Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 298

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 298: Why don’t you surrender?

“Your Excellency Sect Master, please look by yourself.”

Ye Chuan clapped and Fatty Zhao Dazhi brought a captured disciple of Black Cauldron Sect.

He was the trusted aide of Tuoba Xiong left behind in Black Cauldron Sect. When he saw the situation was anything but reassuring, he wanted to escape and report to Tuoba Xiong, result, he was caught midway and was beaten to half-dead. Now, his entire body was trembling, and under escort of fatty who borrowed the tiger’s fierceness, his legs went soft and it was especially strenuous to take each step.

“Wang Li, you……”

The limbs of Tuoba Xiong became ice-cold. When he saw his trusted aide Wang Li who was supposed to stay in the sect, he understood everything. The matter he had afraid the most had occurred.

As for the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, their complexion turned pale and their morale plunged down. No one was an idiot, they quickly understood what had happened. The masked black-robed men were also the same, now, a hint of fear appeared in their eyes.

The sect was crushed, taking advantage of the time when it was defenseless, and now, the remnants were also besieged heavily. The situation was hopeless.

Finished, Five Style Sect was finished and Black Cauldron Sect was also finished.

The heart of the people of Black Cauldron Sect from top to bottom shook. Everyone understood that this situation was hopeless. Even if Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had heaven-defying abilities, he wouldn’t be able to turn around this hopeless situation. Taking one step wrong, Black Cauldron Sect that had slowly build up its strength was destroyed in his hands.

“Sect……, Your Excellency Sect Master, Could Mist Sect conquered the sect, and it was burned……, burned down.” The trusted aide Wang Li reported and when he finished speaking, he fell to the ground.

Before setting out, Tuoba Xiong had placed high hopes on him and was given the heavy responsibility to guard the sect. The result, not to mention the sect had fallen, he wasn’t even able to report this news in time. This was a serious dereliction of duty. If it was not for that light curtain, then Tuoba Xiong might have already smashed him to death with that heavy cauldron on his shoulders.

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect became restless again. Everyone had a thought to retreat and they had no mood to go on fighting.

Black Cauldron Sect had fallen into the hands of Cloud Mist Sect, guessing was one thing and hearing the report from the mouth of Wang Li was another. Since the sect ceased to exist, was there any reason to fight?

“Burned down, haha, good, very good.”

Tuoba Xiong laughed. He was so angry that he laughed. Now he resembled a mad yao beast while ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan. His eyes were bright red and he vomited a mouthful of blood as he said, “Brat, you are ruthless, you are truly very ruthless.”

He felt stifling in his heart and felt extreme sorrow. This was too sudden, so Tuoba Xiong was feeling so much pain and anger that he vomited blood.

Throughout his life, he strived to expand Black Cauldron Sect while dreaming about unifying the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, becoming a true overlord of this area. The result, when he was excitedly attacking Five Style Sect thinking he dream was about to come true, Ye Chuan directly attacked. His sect was burned down. Just vomiting blood was still light, not collapsing on the spot due to cerebral hemorrhage was already pretty good.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, surrender, surrender with the remaining disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, then I will spare your life.” Ye Chuan indifferently said.

Considering Tuoba Xiaoniao and also considering Tuoba Xiong had stopped Feng Ren in the paradise realm, Ye Chuan wanted to give a way out to Tuoba Xiong. Cloud Mist Sect was very big, he could find a place for Tuoba Xiong to live out his life in retirement. Moreover, although Tuoba Xiong was defeated, he could still be regarded as a formidable man with great ability. If Tuoba Xiong got pointers from him, then his future achievement will not be any less than Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi.

“Hahaha, surrender, why?” Tuoba Xiong took a step forward and took a position of forcibly breaking out of the main gate restriction to kill Ye Chuan as he said, “Brat, with just this restriction and over thousand disciples, do you think that you can trap us?”

“There is a bit more, I think the addition of a bit more will be enough.”

Ye Chuan clapped his hands again, then from the grove, one Evil Eyed Cow Demon walked out, then two, three……, more and more. In the end, several hundreds of them gathered together in a battle formation, waiting to take action. In the sky, a powerful dragon roar resounded and a ferocious demonic dragon soared and circled around the sky above the gate, then a big shadow appeared in the horizon, it was a group of ferocious golden eagles.

The yao beast legion of Ye Chuan gradually appeared shocking the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect.

This was not the end, someone quickly noticed the abnormality below their feet. They lowered their head to see and saw that a green sprout had appeared below them at an unknown time. Then, under the gaze of people, they grew up strong and sturdy, quickly becoming long vines which danced chaotically in the air, as if a python baring fangs and brandishing claws. Some were too late to dodge and these vines bound them, instantly turning them into withered corpses. Then a strange laughter resounded in the sky of this gate.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was unwilling to be alone, so he also appeared and attack before Ye Chuan gave the order to attack. He was already unable to endure, so he killed several disciples of Black Cauldron Sect to taste them. Moreover, his laughter drifted from place to place as if that came from far away horizon and also from underneath their feet. This laughter along with those chaotically dancing vines frightened people. The remaining disciples of Black Cauldron Sect had their heart in jitters.

Seeing Old Demon of Mount Yin attacking for the first time, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were also shocked. Fatty Zhao Dazhi directly trembled and secretly rejoiced that this kind of great demon was fortunately under the control of Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan. He didn’t know where Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan found this yao beast.

“Brat, you are awesome, but as long as we defend to the death, you will also not be able to enter.” Tuoba Xiong gritted his teeth and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan.

When the yao beast legion of Ye Chuan appeared, he discarded the thought of forcibly breaking out of this barrier. Now, it was already impossible to escape unscathed, so he switched to resist stubbornly until the end and see who could persist longer. “Brat, don’t be happy too early, Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect will not let you off. I want to see who has more time.”

The news of Heavenly Yao Sect wanting to deal with Cloud Mist Sect, Tuoba Xiong had already learned it from Dark Underworld Emissary, precisely because of this, he had confidentially attacked Five Style Sect. Now, the situation was hopeless, and there was no hope of breaking out of this encirclement, but he hoped to force Ye Chuan to retreat using this as the pretext. The main force of Cloud Mist Sect was here, once Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect invade, Ye Chuan had to retreat.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, you cannot afford to waste time, and you also cannot resist. Don’t forget, our Cloud Mist Sect is good at refining antidote and also good at refining poison.” Ye Chuan indifferently said and clapped his hands again.

Golden Eagles circling around in the sky rapidly dived down and flying over the sky above the gate in crowds, they threw down crystal bottles. When those crystal bottles fell down to the ground, they immediately broke and smoke rolled up. No need to mention about how their line of sight was blocked, just inhaling a bit, their nose was irritated, they felt dizzy and felt stuffy in their chest. Inhaling a few more, their limbs would stiffen and tears and nasal mucus flowed down.

Caveman Fragrance.

After returning back from the paradise realm, Ye Chuan instructed Zhu Sijia to study the poisonous mist on both sides of Demon Dragon Path and refine a type of poison. And for the time being, they were not able to recreate the poisonous mist with terrifying power like that of the paradise realm, but the poisonous mist they created could quickly make their people lose fighting power. It was named caveman fragrance. Just like the name implied, the word ‘cave (洞)’ was from the world paradise realm (洞天世界). In the future, if it was improved to the level of that poisonous mist at both sides of Demonic Dragon Path, then it would definitely become a great killing weapon.

Inside, the disciples of Black Cauldron Sects dispersed in confusion. With poisonous mist everywhere, their formation was in chaos. Some people dispersed to one side and even more people ran straight into the depth of Five Style Sect to save themselves. The situation of Black Cauldron Sect was hopeless, only a few people willing to die for Tuoba Xiong were left here.

Tuoba Xiong looked deathly pale and a powerless feeling appeared in his heart. He had just pledged to stall for time until the death of Ye Chuan, but in the blink of an eye, he was attacked head-on. Now, let alone break out of an encirclement, it was impossible to even stall for time.

Similarly daring Ye Chuan, once he made a move, he would make move in succession, so, once he made a move, his opponent would definitely not have any route of retreat.

Now, there were only two choices for Tuoba Xiong, either fight to the death, rush up to court death or wait for the death, or, as Ye Chuan said, surrender.

Tuoba Xiong who commanded the wind and the clouds in Cloud Mist Mountain Range in former days, now, he faced a difficult choice.

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