud Courtyard and hurriedly return back. Then immediately merged back with his physical body. After that he sensed a trace of familiar aura at the foot of the mountain, this aura was a bit similar to the aura of Adviser He Taixu. And just when he was about to sense more carefully, that aura however disappeared.

It’s him again! Can it be that, all of this is the doing of He Taixu, that adviser? What does he want?”

Ye Chuan’s gaze became cold, then immediately standing up, he rushed towards the foot of the mountain. Unfortunately, when he reached the foot of the mountain, not even the figure of a single person was there.

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