Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 285

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 285: Five Fingered Buddhist Cave

The old man Old Mu and the big fellow Mu Shan, these two, father and son, were already drenched in sweat, leading several tens of Mu Clan warriors to catch up to Ye Chuan. And seeing Ye Chuan and Little Long’er were standing at the foot of a mountain without any injury, he was relieved.

“Fortunately, we are not late. You two were too fast.”

The big fellow Mu Shan breathed heavily. All along the road, the entire ground of people had suffered the attack of several yao beasts. Although there was no death, after fighting fiercely, they were rather in sore straits. According to the reason, since their cultivation was very high, their speed was also not slow, but compared to Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, they had no way to compare.

“Well, yes, it’s not too late.”

Ye Chuan smiled and looking at Little Long’er, he secretly gave a signal. Then the latter understood the meaning of Ye Chuan, so he just smiled without speaking. He understood that Ye Chuan didn’t want to disclose the matter of him subduing Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Eh, look, what is happening to the mountain?”

After taking a deep breath, big fellow Mu Shan suddenly felt something was wrong, and looking up, he discovered the abnormality of Five Fingered Mount Yin.

In former days, this place used to be verdant, luxuriant and full of vitality, but now, it was pale yellow. The trees and vines all over the mountain had withered to death. Many vines that had already transformed into spirit vines were hastily dispersing all around the plain and were hiding in the midst of thick clumps of grass.

Looking at this Five Fingered Mount Yin that had already changed beyond recognition, Mu Clan warriors were dumbstruck.

“This……, what is going on here? Also, that old evil spirit, what about that Old Demon of Mount Yin?” Mu Shan couldn’t imagine what had happened here.

“We used a bit of poison in the mountain to force out that old evil spirit, unfortunately, we were unable to kill it, but, it was driven away.”

Ye Chuan spoke half truth and half false, and then looking at Old Mu, he said, “However, senior can relax, that old evil spirit suffer severe injury, and he only has half a life. As long as my Cloud Mist Sect doesn’t fall, he will not dare to take half a step into this Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Hereafter, you all are safe. Now, what will you do in the future? Will you continue to stay on the mountain or leave with us? Now, my Cloud Mist Sect is recruiting talents, with your cultivation and strength, after joining the sect, I am sure you will be able to make a name for yourself.”

After subduing Old Demon of Mount Yin, Ye Chuan turned his sight towards Mu Clan village.

He didn’t care about Mu Clan warriors, but big fellow Mu Shan was worth cultivating. And this old man Old Mu was also not to be underestimated. Although he had learned a little bit of Chunqiu Sage’s technique, it could still be a trump card.

Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect might attack at any time, so Ye Chuan had begun to take precautions, wantonly enlisting exerts.

“Thank you, noble son Ye, but we have been living in the mountain for generations. We are already accustomed to this life, we don’t want to step into the outside world anymore. However, if noble son has any matter in the future, then feel free to tell us, we Mu Clan village will absolutely not decline as long as it is within our power!” Old Mu thought for a while and tactfully rejected the invitation of Ye Chuan. In front of his clan, he was a person was virtue and prestige, but in front of Ye Chuan, he was reverent and respectful.

Now, thinking back about the circumstance of Ye Chuan coming with Little Long’er to seek temporary lodging, that truly was the matter of you can’t judge a person by appearance. Fortunately, they weren’t rude to these two people and they didn’t shut them out, otherwise, all of them might have already died in the hands of old evil spirit.

“Continue to live in the mountain is also fine.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. Seeing the old man was truly unwilling, he also didn’t force them.

This time, the main purpose of entering the mountain was to capture yao beasts of the inner part of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, so that he could overlay yao beasts formation in Heaven Concealing Great Formation. Being able to subdue Old Demon of Mount Yin was already sufficient.

After a few words of courtesy, Old Mu left along with Mu Clan warriors, returning to their village. Five Fingered Mount Yin was completely destroyed and Old Demon of Mount Yin has been driven away, so they were relieved. When they were coming, everyone was tense, but when returning, they talked and laughed.

“Father, why didn’t you agree to noble son Ye and move our clan outside the mountain?”

“Our ancestors lived here for thousands of years, this is our native land, where will we go leaving this place? Besides, after joining Cloud Mist Sect, we will be under others’ control, how can it be free and unrestrained like in our village? Noble son Ye is pretty good, but he is still young, later, if something happened in the sect, he might not be able to help us.” Old Mu had rich experience. He had come to that decision only after thinking over for a long time.

“Father, take a look at this.” Mu Shan took out that yang rune of Ye Chuan from his bosom.

Old Mu took it and look, then his complexion changed greatly, “Eh, the rune above has been changed and its power is greater, does someone else know our Mu Clan rune? Mu Shan, where did you obtain this yang rune?”

“This is that yang rune used by noble son Ye to inflict heavy damage to Old Demon of Mount Yin back in our village. Father, I have seen it, this is the yang rune we have sent to noble son Ye, merely, he had just made some changes.”

“Noble son Ye? Could it be……”


The voices of Old Mu and big fellow Mu Shan came from far away and their group gradually got further away.

Although they had already walked far away, Old Mu was shocked in his heart and he had no choice but to reconsider the proposal of Ye Chuan. Just this method of strengthening yang rune of Ye Chuan was enough to perturb his mind. Of course, perturbed was perturbed, as the ginger gets spicier as it gets older, the old man still continued to return back to Mu Clan village to think over again. Migrating the entire clan out of the mountain and joining the Cloud Mist Sect, this was not a small matter. If this matter was handled properly, then their clan might prosper, but if handled badly, then it might lead to the complete destruction of their clan.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er stood in the same place watching Mu Clan warriors getting further away.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, are we also returning now?” After a long time, after Mu Clan warriors had already disappeared into the horizons, Little Long’er asked Ye Chuan.

“No, there is no hurry, wait a bit.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and a cyan light flashed. He summoned Old Demon of Mount Yin and came straight to the point, “Old demon, this Five Fingered Mount Yin, is there something evil sealed here? Or, is there a passage leading to some ancient ominous domain?”

“Noble son, how did you know?”

Old evil spirit exclaimed and he slowly told everything he knew as he knew that it was useless to conceal anything from Ye Chuan.

As it turned out, he was just a small demon. But, in the spacious ancient ominous domain, he slowly comprehended the mystery of heaven and earth and then transformed into a humanoid form from an ordinary vine demon. And after his cultivation soared, he became Thousand Hands Vine. But, even though his cultivation got higher, he was still a small fry in that ominous domain. Thus, he had to take every step with the greatest of care as he might get annihilated at any time by other powerful evil spirit. And after hiding in fear and trepidation for thousands of years, he took advantage of the time when the restriction of the ominous domain was unstable to escape from that ominous domain. Then forcibly occupied Five Fingered Mount Yin.

“Old demon, what is the name of that ancient ominous domain?” Ye Chuan asked.

“It seemed to be called Five Fingered Buddha Cave. When I was still a small demon, I hear a few powerful evil spirits saying that. Noble son, hereafter, call me Rhodes. If the powerful evil spirits of Five Fingered Buddha Cave heard that I am called Old Demon now, then they will laugh to death. In that place, if one has not lived for several million years, then they are still a small demon.” Old Demon of Mount Yin was somewhat embarrassed.

“Hahaha, good, then, I will call you Rodes. Let’s go, take us to see that passage.”

Seeing Old Demon of Mount Yin was somewhat embarrassed, Ye Chuan laughed. He truly had never thought that this old evil spirit also had the time when he would be embarrassed. But at the same time, his heart was heavy, old evil spirit Rhodes had lived for more than hundred thousand years, but he was still a small demon, then, in that ancient ominous domain, Five Fingered Buddha Cave, what kind of existence were the true old evil spirit?

The complexion of Little Long’er was tense and his heart was also heavy.

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