Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 293

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 293: Thunder like attack

Just when the night fell, the elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quietly left under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, rushing towards Black Cauldron Sect on the same night.

The number of people was small, only 1600 people, but every one of them was elite. Armor, sharp sword, hooked rope……, they were armed to the teeth and had all equipment. With these more than one thousand elites suddenly rushing over, the defenseless Black Cauldron Sect would definitely be caught unprepared.

Under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, these more than one thousand people were in neat order. They took shortcuts and were engrossed in hurrying with their journey, quickly proceeded to Black Cauldron Sect. After experiencing a series of storms, Zhu Sijia’s specialty in the aspect of commanding and organizing had gradually emerged. And when handling affairs, now, she was even more decisive. Not many male disciples could match her in the aspect of decisiveness now. This kind of specialty was much better than her talent in alchemy.

As for Ye Chuan, he had already left ahead with Little Long’er, disappearing in the boundless night sky.

Ye Chuan had only one mission, i.e. reach Black Cauldron Sect first, then destroy the restriction of Black Cauldron Sect before the army arrives, letting the main force drive straight in.

The speed of Zhu Sijia and others was very fast, but compared to Little Long’er, there was a heaven and earth’s gap.

Not long after, Little Long’er with Ye Chuan on his back arrived at Black Cauldron Sect.

Under the veil of night, the entrance gate of Black Cauldron Sect was very quiet, there were not many guards on duty. The majority was old, weak, sick and disabled. In order to successfully attack Five Style Sect in one fell swoop, Tuoba Xiong had made a reckless move once again. He had taken away practically all disciples that could fight.

Throughout his life, Tuoba Xiong dared to take risks. Originally, the successor to the throne of Sect Master was another person, but he had taken risks to snatch it when he was young. Many years ago, Black Cauldron Sect was mediocre, among three major sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, it wasn’t outstanding at all, but he took risks to pull chestnuts out of the fire, slowly expanding the sect.

Perhaps, he had considered everything thoroughly, or perhaps, he was lucky, during the first half of his life, Tuoba Xiong had succeeded in the overwhelming majority of adventurers, making him successful and famous. But, the most recent adventure, i.e., exploration of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm made him suffer disastrous loss. This time, he ventured to attack Five Style Sect, attempting to take advantage of this time to swallow it up Five Style Sect that had also similarly suffered heavy loss. If this venture was successful, then he could replenish the loss, and take a solid step towards the unification of the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, but if he failed, then he will have nothing!

Ye Chuan lurked in the grove while quietly observing the gate of Black Cauldron Sect. And finding a good chance, he took action.

The gate of Black Cauldron Sect was a solid fortress with layer upon layer of restriction around it. So, although the sect was defenseless, the guards weren’t worried. In addition, since it was very late at night, the guards weren’t that strict.

“Come come come, Er Gou, drink another mouthful.”

Behind the window in high position, there were two half reclining guards. Each one had a bottle of wine in their hand. One middle-aged guard raised the wine bottle and said to the guard beside him as he poured wine into his mouth, “Tsk tsk, good wine, I haven’t tasted such a fragrant wine for a long time.”

“Third brother, drink less, it would be bad if other discover this.” Young Er Gou was still somewhat worried, and he added, “Although Sect Master has gone out, Sect Protector Hong Tong is still here, if he discovered this, then we are done for.”

“Fart afraid, that old fellow surnamed Hong, I wondered with which female disciple he is making a merry at this moment, why would he come here to drink the northwest wind? Humph!” [T/N: drink the northwest wind: suffer from cold and hunger]

The middle-aged man snorted and added seemingly having many complaints against that sect protector, “That old bastard, if it was not for him sticking out his leg, then the position of Sect Protector would have been mine, how could it be his turn to climb up to the throne of sect protector? He used his woman to go and purchase people and made connections through his female relatives to climb up, that old bastard is truly shameless.”

“Shoos, lower your voice, Third Brother, you are drunk.” The youth Er Gou was anxious and worried if other people heard or not, so he looked all around.

“Fart drunk, this father isn’t……, isn’t drunk. That old bastard surnamed Hong is the most shameless person, moreover, he is a pervert and also cheap. Do you know Elder Han who is bedridden throughout the year, that old fellow whose lower half of the body is already disabled? That surnamed Hong, for the sake of climbing up to the seat of Sect Protector, he actually made his young wife to go and accompany Elder Han for three days and three nights. They say, now his wife is too ashamed to show her face to anyone.”

The middle-aged man was drunk as he added, “That surnamed Hong has lost all sense of shame, he ran to make a merry with female disciples and he specifically chose female disciples who had just entered the sect to put his hands on, moreover, he often stealthily run over to peek at the bath of female disciples. I heard, he even peeped Miss Tuoba Xiaoniao. They say, Miss is graceful and slender, but after she undressed, her buttocks are so big that nearly scared them to death, moreover, that caused people to drool……, that surnamed Hong is truly shameless, he dared to peep Miss, still……”

“Okay, third brother, you are truly drunk, I will help you wake up.”

The youth Er Gou was so frightened that he jumped and he ran all over to look for water so that he could sober up this middle-aged guard. He was afraid that a loose tongue spells trouble. It was fine to speak anything else, but it was very bad to speak about Miss Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Miss Tuoba Xiaoniao was a graceful and fair maiden. Er Gou also loved to peep her buttocks, however, peeking was peeking, but it was a different matter if speak so openly.

After looking all around for a while, Er Gou didn’t find a water pot, so he just brought a plateful of filthy water used to wash feet. But at that time, he suddenly felt a buzzing sound beside his ears as if a mosquito was revolving around his head. He stretched out his hand and slapped, he didn’t hit the mosquito, rather gave himself a slap on his face.

“How come there is a mosquito in this weather?”

Er Gou shook his head and continued walking with feet washing water. But, before he took a few steps, he suddenly felt pain as if a mosquito had stung him. Then, his body suddenly stiffened, and felt cold on his neck. An extremely thin sharp blade streaked across the sky and blood sprayed out, then he fell to the ground with a bang. At this moment, he noticed a Golden Cicada in front of his eyes, it had six wings, and now it was above his arm.

Six-winged mosquito, does this world has this kind of mosquito?

Er Gou sunk into eternal sleep and stopped breathing with this final question.

“Er Gou, Er Gou, what happened?”

The drunk middle-aged man felt something was wrong, he staggered up and looked. Seeing the scene, he was startled and he reached out towards the horn hanging on his waist. Unfortunately, before he could blow this horn to notify the sect, a vine suddenly came from the dark and bound him like a python. He neck was also strangled and it got tighter and tighter.

Enemy….., enemy attack!

Before this middle-aged man took his last breath, he saw a skinny fellow coming out from the darkness. He didn’t wear clothes, a cotton strip wrapped around his body just like a ghastly mummy that climbed out of the grave. He laughed strangely and thousands of vines shot out from his body and entered the body of this middle-aged guard. Instantly, the sturdy body of this middle-aged man withered turning into a mummy.

“Kakaka, this taste is truly wonderful!”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and his voice was frightening.

“Rhodes, don’t stand there laughing foolishly. I will give you half an hour to break the restrictions of Black Cauldron Sect, the main force is arriving soon.”

The indifferent voice of Ye Chuan suddenly resounded in the ears of the Old Demon of Mount Yin. And Old Demon of Mount Yin hastily got into action.

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