Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 297

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 297: Behaving too shrewdly

Tuoba Xiong and the masked black-robed old man rushed back at lightning speed, and they quickly returned to the entrance gate of Five Style Sect, followed by a large group of elites.

The first thing they saw when they arrived there was a dozen or so corpses.

These skinny and withered corpses looked as if they were several hundred years old, but they were wearing the standard war robe of Black Cauldron Sect. In a single glance, they could discern that they were those disciples of Black Cauldron Sect left behind to guard the entrance gate.

“Who did this, come out!”

Tuoba Xiong suddenly stopped and shouted.

After getting closer, he keenly became aware of the danger of that red light screen. Outside the light screen, in the midst of dense grove, he could see the shadows of people moving about, but he couldn’t estimate the number of enemies hiding to ambush.

No one answered, only a cold wind was blowing in the vicinity of the entrance gate. This wind was not very cold, but numerous disciples of Black Cauldron Sect involuntarily shivered and goosebumps appeared in their arms.

“Guards, go, burn down that grove for me.” Tuoba Xiong ferociously commanded.

A group of his bodyguards quickly stood out, then burning the arrowheads of arrows, a dozen or so arrows whistled through the sky.

Everyone open their eyes wide, waiting to see what was hiding in the grove, but they were disappointed, moreover, they were shocked and also afraid.

The whistling burning arrows collided with the red light screen, then the light screen just rippled slightly and the burning arrows bounced back at higher speed, shooting down those about a dozen bodyguards who were caught unprepared.

This main gate restriction, how could it have the ability to counterattack the people inside?

The army of Black Cauldron Sect turned pale with fright. Even Tuoba Xiong and masked black-robed old man Dark Underworld Emissary had a change in countenance.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, someone used a great technique to reverse this main gate restriction. Expert, this is the work of a true expert.”

The eyes of Dark Underworld Emissary shone as he said, then he raised his head to signal his followers. All followers immediately retreated and clustered around him.

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong sunk and become green and black, making him look terrifying.

He had done all he could do to attack Five Style Sect and finally was about to completely control it with great difficulty and suffering heavy casualties, but, someone had seized the route of retreat, trapping him here, was there anything worse than this? In the exploration of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the vitality of his sect had suffered a big damage, but now, being surrounded, if he couldn’t break out of this encirclement, then the entire army will be wiped out.

Who is it? Coming at such a perfect time and so ruthless.

Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect which is known as the foremost sect under the heaven?

The heart of Tuoba Xiong become heavier and heavier. Right after he thought of Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect, he again rejected them. Although Da Qin Dynasty was powerful and prosperous, Cloud Mist Mountain Range was far away from the capital, moreover, there was no important town in the vicinity of 1000 li, so it was impossible to hide their movement if Da Qin Dynasty wanted to attack. As for Heavenly Yao Sect, it had a large number of experts, they had the ability to flatten Cloud Mist Mountain Range without anybody knowing, but, if Heavenly Yao Sect truly wanted to attack, then they basically didn’t need to do this, they could directly crush everything.

Not Da Qin Dynasty and also not Heavenly Yao Sect, then who could it be? Could it be that it is……

Tuoba Xiong suddenly thought about a person, Ye Chuan. Although this was rather unbelievable, after thinking over and over again, other than Cloud Mist Sect and Ye Chuan, he truly couldn’t think of anyone else that could suddenly appear here. He took a deep breath and shouted, “Come out, Ye Chuan, you are capable of dispatching troops, but don’t have the guts to stand out.”

Clap clap clap, a clapping sound resounded as Ye Chuan walked out from behind a big tree.

“Smart, you guessed this so quickly, worthy of being a Sect Master. People said Your Excellency Sect Master is shrewd, is the most amazing Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect throughout the history. It seems that really isn’t false.” Ye Chuan looked at Tuoba Xiong and others, then his gaze rested on the masked old man for a moment and indifferently said, “Unfortunately, you behaved too shrewdly and schemed too much. You were confused over an easy petty profit in front of your eyes, in turn forgetting the fundamental, attending to trifles and neglect essentials. In the end, you are bound to have a miserable end, so pitiful, so unfortunate, so regrettable.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and his gaze had a trace of sympathy looking at Tuoba Xiong, but when he looked at the masked black-robed old man, his eyes were glimmering with pallid light and killing intent. Without a doubt, this old man was Dark Underworld Emissary. This time, he finally stopped him. But, for an unknown reason, he could vaguely feel this old man was familiar. He felt as if he had seen this old man somewhere else other than the White Tiger Hall of Cloud Mist Sect. Especially those long and narrow indifferent eyes, Ye Chuan was sure that he had seen them somewhere.

Figures began to walk out from the grove.

Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi took the initiative to come out and stood behind Ye Chuan. After that, Sea Demoness Hai Lili and 12 human faced snakes came out. Later, Zhu Sijia along with over one thousand elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect walked out. Every one of them was armed to the teeth, and all of them were filled with fighting spirit.

“Cloud Mist Sect, it’s Cloud Mist Sect.”

“Damned, how can Cloud Mist Sect come so suddenly?”

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect were shocked in their heart as they made an uproar.

After the exploration of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the vitality of Black Cauldron Sect was greatly damaged and after fighting with Five Style Sect, they had again suffered heavy casualties. Now, the number of disciples of Black Cauldron Sect who could fight was only 800 at most. This number wasn’t small, but all of them were exhausted and many of them were severely injured, how could they fight against full power Cloud Mist Sect at this moment? Moreover, they had a strange person who could reverse the restriction.

“Brat, it’s really you.”

Tuoba Xiong gritted his teeth, he was itching to throw the heavy cauldron on his shoulder to crush Ye Chuan to meat pulp, but he suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “Boy, I am very surprised, how did you know that we want to attack Five Style Sect?”

Tuoba Xiong was puzzled in his heart. If he didn’t make this clear, then he would not be able to close his eyes even when he died.

“Tuoba Xiaoniao.” Ye Chuan replied.

“What, Xiaoniao, she……, did she tell you? How can that be?”

Tuoba Xiong wanted to vomit blood, he had never thought that the person who sold him out was unexpectedly his own daughter. But, considering for a bit, it was impossible, not that he believed that Tuoba Xiaoniao would never sell him out, instead, she didn’t know anything specific, so how could she snitch?

“Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t need to tell anything, but anyone could figure this out seeing her.”

Ye Chuan paused and indifferently said, “Your Excellency Sect Master, you are too shrewd, shrewd enough to scheme and use your own daughter, but unfortunately, you were too shrewd, as a result, you instead easily gave yourself away. You wanted to create a diversion, on the contrary, you ruin yourself and your sect.”

“Brat, what do you mean?” Tuoba Xiong suddenly felt this turn of event was anything but reassuring.

The so-called wanting to betroth Tuoba Xiaoniao to his personal disciple and then expelling her away from the sect, this was nothing but a scheme to provoke the hostility and vigilance of Ye Chuan, intentionally making him guard against the sneak attack of Black Cauldron Sect, then, when this matter created a diversion, suddenly attacking Five Style Sect. Little did he imagined that everything would be seen through by Ye Chuan.

Tuoba Xiong had run wild in Cloud Mist Mountain range for so many years and had seen unknown numbers of experts, but he had never seen such an abnormal schemer like Ye Chuan. Since Ye Chuan had already seen through his scheme and he was trapped in Five Style Sect at this crucial moment, Black Cauldron Sect was completely defenseless. Will this brat miss this golden opportunity?

The heart of Tuoba Xiong became heavy and suddenly felt harder to breathe. At this moment, the worst situation he had never thought appeared in his mind.

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