Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 296

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 296: Catching a turtle in a jar

Even after Zhu Sijia and her group had arrived, the battle between Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect was still going on.

After losing the defense of the main gate, the evenly matched battle changed into a one-sided massacre. Five Style Sect was not able to counterattack with power, but in many remote corners, there were still many sporadic fighting. The disciples of Five Style Sect had gotten together in twos and threes to resist the massacre of Black Cauldron Sect using the familiar terrain. These battles were small scaled but were extremely intense.

With the help of Dark Underworld Emissary, Tuoba Xiong defeated Five Style Sect in one fell swoop, but if he wanted to thoroughly have the situation under the control, then he needed to spend even more time and patience.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, let’s make a move now. Let’s rush in and kill unguarded Black Cauldron Sect.”

After arriving behind Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia took the initiative to ask for a battle assignment. And more than thousand elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were also already prepared to attack. They were just waiting for the command of Ye Chuan.

After breaking through the main gate of Five Style Sect, Tuoba Xiong just left about a dozen disciples to defend. The main force had all went to the depths of Five Style Sect to encircle and suppress those disciples of Five Style Sect that were putting up a desperate struggle. If they rush over at this moment, then they would definitely catch Black Cauldron Sect unprepared.

“No, let them have a dogfight. Jiajia, now, what you need to do is not directly clash against Black Cauldron Sect, rather surround Five Style Sect first and not let even a single one of them escape, as for everything else, leave it to me.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then summoning Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes, he instructed something in his ear.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed receiving the orders.

At the main gate, there were about a dozen disciples of Black Cauldron Sect. Some were half lying on the ground to rest while breathing heavily, some were simply drinking wine they obtained from who knows where, and some were occupied dressing up their wounds, none of them notice that a danger was approaching them.

Long and thorny vines suddenly sprang out from underground, entangling this about a dozen disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, then their tip stabbed into their body, sucking their essence blood and vital yang. None of them had any time to respond, and before they understood what was going on, they died and their body turned into a withered corpse.

“Kakaka, I like this kind of battle.”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily and flew into the depth of Five Style Sect. His mission wasn’t to besiege the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, rather was to assassinate the experts of those two sects, especially Black Cauldron Sect’s disciple, crippling the limbs of Tuoba Xiong.

“Jiajia, defend the gate, don’t let anyone escape.”

Ye Chuan summoned Sea Demoness, Six Winged Golden Cicada, 12 Human Faced Snakes and other yao beasts. Sixed Winged Golden Cicada left by itself in search of targets just like Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes. As for others, they stayed behind to help Zhu Sijia lay out the line of defense. Soon, a red light screen shone once again, covering the entire Five Style Sect, merely, originally this light screen was used for resisting the invasion of the foreign enemy, but now, it had become shackles to trap everyone within Five Style Sect in the hands of Cloud Mist Sect.

Ye Chuan didn’t hesitate spent a large amount of vitality to reverse the restriction of Five Style Sect to use it as a trap.

The foundation of Black Cauldron Sect had already ceased to exist, now, as long as the foundation of Five Style Sect as well as the group of Tuoba Xiong were also eliminated, the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range would thoroughly fall under his control.

A faint red light screen didn’t alert Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect.

The disciples of Five Style Sect were too busy to attend to other things, either they were so terrified that they knelt to the ground to surrender or they hid in a corner to avoid the massacre of the enemy; as for Tuoba Xiong and others, although they sensed the abnormality of this restriction, all of them thought that those disciples of Black Cauldron Sect who were left behind must have activated that restriction so as to prevent yao beasts from entering the sect smelling the smell of blood. No one had thought that, the restriction of Five Style Sect was already reversed.

The battle was still going on. Black Cauldron Sect held the upper hand and slowly controlled the situation. But at this time, many started to notice that the expert beside them had disappeared, but they just thought that they had either left because of some matter or had gone to chase after the disciples of Five Style Sect that were putting up a desperate struggle. The overwhelming majority of people who had disappeared were elite disciples or commanders.

When all was said and done, the situation of Five Style Sect was chaotic, so in the beginning, no one suspected. But, after a while, some people suddenly discovered the corpse of disappeared experts in thickets, corners formed by two walls, stone cracks and so on concealed places. This matter was serious, so this news was quickly transmitted to Sect Master Tuoba Xiong. The old man Dark Underworld Emissary and Tuoba Xiong personally went over and carefully examined the corpse of those elite experts.

“Their heart is penetrated, this is the wound created by some kind of sharp weapon. It doesn’t resemble the wound from a sharp sword and also not from an arrow. Not even a drop of blood is left inside the corpse, even the flesh is withered.”

Tuoba Xiong carefully examined the wound of a corpse without any expression. As for his guards standing behind him, each and every one were terrified and their hair stood on end.

The corpse fallen on the ground had clearly died not long ago, but it resembled a withered corpse of several hundred years ago. They couldn’t see even a drop of blood on the ground, but the corpse didn’t even have a drop of blood left, what did this explain.

Blood-sucking evil spirit.

Inside Five Style Sect, there was a terrifying blood-sucking evil spirit that could vanish without a trace. Perhaps, after smelling the smell of blood, it came out from the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, or perhaps, it was sealed within Five Style Sect, and the guards of Five Style Sect, seeing they had nowhere to hide from the massacre of Black Cauldron Sect, they simply undid the seal releasing this blood-sucking evil spirit to perish together.

“Blood-sucking evil spirit, it is definitely a blood-sucking evil spirit.”

“The Sect Master of Five Style Sect has disappeared without a trace, it is said that he had disappeared after a restriction of paradise realm had engulfed him, but could it be that he had actually changed into a blood-sucking evil spirit and Five Style Sect just blocked this information?”


More and more disciples of Black Cauldron Sect rushed over after hearing this news and they talked in whispered pointing at that corpse. The more they talked the more outrageous it became, everyone became terrified and nervous.

“Your Excellency Emissary, what do you think?” Tuoba Xiong stood up and asked Dark Underworld Emissary standing beside him with a gloomy expression.

He had conquered Five Style Sect with great difficulty and was about to control the overall situation, but suddenly such a thing appeared. This was a huge blow to Black Cauldron Sect.

Dark Underworld Emissary didn’t speak, he just closed his eyes to sense something. After a good while, he suddenly opened his eyes and looking outside layer upon layer of mountain peaks, he looked towards the faint light red screen shrouding the entire Five Style Sect and said, “Your Excellency Sect Master, the activation of the main gate restriction of Five Style Sect, was that under your order?”

After unforeseen events occurred in succession, masked black robed Dark Underworld Emissary finally sensed the abnormality of this light screen. Then, his eyes emitted pallid light.

“No, but wasn’t that activated by the disciple left behind there? What does this……”

Tuoba Xiong shook his head and just when he was about to say there was nothing strange, he suddenly felt cold in his heart.

If one wanted to activate the main gate restriction, then one needed a lot of energy along with the great understanding of the restriction of Five Style Sect. Even if he personally want to activate this restriction, it would take time and energy. As for those dozen or so disciples who had stayed behind, all of them were average people, the one with the highest cultivation base was also only Rank 7 Xiushi realm. How could they do this?

Big matter, this was a big matter.

Tuoba Xiong and Dark Underworld Emissary looked at each other without uttering a single word, then they coincidentally rushed towards the main gate at the same time.

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