Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 294

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 294: Vine Demon wreaking havoc

Chaotically dancing long vines appeared all of a sudden in the wind from underground, walls, ceilings……, even the hole of the latrine was no exception, vines suddenly sprang out from everywhere.

Unguarded guards slowly disappeared under the night sky.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes who had left the remote mountain used his innate skill to break the prohibition against taking life, and sucking the essence blood and vital yang of every guard, his cultivation become stronger, moreover, the more he fought, the more valiant he became, displaying the might of a great devil. After killing 99 guards, along with a strange laughter, a surging violent energy fluctuation erupted out of his body. He broke through to the peak of Daoist Master realm. Now, surpassing both Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi, he became the most powerful helper beside Ye Chuan.

With the absence of Tuoba Xiong, there were only old, weak, sick and disabled within the sect, as a result, facing this great devil who had appeared all of a sudden, Black Cauldron Sect was simply unable to resist.

“Enemy attack, it’s a great devil, run fast!”

“Ah……, there are vines everywhere, no, there are evil spirits everywhere, save me……”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin’s sinister laughter without any misgivings alarmed the remaining sect guardians. But just after a brief resistance, these guards collapsed completely.

“Kakaka, don’t run, don’t run anyone!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily and more vines sprang out from underground. The huge and broad dignified Black Cauldron Sect, all its mountain peaks and its wide expanses were now surrounded by vines. In some places, the vines were so unbelievably overgrown that it blotted out the sky and the sun. No need to mention that the lofty palaces were completely covered, even the moon in the sky was completely obstructed. Looking from above, the terrifying vines appeared just like a sea wave rolling up.

These vines destroyed everything in their way. Guards would just stumble to the ground and immediately change into a dry corpse. Crystal stones inlaid in the magic formations, the treasures in the hands of guards and the pills in their bosom, all were swept away by those wind-borne chaotically dancing vines. Losing crystal stones which were the source of energy, powerful and big magic formations and restrictions became weaker, and the entire sect became just like a military camp without any defenses.

The powerful Black Cauldron Sect became a vine world.

Zhu Sijia leading numerous elite disciples quickly drive straight in. Now, the formerly overbearing Black Cauldron Sect couldn’t even resist. All those who had stayed behind were already exhausted, but the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were fine. Under the lead of Zhu Sijia, they only attacked Black Cauldron Sect, they didn’t indiscriminately kill innocent people. They let off numerous odd-job men and servants who were not cultivators unlike Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes who used his innate skill to change Black Cauldron Sect into a Vine World, killing everyone. Finally, Ye Chuan stepped up to stop his madness.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, altogether 3527 are captured, and searching around, we found 1200 cart of crystal stones and countless weapons and armors with all kinds of cultivation techniques and pills in large numbers.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi came over and eagerly reported the result of the battle to Ye Chuan. Searching and confiscating Black Cauldron Sect, this kind of work was something he liked the most.

“Transmit order to Zhu Sijia, immediately head over to Five Style Sect and wipe out Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect! As for everyone else, return to Cloud Mist Sect this very night.” Ye Chuan lowered his voice and gave orders while coldly looking at this previously broad Black Cauldron Sect.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t raise hands in person. He just stood in front of the entrance of Black Cauldron Sect. This battle went much smoother than he had expected.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, then what about this Black Cauldron Sect? Who will stay behind to guard?” Fatty asked.

“Burn it down!” Ye Chuan coldly replied.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was shocked but he bowed and left. Ye Chuan was truly ruthless enough, even if Tuoba Xiong heard the news and lead his army back, he would only get a pile of debris. From this time on, they would become a group of stray curs!

A raging flame rapidly spread everywhere in Black Cauldron Sect. The more it burned the more it flourished and the entire sect was quickly engulfed in flame turning into a sea of flames.

Zhu Sijia quickly left with elite disciples towards the next battlefield. Ye Chuan was also nowhere to be seen. With Little Long’er, he had proceeded towards Five Style Sect one step ahead of Zhu Sijia’s group. Now, in the vicinity of Black Cauldron Sect, only a few spies were left in the dark.

The three rival powers stood like the legs of a tripod in Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Five Style Sect wasn’t that far away from Black Cauldron Sect. Riding on the back of Little Long’er, Ye Chuan arrived first on this battlefield.

As expected, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were fighting desperately in front of the entrance of Five Style Sect.

Black Cauldron Sect seized the opportunity and under the command of Tuoba Xiong, they launched a ferocious surprise attack, killing many unprepared experts of Five Style Sect. But since Five Style Sect occupied favorable terrain, moreover, relying on their restriction, they tenaciously defended to the death. As a result, both sides were at a stalemate with blood flowing like a river. In Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the loss of Black Cauldron Sect was heavy, but Five Style Sect was also the same, and now, these two great sects were caught up in an irresolvable situation of killing each other.

Tuoba Xiong stood at the foot of the mountain with a heavy bronze cauldron on his shoulders. Watching the battle on the mountain, his complexion was cloudy and was also frowning.

A battle that was thought to be solved within an hour or two had evolved into a to-and-fro tussle, this was something he was unwilling to see.

What he wanted was relatively intact Five Style Sect. He wanted to swallow Five Style Sect to replenish the loss of paradise realm. Going on like this, even if he finally occupied Five Style Sect, he would only obtain a pile of debris which was far from something he wanted. With the loss of remaining elites, let alone the unification of entire Cloud Mist Mountain range, he wouldn’t even be able to withstand the challenge of Cloud Mist Sect?

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong sunk more and more, and a group of his trusted aides who were standing behind him were also worried. Only a few masked black-robed men didn’t bat an eyelid, and their origin was also unknown.

“Your Excellency Emissary, didn’t you say this battle will be settled in at most four hours? What time is it now? Where are your troops? When will they arrive?” After watching for a while, Tuoba Xiong turned around and asked a black-robed old man behind him.

This black-robed old man was emaciated and small. He was even hunchbacked and his waist was always bending slightly. He appeared ordinary, but his eyes were blazing like torches, moreover, those black-robed people looked at him with respect. He was the leader of these masked black-robed people.

“The troops of this lordship will naturally arrive when they should arrive, now is not the time yet.”

The black-robed old man paused and coldly added, “Your Excellency Sect Master, don’t use this kind of tone when speaking with this lordship. It’s not us that ruin things this time, the problem is with your Black Cauldron Sect. When we just arrived, why were the guards of Five Style Sect already prepared? Clearly, there is a mole inside your sect. He/she should have leaked the news to Five Style Sect in advance.”

“Humph, Your Excellency Emissary, how can you be so sure that my people have a problem? Don’t tell me that your followers never have problems?” Tuoba Xiong coldly looked at the followers behind this black-robed old man with killing intent.

“I am sure.” Black-robed old man replied with complete confidence.

“Why?” Tuoba Xiong was unyielding and ruthless, but these masked black-robed people were not many in numbers, each and every one of them was an expert, especially the leader black-robed old man, his cultivation was unfathomable and even he himself couldn’t see through it. Unless the matter was particularly serious, Tuoba Xiong was not stupid enough to provoke this black-robed old man. But, seeing the sky was about to get bright and his troop was attacking for a long time without any success, he was naturally filled with anger in his heart.

“Because, all of them are death soldiers, if I said them to die, they have no choice but to die. Since they didn’t even fear death, what else is there to make them have misgivings, furthermore, how could they tip off this secret to Five Style Sect?”

Black-robed old man clapped, and a black-robed man standing at the right side suddenly bowed to salute, then he directly fell to the ground with a bang. After that, a black blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. He had taken a poison to commit suicide on the spot.

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect along with Tuoba Xiong, this Sect Master were shocked for a moment as they shuddered.

Just to prove that they didn’t tip off the information to Five Style Sect, he actually made a trusted aide take poison and commit suicide on the spot. How much ruthless, cruel and sinister one must be to have such means?

A hint of fear flashed through the eyes of everyone looking at this black-robed old man.

Tuoba Xiong opened his mouth seemingly wanted to say something, but looking at the corpse of a black-robed man on the ground, he didn’t speak. He just turned around and ordered, personally leading the last team of trusted subordinates to attack the entrance of Five Style Sect sparing no effort.


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