Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 290

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 290: Have no way out

In the vicinity of a pond, Ye Chuan finally caught up to the uninvited guest.

This was a black-robed man with a mask covering his face. He had a sharp dagger in his hand and he was covered with blood. There was his own blood and also the blood of Yang Tain Kuang and other disciples. He couldn’t be wrong, this fellow was the person who had sneaked in and killed in the vicinity of the sect tonight.

The masked black-robed man suddenly turned around and seeing a person and a dragon had caught up to him, he trembled.

He was trembling in fear!

In front of him, there was a 100 meters high waterfall and a large amount of water fell from the heaven. And the lower part of this waterfall had smooth rocks with mosses grown all over. Even apes and monkeys wouldn’t be able to climb up this waterfall.

This ferocious masked black-robed man had run to the dead end when fleeing in confusion. Now, he had nowhere to go.

The aura of Ye Chuan and Little Long’er was incomparably stronger than Yang Tian Kuang and his group. This uninvited guest felt great danger from them and he had no courage to rush over to break out of an encirclement. There was no path in the front and there were formidable enemies behind him, so he couldn’t help trembling in fear.

“Who are you, who sent you?

Ye Chuan sat still on the back of Little Ling’er while coldly looking at this masked black-robed man.

He had restrained his energy fluctuation and also the aura of Heaven Swallowing Talismans, as a result, he appeared just like an average person who didn’t cultivate, but the more he was like this, the more restless this masked black-robed man felt. He felt that Ye Chuan was even more dangerous than that overbearing little dragon below him.

The masked black-robed man was silent. He didn’t utter a single word, he just looked all around again and again, earnestly hoping to find a way to flee.

“Still not speaking? Soon, you will taste 108 types of torture that would make you feel death is better than life. Let’s see whether you will talk or not after that!”

Ye Chuan jumped to the front of the masked black-robed man.

As a former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, there was no torture method he had never seen. Just using a light move, all sturdy fellows would change into a weak little lamb and answers whatever was asked.


The masked black-robed man finally opened his mouth. Since he had no path to retreat, he simply made a reckless move, wanting to fight desperately against Ye Chuan.

The sharp dagger brushed pass the fist of Ye Chuan and stabbed towards his chest.

Ye Chuan however suddenly changed his move. He opened his palm and grabbed the wrist of masked black-robed man, then he pushed. Next, the masked black-robed man was pulled, as a result, the masked black-robed man stood unstably. Kacha, Ye Chuan broke his wrist and the sharp dagger fell to the ground, then his elbow parts, shoulders, knees……, in the blink of an eye, the joints of his both hands and both legs were broken by Ye Chuan, and he weakly fell to the ground unable to move anymore.

The extremely vicious masked black-robed man wasn’t able to withstand even a single move from Ye Chuan. His cultivation was also inferior, only was peak Xiushi realm, moreover, he was seriously injured by Yang Tian Kuang and others, thus, he was not even able to stop a move of Ye Chuan.

“Final chance, speak, who sent you?” Ye Chuan asked and with cold killing intent rising, he added, “Be tactful, don’t force me to torture you.”

“Hahaha, don’t imagine it’s possible, someone……, someone will take revenge for me, hahaha……”

The masked black-robed man laughed and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan as a black blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. After that, his head fell to the ground and died. Ye Chuan hastily stepped forward, unfortunately, he was already too late.

“There was a poisonous tooth inside his mouth, he is beyond saving. So ferocious, who exactly was he?”

Little Long’er returned back to his human form, then walking over, he opened the mouth of this masked black-robed man and looked. The result shocked him. After that, he lifted the black mask and an unfamiliar face was revealed.

“I got it, it’s Dark Underworld Emissary, this fellow still lingers here. I didn’t go to the capital to wreck Long Clan, but you still didn’t let go of Cloud Mist Mountain Range and still want to make trouble for our Cloud Mist Sect by engaging in conspiratorial activities. As expected, on the eve of storm, all ghosts and snakes are coming out.” Ye Chuan coldly said. He quickly understood the identity of that masked black-robed man, clearly was a minion sent by that Dark Underworld Emissary.

With poison teeth within their mouth, if they couldn’t escape, then commit suicide by breaking the poison teeth by biting. This was the style of that Dark Underworld Emissary!

“Then, what do we do next?” Little Long’er asked.

Ye Chuan became silent, with Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect might attack at any time, Cloud Mist Sect was in the midst of the calm before the storm. At that time, when Cloud Mist Sect was most unstable, Dark Underworld Emissary would definitely take advantage of the void and sneak in. Looking at the acting style of the latter, one could see that it was unlikely for him to directly attack, and he also didn’t have such power. He would rather resort to some schemes.

If I was in the place of Dark Underworld Emissary, then what do I do at this moment? What can I do to control the Cloud Mist Sect with the minimal cost and unify the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range?

Ye Chuan indistinctly realized something, but he was unable to speak for certain for the time being.

Crash! A loud sound of something falling into the water came, seemingly a piece of wood or something fell from the waterfall into the pond not far away.

Little Long’er looked over and cried out in alarm, “Big brother Ye Chuan, look, what is that? Is that a person?”

Ye Chuan who was lost in thought was startled awake and he suddenly jumped over. Sure enough, a person had fallen down from the waterfall, moreover, was a woman. Now, just pitch-black long hair was floating on the surface of the water, the body however was about to roll into the water by the vortex of this pond.

Ye Chuan suddenly accelerated, he was faster than Little Long’er. He treaded on the wave and pulled up that white-robed woman who was about to sink. He carried her under his arm and brought her ashore, then placed this white-robed woman on the ground. And when he was about to wake her up, Ye Chuan was stunned. This white-robed woman was graceful and very thin. She had an oval face with big eyes. She appeared delicate and charming just like an endearing little bird. She was none other than Tuoba Xiaoniao whom he didn’t have any contact after separating in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

“Xiaoniao, Xiaoniao, how are you?” Ye Chuan reacted quickly and help her regain her consciousness.

After waking up, seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t say anything, just cried. She covered her face with her hands, her long hair was in a mess and her slender legs and the sole of her legs were dripping with blood as if she walked barefoot all the way from Black Cauldron Sect.

“It’s fine, Xiaonaio, everything is fine. First, return with me to Cloud Mist Sect, and then if you have some matter, then we will resolve it together.”

Ye Chuan didn’t ask anything. He just bent over and carried Tuoba Xiaoniao back to Cloud Mist Sect.

Although Tuoba Xiaoniao was delicate and tender endearing little bird, she was kind-hearted and was soft outside but hard inside. She was very strong, even if she had no way out, she wouldn’t jump off the cliff to commit suicide. It was very likely that something big must have happened in Black Cauldron Sect.

Ye Chuan was somewhat anxious in his heart. At this time, no matter what happened to Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect, there was a big effect on Cloud Mist Sect of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. But seeing this appearance of Tuoba Xiaoniao, even though he was anxious, he didn’t ask. He decided to return to Cloud Mist Sect first. His speed was very fast, and not long after, he reached the entrance of Cloud Mist Sect.

After the incident, Zhu Sijia had led a group of elites and personally oversaw the defense of the sect. She had been continuously feeling restless and was worried that Ye Chuan might have encountered some dangers. Only after seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, she relaxed, but when he got closer, she saw a woman on his back and her happiness quickly disappeared.

This brat, just a moment ago, she didn’t know what kind of woman was he hiding inside his bedroom. And in the blink of an eye, he again abducted and brought back another woman from outside!

Zhu Sijia was so angry that she gritted her teeth and her heart was filled with the impulse of flipping out. Fatty Zhao Dazhi who was standing beside her was secretly screaming in his heart, and he hastily ran far away from her so as to avoid being out of luck again.

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