Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 291

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 291: Evil plot

Ye Chuan quickly rushed into the sect carrying Tuoba Xiaoniao on his back and before Zhu Sijia could angrily shout, he spoke first, “Jiajia, something happened, Xiaoniao jumped off the cliff to commit suicide. Help her bandage her wounds.”

Ye Chuan handed Tuoba Xiaoniao to Zhu Sjijia and secretly gave a hint with his eyes. Zhu Sjijia being extremely intelligent immediately understood what was going on. She called several female disciples and hurriedly took Tuoba Xiaoniao away. Treating wound and changing the clothing of Tuoba Xiaoniao was one side, even more important matter was, it was necessary to understand what was going on with Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Strom clouds were approaching, at this moment, they shouldn’t make any mistake!

Zhu Sijia’s nature was shrewish, but she knew what was more important and understood that this was not the time to settle an account with Ye Chuan.

“Fatty, immediately send people to look into the movements of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect. And immediately make a report if there is any situation.” Ye Chuan gave orders and then quickly left with Long Ling’er. He didn’t return to Heavenly Dragon Peak to meditate, rather went straight to Cloud Mist Hall, waiting for the news from Zhu Sijia’s side.

Zhu Sijia didn’t disappoint him. It didn’t take long for her to understand the ins and outs of the matter and she came to Cloud Mist Hall looking for Ye Chuan. She clearly understood the matter but her complexion was not very good. Her face was cloudy.

“What, Jiajia, was Xiaoniao unwilling to speak?” Seeing Zhu Sijia had come with a gloomy face, Ye Chuan asked.

“She spoke.” Zhu Sijia answered coldly seemingly she didn’t want to speak anymore.

“Is it inconvenient to let me know? That’s also fine, I will also not ask, Little Long’er, let’s go.” Ye Chuan retreated in order to advance and pretended that he wanted to leave.

“Tuoba Xiaoniao said that she was driven out of the sect by her father Tuoba Xiong.” Zhu Sijia said with great difficulty.


“Humph, isn’t that all because of you!”

Zhu Sijia snorted and said, “Recently, because of the exploration of paradise realm, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect suffered a heavy loss, especially Black Cauldron Sect, they lost 70% of their elites that had entered this paradise realm, so the sect is in turmoil and the temperament of Tuoba Xiong has gotten even more violent. In order to rope in experts, he wanted to betroth his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao to his personal disciple, but Tuoba Xiaoniao was unwilling to marry, she said that she will not marry anyone else but you. The result, Tuoba Xiong expelled her out in rage and said that since she loved you, she can go over to marry you. Since then, Tuoba Xiaoniao wandered about with no home. After she was expelled, she had been roaming about in the mountains. And even though she arrived in the vicinity of our Cloud Mist Sect, she had no face to look for you, so under the grievance, she simply jumped off the cliff wanting to die.”

Zhu Sijia had yet to learn the identity of that woman of before and here Tuoba Xiaoniao who was delicate and charming like an endearing little bird came. Zhu Sijia was so angry that she felt stifled but anger was anger, she still needed to handle the matters.

“Oh, so that was the case.” Ye Chuan nodded his head.

Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had layer upon layer of restrictions, after entering, only a very few lucky people return back alive. Myriad Beast Forest, Chaotian Hall, Demonic Dragon Path……, which one wasn’t dangerous? Even the loss of Cloud Mist Sect wasn’t small, one could well imagine the losses of both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect whose whole nest had come out. For violent and overbearing Sect Master Tuoba Xiong to fly into a rage facing domestic trouble and foreign invasion was naturally reasonable!

“Humph, Ye Chuan, this time, Tuoba Xiong truly gave his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao to you, aren’t you satisfied now?” Zhu Sijia was angry and also sad.

When Ye Chuan disappeared in that paradise realm for three months, she was so downhearted that a day seemed like a year, and she finally cut off her hair to enter nunhood and lived in solitary in the mountain, accompanying the cenotaph of Ye Chuan day and night while praying for a miracle to happen. Finally, miracle truly happened, Ye Chuan unexpectedly came out alive from the paradise realm. But now, he was about to get married, but the bride was not herself. On the surface, Zhu Sijia was strong and she always put the general interest first, but no one knew how sad she was in her heart.

“Misunderstanding, this entire matter was a farce from start to finish, Jiajia, did you take that seriously?” Ye Chuan shook his head with a bitter smile, then taking a few steps forward, he held Zhu Sijia into his bosom.

“Truly?” The spirit of Zhu Sijia shook.

“Truly, even if what Tuoba Xiaoniao said is the truth, I will not marry in this life and I have never said that she cannot marry, did I?”

Ye Chuan paused and his tone changed, “Moreover, Jiajia, don’t you notice something is wrong with this matter? Even if Tuoba Xiong got violent, he just has one daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao, how can he expel her from the sect and let her wander about in the mountain by herself? Furthermore, it has already been more than three months since the exploration of the paradise realm, but why didn’t this matter arise earlier but happened this late at this critical juncture, don’t you feel this is too coincident?”

“Ye Chuan, you mean to say Tuoba Xiaoniao is lying?” The complexion of Zhu Sijia sunk.

Although she was angry and also sad, looking at the appearance of Tuoba Xiaoniao, she couldn’t bear to drive her out. She was quite sympathetic towards her. But, if everything was false, if Tuoba Xiaoniao was truly telling a lie, then don’t blame her for being too cruel.

“No, Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t lie, the one who lied is her father Tuoba Xiong!”

Ye Chuan returned to the platform of Cloud Mist Hall and lowered his voice after sitting straight, “There must be a plot behind this situation. After losing a large number of trusted aides and elites in paradise realm, the strength of three great sects should have already reversed. Because our Cloud Mist Sect preserved the greater part of the strength, now our sect is above both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in one fell swoop. If this goes on like this, then who can stop our Cloud Mist Sect’s revival and rise. Moreover, squeezing out and annexing the other two sects would also be the matter of time. Tuoba Xiong doesn’t want to see us being strong, so he must act now.”

Ye Chuan who concealed the heaven in his previous life was far-sighted. From this small matter of the sudden arrival of Tuoba Xiaoniao to look for shelter, he deduced many things.

Zhu Sijia became nervous and taking a deep breath, she said: “Ye Chuan, you mean to say that Tuoba Xiong wants to launch a surprise attack on us Cloud Mist Sect and rob us before the arrival of Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect? Does he want to catch us unprepared?”

Cloud Mist Sect had been making preparation for war in this period of time. Heaven Concealing Great Formation and Yao Beast War Formation had already been laid, but there were many places that needed to be perfected, they had yet to be fully prepared. The subordinates of Dark Underworld Emissary were already in the vicinity of the sect, spying on the circumstance while killing people. This clearly showed that the defense of Cloud Mist Sect should be strengthened and improved.

At this time, when they were using the limited energy to guard against Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect, if Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect of Cloud Mist Mountain Range suddenly launched a surprise attack, then the consequence will be deadly.

“That is not necessarily true, but we still need to take precautions. Tuoba Xiong definitely has a plot, but according to my understanding, this violent bear has always been overbearing and arrogant, he is not good at scheming in the dark. If he suddenly becomes crafty, then there might be someone behind the scenes instigating and inciting him. Jiajia, I have already sent fatty to go and take a look at the circumstance of both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, but fatty lacks experience and also isn’t daring enough, so you are personally responsible for this matter. How is the situation, immediately report to me!”

Ye Chuan instructed in a low voice and then closed his eyes on the spot to cultivate.

Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect hadn’t arrived yet, but Black Cauldron Sect was already producing trouble first. This unexpectedly made the situation even more complicated.

Ye Chuan needed to cultivate and also needed to calm down to calmly weigh the movement of the opponents. Zhu Sijia and Little Long’er took a quick glance at Ye Chuan and then left quietly, busying themselves on their own task.

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