Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 29

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 29: Golden Cicada King

Returning back to Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged in study, and concentrated on cultivation.

Silkpants Jin Hua died, menacing Tuoba Xiong also left dejected, but the matters were far from over.

Jin Hua’s father Jin Zhikun would definitely not let this matter drop, and Third Elder in the backstage was also the same. Until the day these two are eliminated, it’s impossible for Cloud Mist Sect to remain calm. Three sects’ Great Competition is also right around the corner. This time Black Cauldron Sect was humiliated, so Tuoba Xiong definitely hate us in his heart, and will definitely retaliate ruthlessly in Great Competition. As a result, the cultivation of Rank 5 Wuzhe is absolutely far from sufficient.

Even more violent storm is imminent!

If it was another person in this situation, then he’d have definitely felt uneasy whether sitting or standing, but Ye Chuan was calm.

Although the cultivation realm was very important, but the Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique he had gotten in the God Burial Valley gave him powerful confidence. He had only condensed half of Heaven Swallowing Talisman, but its strength was already fierce, so if he condensed complete Heaven Swallowing Talisman smoothly, then how tyrannical will it be?

With the earnest hope of cultivation, Ye Chuan became immersed in the world of cultivation.

A continuous pure worldly spiritual qi, which had passed through the repaired Medicine Spirit Formation and gathered, flowed down and seeped into Ye Chuan from the top of his head, flowing to arms, legs and various bones.

And the Dragon Crystal’s Vein he had retaken from Jin Hua was also melting in unprecedented speed, distributing boundless spiritual qi.

And now in cultivation, this adequate worldly spiritual qi made Ye Chuan get twice the result with half the effort. And with this quantitative changes giving rise to qualitative changes, slowly, dantian’s qi cyclone increasingly closed together, transforming into a different talisman rune. Sometimes it changed into a fierce tiger with threatening aura, sometimes changed into poisonous scorpion assuming an air of complacency, and followed by a change, changed into a dragon holding its head high and roaring, while swallowing the heaven and plundering the earth.

Instantly, Ye Chuan felt light as if he was floating in the sky, and was steadily rising just like riding the clouds and mount the mist. His spirit thereupon rose to the sky, and spirit sense enveloped entire Purple Cloud Peak, then the entire Cloud Mist Sect, and finally the continuous several thousand li Cloud Mist Mountain Range. The instant when his spirit floating reached the pinnacle, he suddenly heard a loud ear-splitting dragon roar, pulling back the spirit of Ye Chuan inside his body. Carefully looking inside his dantian, he saw indistinct dragon form talisman, resembling a soaring true dragon.

Heaven Swallowing Talisman!

A thought change Dragon, Swallowing Heaven Plundering Earth!

Ye Chuan suddenly came to realization in his heart. After that he stretched his hand and swatted out, then the false mountain outside the window made ‘kacha’ sound, and a three inch deep palm print appeared on the heavy as if mountain huge rock.

18,000 jin!

The strength of Ye Chuan advanced by leaps and bounds. When his cultivation reached pinnacle, he could condense 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, and each one was 18,000 jin. Only condensing a single talisman, his power reached such terrifying level.

Carefully looking inside, Ye Chuan noticed that his internal organs had a layer of luster, unconsciously his cultivation had also already broken through to Rank 6 Wuzhe, beginning to temper and refine his internal organs. Making a breakthrough in cultivation, this was the dream of all the cultivators, but Ye Chuan was paying more attention to condense the Heaven Swallowing Talisman.

This first Heaven Swallowing Talisman is dragon shaped, or to say, this is because of absorbing the power of Dragon’s Vein Crystal, now will the second Heaven Swallowing Talisman have different shape and might?

Ye Chuan was excited inwardly, and was itching to explore even more profound mystery, increasingly confirming Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, this extraordinary cultivation technique, which was beyond compare with the cultivation technique circulated in those secular world’s sects. Unfortunately, only condensing this one dragon shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman practically used up all accumulated power, and the Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body had also already disappeared. So if he wanted to condense second Heaven Swallowing Talisman, then he need to search for another worldly treasure.

Just then, a peculiar sensation suddenly came through his body.

Ye Chuan just thought in his heart, and Cyan Lotus Lamp flew out, then a continuous warm light shone upon his body. In the middle of this soft light, a golden light was particularly dazzling, and a small Golden Cicada came out from inside this Cyan Lotus Lamp, landing on the palm of Ye Chuan. Compared to before, its size was similar, but don’t know when, now it had more than a pair of wings. It had already transformed into four winged Golden Cicada from two winged Golden Cicada. These four wings were just like four extremely thin blades. Each flap raised four swift and fierce air current, and this could leave behind four clear scratches in even the tough and tensile skin of Ye Chuan.


Ye Chuan was astonished inwardly, even with his current strength, he actually sensed indistinct unable to resist feeling, furthermore his skin was also easily cut open by small Golden Cicada’s wings. After that with his thought, Golden Cicada spread its wings and flew in the air chasing after a mutated fly. Two pairs of wings flashed and that fly was cut into two, then its qi and blood were absorbed by Golden Cicada.

After absorbing the blood essence of mutated fly, Golden Cicada got excited, then began to chase after all these mutated flies around Purple Cloud Courtyard.

These mutated flies were very hateful, neither could they be driven away nor killed completely. Moreover even after spraying a layer of liquid medicine and repairing Medicine Spirit Formation, they still was unable to thoroughly put to an end to them swarming after medicinal herbs of the mountains. But when the four winged Golden Cicada appeared, these mutated flies clearly panicked and flew around in a mess. Slowly, wherever four winged Golden Cicada flew to, that place would have no flies. After absorbing blood essences of large numbers of flies, four winged Golden Cicada obviously got a bit bigger, and two bulge appeared on its back, showing the faint sign of transforming into six winged Golden Cicada.

“Four winged Golden Cicada can deal with any Xuishi, if it transform into six winged Golden Cicada, then in the upcoming Great Competition, wouldn’t it……”

Ye Chuan’s eyes shone, and his initial surprise become excitement, then he immediately sat down cross-legged, and used his thought to instruct this four winged Golden Cicada to drive away, and kill all those mutated flies within Purple Cloud Courtyard. Slowly, the hunting range expanded to the entire Purple Cloud Peak. This mutated fly which he had carelessly tamed had gradually transformed into a legendary Golden Cicada King!”

Right now, Ye Chuan had eight sharp blade in his hand with additional one in his mouth. At one side he directed Golden Cicada King, and in other side, he cultivated Inch Light Technique.

This martial technique once was Cloud Mist Sect’s founder Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s innate technique, so Ghost Hand Medicinal King had one other nickname, Nine Blades. Now, compared to Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Ye Chuan has one more blade, as Golden Cicada King was his tenth blade. Now in the cover of night, he could really kill a person outside thousand kilometer without anyone knowing!

Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, not only could condense Heaven Swallowing Talisman to swallow the heaven with one thought, could still refine yao beast to control the land under the heaven!

This is real Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique!

Ye Chuan further discovered the might and charm of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique. In previous lifetime, he was only able to conceal the heaven with his hand, and unknown number of people coveted this Heaven Concealing technique. However, this moment, Ye Chuan understood that compared to this Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, Heaven Concealing technique he relied on in his previous lifetime was simply nothing.

In the end what place is this God Burial Valley, what kind of treasures and secrets are hidden inside the other sealed tombs?

After getting a life again, Ye Chuan missed the mysterious God Burial Valley for the first time.

Although he once was trapped inside for millions of years, but he had only seen the surface of God Burial Valley, and there were still countless mysteries waiting to be explored.

Nine extremely thin blades rotated in full speed, continuously emitting pallid light. And opening his mouth, a blade entered his mouth.

Ye Chuan did two things at once. While quietly cultivating Inch Light, this technique which other people wouldn’t even look, the power fluctuation with his body also increasingly got larger, and felt that he was beginning to breakthrough to Rank 7 Wuzhe. Just then, stealthy footsteps sound suddenly came from outside the Purple Cloud Courtyard, someone had carelessly stepped on the dead branch.

Who? Jin Zhikun, that fellow couldn’t bear this fast?

Ye Chuan suddenly opened his eyes and laughed coldly.

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