Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 295

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 295: Dark Underworld Ring

With Sect Master Tuoba Xiong personally taking part in this battle, the morale of the troop of Black Cauldron Sect instantly soared and they ferociously attacked the line of defense of Five Style Sect.

“Kill, brothers, ten Pei Yuan Pills for killing one disciple of Five Style Sect.”

“Earth grade cultivation technique for killing a sect protector of Five Style Sect, brothers, step aside and let me go, this old man is mine.”


The offense of Black Cauldron Sect suddenly became ferocious. Many elites rushed over like a wolf and tiger. They wielded flying swords and shot arrows to assassinate the leaders of Five Style Sect. Moreover, they used the heavy cauldron they were carrying on their shoulders to violently attack the defense line of Five Style Sect.

A dark red light curtain shrouding the entrance of Five Style Sects rapidly flickered and slowly became dim.

Similar to Black Cauldron Sect, Five Style Sect also suffered a heavy damage in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, but the difference was, the sect master of Black Cauldron Sect, Tuoba Xiong, escaped unscathed whereas the higher level personnel of Five Style Sect was wiped out. They didn’t know whether their Sect Master was alive or dead, and it looked like he had died in an unknown corner of that dangerous Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Feng Ren who was a powerful elder had also died, and even Liu Hong who was adept at scheming also died, becoming an ice-cold statue inside Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Now, Five Style Sect was a host of dragons without a head, so facing the ferocious attack of Black Cauldron Sect, they were slowly becoming unable to withstand.

“The restriction of Five Style Sect is about to break, kill, the first one to rush in, this lordship will confer him the title of elder and also reward him a heaven grade cultivation technique.”

The voice of Tuoba Xiong resounded throughout the sky. His complexion was still gloomy as he shouted. Then the bronze cauldron that weighted more than ten thousand jin on his shoulder flew out and ferociously smashed the red light curtain. Crack crack, along with cracking sounds, cracks unexpected appeared on this red light curtain. It was about to collapse.

Seeing this the morale of the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect soared. As for the disciples of Five Style Sect who were tenaciously defending to the death, they lost their breath as they understood that this situation was hopeless.

This Five Style Sect would truly end today.

Ye Chuan hiding in the dark thicket shook his head.

He and Little Long’er had already arrived here for a good while, but they bade for their time while looking at this battle between Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect with cold a cold eyes.

Tonight, he wanted to not only completely destroy Black Cauldron Sect, he also wanted to swallow up Five Style Sect.

The sudden attack of Tuoba Xiong, trying to swallow up Five Style Sect to become the overlord, this was not only a challenge for Ye Chuan and Cloud Mist Sect, this was also a rare chance. Taking advantage of this chance, he could swallow up both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in turn, truly unifying the strength of entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Then, with more resources, he would have more assurance to respond to the upcoming army of either Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect.

Tuoba Xiong was daring enough to take chances, but little did he imagine that the thoughts of Ye Chuan were even more daring.

When calm, Ye Chuan was calmer than anyone else, he wouldn’t have even the slightest bit of emotion fluctuation even if the heaven fell. He could calculate every step of both enemies and his side. But, once a chance appears, he would quickly seize it becoming more daring than anyone else, putting down all his chips even if there is the possibility of a failure. But he could concentrate on killing all enemies in one fell swoop so as to not leave any hidden danger for the future.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, we are coming to help you, Dark Underworld Specters, come out.”

The leader masked black-robed old man suddenly shouted. A black ring appeared in the middle finger of his right hand and gently rotated.

Inside Five Style Sect, inside the red light curtain, suddenly a cold wind sprang out from underground and black mist rapidly shrouded the entire entrance gate. This black mist not only came suddenly, they vaguely condensed into specters and initiated a strange attack on the disciples of Five Style Sect. They floated in the sky and directly passed through the body of people. The disciples of Five Style Sect who were unfortunate enough to have these specters to pass through their body instantly became stiff, then falling to the ground, they stopped breathing. Not a single injury could be seen on their body, but the internal organs within their body were completely frozen with a strange power. The blood vessels were frozen and even the heart was frozen making it unable to beat. Moreover, even if the cultivation was high, it was useless.

This is the reinforcement talked by the masked black-robed old man.

Tuoba Xiong was stunned and found this unbelievable. But, soon after that, he excitedly led the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect to launch even more violent attacks.

Even Ye Chuan who was hiding in the thicket was startled.

The masked black-robed old man’s this move, it was absolutely deadly. This thoroughly snapped the last straw of the disciples of Five Style Sect. Strange dark mist and specters, moreover, that strange attack, even elite disciples were unable to withstand them and they also didn’t have the courage to resist.

Sure enough, facing these specters and terrifying mist, the disciples of Five Style Sect dispersed in confusion. The red light that shrouded the main gate was forcibly destroyed and the army of Black Cauldron Sect swarmed in, beginning to kill indiscriminately. Merely, that masked black-robed old man pointed towards the distance and that strange black mist spread towards the depths of Five Style Sect, and numerous specters condensed from this dark mist chased and killed fleeing disciples of Five Style Sect.

Powerful, who is this old fellow?

Could it be that he is that Dark Underworld Emissary who once incited Third Elder Bai Yanhu to revolt?

Ye Chuan thought and he suddenly recalled a figure he had seen from far away in the White Tiger Hall of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. The more he looked, the more he felt like he had seen this fellow.

“Hahaha, kill, kill all the way for me, kill everyone on the spot if they don’t surrender.”

Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily and holding his head high, he uttered a long, loud cry in excitement.

After thinking over so many times and paying a heavy price, he finally broke the restriction of Five Style Sect. Now, swallowing up Five Style Sect, he could see himself becoming an overload, so how could he not be excited?

“Congratulation, Your Excellency Sect Master, after swallowing up Five Style Sect, the strength of Your Excellency Sect Master will rise and will become an overlord worthy of the name. Even Da Qin Dynasty will have no choice but to give you three tenth of respect.”

The masked black-robed old man walked over to the side of Tuoba Xiong along with his followers. He understood what Tuoba Xiong was thinking and what he wanted. But his tone changed and he lowered his voice, “But, the battle is not over yet, it is not yet the time to truly relax. Even though Five Style Sect is finished, Cloud Mist Sect is still there. We should integrate the strength of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect at the fastest speed. Then, wait for our chance to capture Cloud Mist Sect in one fell swoop, the faster the better. Otherwise, it would be too late if Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect attack it first.”

“Your Excellency Emissary, rest assured, the vitality of Cloud Mist Sect is greatly damaged after the internal strife. Second Elder Nangong Ren no longer pays any attention to the affair of the world and now it is Ye Chuan that brat in power. He is still a brat with wet behind his ears, even if he is capable, he will still be playing in the palm of this lordship. And after annihilating Cloud Mist Sect, this lordship will truly become the overlord of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, hahaha.”

Tuoba Xiong roared with laughter as his long-cherished wish for many years could finally be expected soon.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, having ample assurance is naturally the best, but, that brat Ye Chuan is very crafty like a thousand years old fox. Your Excellency Sect Master should be careful. In addition, after the overall situation is settled, prior agreement of ours……” The masked black-robed old man said looking at Tuoba Xiong.

“Rest assured, this lordship will definitely accomplish what this lordship had agreed, but the premise is that you all must spare no effort to help me destroy Cloud Mist Sect.” Tuoba Xiong nodded his head without any hesitation. It was unknown what kind of agreement these two have made in secret.

“These words assured me.”

The masked black-robed old man extended his hand and Tuoba Xiong grabbed his hand making a pledge, then they smiled while looking at each other. And with the cooperation between these two people who were sinister, ruthless, savage and ferocious, like spitting a bamboo, the remnant of Five Style Sect were basically unable to resist.

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