Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 286

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 286: Buddhist Sect Descendant

Setting foot on Five Fingered Mountain where all creatures had already withered, Old Demon of Mount Yin had a bitter face as this was the place he had occupied for many years. As for Little Long’er, he was terror-stricken and Ye Chuan was also shocked in secret.

This bottle of Yang Severing Water he had accidentally obtained in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, he vaguely remembered that it had fallen from within the body of a demonic dragon and he had taken advantage of a few loose cultivators to successfully snatch it. At that time, he didn’t have time to identify it, and later, when he was sorting out the spoils of war, he knew that this was a bottle of hypertoxic medicinal liquid, but he didn’t know it was so powerful.

Unfortunately, he had only one bottle and now it was already gone. At that time, he should have left at least a drop so that he could analyze it to refine similar medicinal liquid.

Ye Chuan felt some regret, and suddenly recalling the empty bottle was thrown away by Little Long’er, he hastily instructed the latter to go and bring it back.

Little Long’er changed into a demonic dragon and went and came like a wind, bringing back the empty bottle quickly. Ye Chuan took it and saw that there was still a few drops of medicinal liquid stuck on the inner wall of the bottle. It was more than enough to use as the specimen, so he hastily sealed it up carefully.

Without a doubt, like that cyan small crystal man, this bottle of Yang Severing Water was also originated from the world beyond the highest heaven. At least, it was refined by Little Long’er’s mother Agusi Teli using the method of the world beyond the highest heaven. He had carefully sealed it up so as to carefully study it some other day, and after comprehending it, he might grasp the alchemy technique of the world beyond the highest heaven, and then refine even more powerful pills.

In his previous life, the attainment of Ye Chuan in the field of alchemy was also not ordinary. The alchemy technique of the founder of Cloud Mist Sect, Ghost Hand Medicinal King, was the technique he taught. So the alchemy technique of the world beyond the highest heaven was even more appealing for Ye Chuan compared to a heaven grade cultivation technique.

“Noble son Ye, did the medicinal liquid inside that bottle of just now destroyed all life of the mountain?” Old Demon of Mount Yin asked with fear and doubts in his heart. He couldn’t understand how just a bottle of medicinal liquid was so powerful.

“Well, that was Yang Severing Water, it is a bottle of Yang Severing Water of the world beyond the highest heaven I found in a paradise realm. Rhodes, since I carelessly destroyed your Five Fingered Mount Yin, aren’t you cursing me in your heart?” Ye Chuan looked at Old Demon of Mount Yin and said with a smile yet not a smile.

“No no no, this subordinate doesn’t dare.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin hastily shook his head. Even when he had yet to pledge allegiance to Ye Chuan, he didn’t dare to show a bit of his temper to Ye Chuan, and now, he was already under the control of Ye Chuan, where would he find enough guts to complain?

Of course, since the lair he had stayed for many years was destroyed completely in just this fashion, he felt unhappy in his heart. But, just carelessness destroyed Five Fingered Mount Yin, if Ye Chuan was careful, then wouldn’t Ye Chuan have killed him directly?

Old Demon of Mount Yin muttered in his heart, but he didn’t dare to complain. Just thinking about the power of this Yang Severing Water, his scalp was tingling.

“It’s fine, it doesn’t matter if you curse in your heart, I can treat it as I don’t know.”

Ye Chuan smiled as if he saw through the thought of Old Demon of Mount Yin. This smile appeared very harmless, but Old Demon of Mount Yin was scared out of wits seeing this smile. Now, he didn’t dare to complain all the more, otherwise, he might not know how he died even after he died. Now, he admired the cultivation and means of Ye Chuan more and more, but he was also unable to understand him more and more. It clearly appeared that he was just Rank 1 Daoist Master, but whoever truly think so was fall into tragedy.

Old Demon of Mount Yin led way in the front with reverence and awe. And not long after, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er arrived at a dark cave. At the end of this cave, there was a passage leading to the ancient ominous domain, Five Fingered Buddha Cave.

At first glance, this passage resembled a water screen and when the light illuminates it, it would twist and ripple like a water ripple. But, upon closer look, it again resembled a natural crack on the cliff, leading to the darkness of underground or legendary infinite abyss. Moreover, even from one kilometer away, one could sense an indescribable energy fluctuation coming from the passage. This alarmed the heart of people and it even shook the mind and the heart. It appeared as if some kind of ancient evil creature was hidden behind this passage which could rush out at any time.

The steps of Ye Chuan suddenly stopped. Now, his complexion was strained and his pupils shrunk, looking at this terrifying passage. At that time, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er who were walking in the front and behind respectively sensed a violent aura emitting out from Ye Chuan. This violent aura quickly blotted out the sky and like the eye of the storm, it wanted to give rise to a storm.

Old Demon of Mount Yin stopped and wedged between Ye Chuan and terrifying passage, he trembled and his calves softened. As for Little Long’er behind Ye Chuan, he was not in that bad situation, he naturally transformed into a demonic dragon and resisted the invisible pressure.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what happened?” After being silent for a little while, the voice of Little Long’er resounded.

The action of Ye Chuan suddenly made him nervous. And that indescribable energy fluctuation coming from that crack gradually made him feel uncomfortable. He felt such a great pressure that he was practically unable to breathe. If this continued, he might collapse.

“This is not a passage, this is a time and space rift!”

Ye Chuan said and looked solemn.

With his rich experience of before when he dominated the entire Wilderness World, he was able to recognize what was in front of him. This was not a passage, rather a very rare time and space rift, in other words, this so-called ancient ominous domain, Five Fingered Buddha Cave, basically wasn’t in Wilderness World, rather was in another time and space, or to say, in the world beyond the highest heaven.

The dangers of an ominous domain and the world beyond the highest heaven were completely different. They were different in essence.

Even if an ominous domain was dangerous and had some evil spirits hidden within there, when all was said and done, it was still within Wilderness World and all the evil spirits were bound under the regulation of Wilderness World. But, the world beyond the highest heaven was different, it was a completely new unfamiliar world, possessing completely new laws and regulations. In Wilderness World, Sage realm cultivators were heaven-defying experts, but in the world beyond the highest heaven, perhaps, there might be people that could crush Sage realm expert to death with a finger!

No wonder Old Demon of Mount Yin who had lived over 100,000 years was just a small demon and lived with fear and trepidation every day in that ancient ominous domain.

Ye Chuan suddenly understood, and he knew that this Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rhodes, wasn’t exaggerating things.

“Noble son, is there a way to leave this ominous domain Five Fingered Buddha Cave from this time and space rift? Or to say, are other evil spirits also able to pass through this time and space rift and come here?” The Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes also became nervous. He had always believed that this was merely a passage. He didn’t know much about time and space rift.

“Rhodes, since you, a small demon, can pass through this time and space and come here, then other evil spirits can definitely come here.”

Ye Chuan slowly retreated. He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but standing here, he felt that the Buddha Talisman within his body accelerated its rotation and was seething, moreover, he could vaguely feel the call from the other side of this time and space rift, calling him to enter. The longer he stayed here, the more strongly Buddha Talisman seethed, moreover, it expanded and condensed, vaguely seemed to pressure Demonic Dragon Talisman to become the primary talisman within his body and he also showed the hint of transforming into a Buddha. This feeling was very uncomfortable!

Even when he was able to conceal the heaven in his previous life, Ye Chuan understood little about ancient Buddhist Sect, and he was always cautious and careful when dealing with unknown things. When he was retreating, he suddenly recalled that cyan robed Seventh Elder he had met beside Evil Dragon Abyss. He wondered how the latter would react standing in front of this time and space rift while secretly guessing the true identity and background of that cyan robed Seventh Elder.

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