Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 292

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 292: Who will become the overlord?

Worldly spiritual qi from all over the direction continuously poured over, gathering above the Medicinal Spirit Formation of Cloud Mist Hall, then flooded downwards and pour into the body of Ye Chuan.

The structure of Cloud Mist Hall was mysterious. It was huge and extensive, moreover had walls, eaves, glazed tiles and medicinal herbs roof combined together in a picturesque disorder, forming a unique Medicinal Spirit Formation. Sitting inside the hall, the spirit would become calm, and cultivating here would get twice the result with half the effort. This place could be regarded as the oldest palace of Cloud Mist Sect. At that year, Ghost Hand Medicinal King had built this hall under the direction of Ye Chuan.

In a flash, millions of years had passed, Cloud Mist Sect’s founder Ghost Hand Medicinal King had long disappeared from this world, but Ye Chuan who used to be above Ghost Hand Medicinal King in status in those years had reappeared again, once again sitting on the tiger leathered big chair at the end of this hall.

The fate played with people and the destiny of people is so marvelous!

Ye Chuan suddenly had an emotional stirring and he sighed softly, then opening the door of his heart, he bathed in boundless pure worldly spiritual qi to his heart’s content. His cultivation gradually progressed, showing the clear sign of breaking through to Rank 2 Daoist Master realm.

After experiencing life and death calamity in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Ye Chuan began to accelerate his cultivation speed, aspiring to reach higher realm. But, compared to reaching higher ream, he was more concerned about his physical transformation and even more cared about whether he could condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman or not.

One Heaven Swallowing Talisman raised his strength by 18,000 jin, and its benefit was much higher than advancing a realm in cultivation, moreover, condensing more Heaven Swallowing Talismans was the Way of the King. Unfortunately, even though the cyclone of his dantian was becoming more and more solid, it would take a long time before it transformed into a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman. His cultivation was at the bottleneck, and now, the only shortcoming was very probably a lucky chance.

If he got rid of all worldly routine and continuously cultivate Demonic Dragon Sutra in pair with Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, then wouldn’t he be able to forcibly breakthrough?

Ye Chuan suddenly missed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who had left quietly. Now, the defensive lines of Cloud Mist Sect were becoming increasingly firmer. This was a good thing but there was also a bad side. Like this, it was even harder to quietly meet Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia because she couldn’t come in quietly. But, if Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia couldn’t come, then couldn’t he just go to Heavenly Yao Sect?

Ye Chuan suddenly had a bold thought, but he shook his head with a bitter smile, discarding this unrealistic thought.

In this critical juncture, quietly sneaking into Heavenly Yao Sect would absolutely be beyond the expectation of all and this can surely make Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia excited to the extreme. However, if the expert of Heavenly Yao Sect discovered him and they learn that he had gone to meet Heavenly Maiden who was pure, noble, aloof and refined in their eyes, then the consequences would be very serious. Beaten to death would be the light consequence.

Ye Chuan shook his head and cut off his distracting thoughts, then become immerse in cultivation. If he didn’t miscalculate, then Black Cauldron Sect, Tuoba Xiong must have made a move. Spies would return soon to report, at that time, a fierce battle might happen in advance, so he needed to conserve strength and store up his energy.

Calculating the matter of faraway never leaving the house, the guess of Ye Chuan was correct. At dusk, before nightfall, fatty Zhao Dazhi hastily pushed open the door and rushed in.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, big news, there is a big matter……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi staggered in and he was out of breath. Behind him, there were several elite disciples and their complexion was also tense.

“What’s the matter, speak slowly.” Ye Chuan slowly opened his eyes and said.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you really didn’t speak wrongly. Tuoba Xiong, that old man really had bad intentions and also had schemes. On the surface, there was no movement, but in secret, he has gathered a large number of troops, moreover, two hours ago, the whole nest suddenly marched towards the direction of Five Style Sect. He wanted to start with Five Style Sect!” Fatty urgently reported an astonishing news. Zhu Sijia rushed over, hearing the news and Tuoba Xiaoniao also came. And hearing fatty Zhao Dazhi saying her father Tuoba Xiong had bad intention, her face became red and also became sad in her heart.

“What, set towards Five Style Sect?”

Ye Chuan suddenly stood up and thinking for a bit, he immediately understood everything.

Suddenly expelling Tuoba Xiaoniao from the sect and letting her come to him for shelter, Tuoba Xiong truly had bad intentions. Firstly, it was to lower his guard, then taking the advantage of this diversion, attack Five Style Sect. He wanted to swallow up Five Style Sect who had similarly suffered a heavy loss in the paradise realm; Secondly, he wanted to use Tuoba Xiaoniao to control himself. Even if he saw through his crafty plot, it would be hard for him to attack. He was playing the family affection to stall for time.


This move of Tuoba Xiong was very good!

After he swallowed up Five Style Sect and consolidate the resources and power of two sects, it would be the time to attack Cloud Mist Sect!

The mind of Ye Chuan was moving but his complexion sunk.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what should we do now?” Fatty Zhao Dazhi asked.

Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong suddenly set towards Five Style Sect with his entire nest. No matter whether he succeeded or not, this was destined to be the greatest change in Cloud Mist Mountain Range in this thousand years. At this time, should Cloud Mist Sect sit on the mountain top and watch the tigers fight or intervene to stop the atrocity of Tuoba Xiong, shattering his beautiful dream to dominate the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range?

“Fatty, what do you think?” Ye Chuan asked a question in reply.

“I think……, it would be best to take no action, in any case, Five Style Sect is also not a good bird. Let them have a dog-eat-dog fight. Besides, just in case, when we dispatch our main force, if Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect suddenly attacked, then what should we do?” Fatty said in a low, muffled voice. And hearing him describe the battle between Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect as a dog-eat-dog fight, the face of Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing not far away become red and she lowered her head without uttering a word. With such a father, she was also helpless.

“Jiajia, what about you?” Ye Chuan turned towards Zhu Sijia who was half a head taller than fatty.

“Tuoba Xiong is overweeningly ambitious, after successfully swallowing up Five Style Sect, it is certain that he will stare at our Cloud Mist Sect, waiting for the opportune moment to go into action. So, we cannot look on unconcerned and left him to grow strong and unruly. But, fatty is also reasonable, Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect are our formidable opponents, we cannot dispatch our main force rashly.” Zhu Sijia paused and added with heavy-heart, “So, I suggest that it would be best to notify Five Style Sect before Tuoba Xiong attacks, letting them make preparations, then we can dispatch a group of elites to support them.”

“Correct, Miss has spoken correctly!”

After Zhu Sijia spoke, people supported her suggestion in a loud voice. After considering all aspects, this was the best way. The noisy discussion gradually became quiet after a moment, and everyone looked up at Ye Chuan waiting for his order.

“Everything fatty and Jiajia said is reasonable, but, all is not the best way. Once Tuoba Xiong truly swallows up Five Style Sect, that would be very troublesome and there will be no end of troubles for the future.” Ye Chuan denied the proposal of Zhu Sijia.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, then you mean……” Zhu Sijia got nervous as she could vaguely guess the meaning of Ye Chuan.

“All-out attack, taking advantage of the time when the entire nest has come out, we will take the initiative to attack his nest, wiping out Black Cauldron Sect!” Ye Chuan said.

The people standing below turned pale with fright. Although Zhu Sijia had vaguely guessed, hearing Ye Chuan personally saying it still shocked her. At this critical moment, attacking with all strength regardless of danger, if won, then the position of the overlord of Cloud Mist Mountain range would be decided in one fell swoop as after consolidating the resources and power of Black Cauldron Sect, the elimination of Five Style Sect would follow naturally. But if failed or something unexpected happened, then a great calamity will befall on Cloud Mist Sect that might wipe out the entire Cloud Mist Sect!

“No, Ye Chuan, you cannot do that……” Tuoba Xiaoniao hastily stood out and begged. Although she was expelled by her father, when all was said and done, she was still a disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, how could she watch the destruction of Black Cauldron Sect unfeelingly?

“No one can stop or counter the surging general trend of events, we must make a move taking advantage of the chance. Now, the general trend of the world is that you must do everything you can to strengthen yourself, otherwise, you will be crushed by others. Why did Cloud Mist Mountain Range become a fat meat in the eyes of others? It’s because the three major sects here fight with each other. As a matter of fact, the idea of your father Tuoba Xiong is good, Cloud Mist Mountain Range should be unified, there should be a strong overlord. Unfortunately, this overlord isn’t Black Cauldron Sect, your Black Cauldron Sect lacks sufficient resources.”

Ye Chuan looked at haggard and worried Tuoba Xiaoniao who looked even more delicate, but he remained unmoved and added, “Even if I don’t make a move and annihilate your Black Cauldron Sect, with your father’s behavior and strength, foreign power will destroy your Black Cauldron Sect one day. Xiaoniao, believe in me, let me attack and the greater part of your fellow apprentices will survive, moreover, I can leave your father’s life intact. If the army of Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect attacks, I am afraid none will be left alive in your Black Cauldron Sect. Messenger, transmit my order, all Xiushi realm and above elite disciples are to immediately gather!”

Ye Chuan had made up his mind and he suddenly gave out orders. He wanted to launch thunder like attack and destroy defenseless Black Cauldron Sect in one fell swoop. He secretly gave a signal to Zhu Sijia and she sent someone to indistinctly surround Tuoba Xiaonaio.

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