Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 284

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 284: Give you a way out

“As for the fourth condition, let me think…….” Ye Chuan shamelessly wanted to carry on speaking out his fourth condition.

The face of Old Demon of Mount Yin turned green and then ghastly pale as he roared: “Enough! Brat, you are playing with me, aren’t you?”

This negotiation couldn’t be discussed anymore!

The Old Demon of Mount Yin gnashed his teeth. He didn’t know whether Ye Chuan was making a fool out of him or he was stupid himself.

He didn’t want treasures, only wanted women. The first one was a little girl. This was surprising but wasn’t too ridiculous; the second requirement was a woman who wasn’t too ugly and beautiful, moreover, her cultivation base should be at least Rank 7 Daoist Master realm. Where in the world could he find this kind of woman?

A woman who was not too beautiful was easy to find but a woman who was not too beautiful and also not too ugly, it was harder to find compared to finding a beauty, in addition, she needed to be a peak expert. This kind of requirement was simply making things difficult. And the third requirement was almost exactly the opposite, he wanted an absolute beauty. One ugly one beautiful, wasn’t this intentionally making fun of him?

Old Demon of Mount Yin was angry and he was unable to listen to the nonsense of Ye Chuan. Only a ghost knows what kind of woman he would ask in his fourth condition.

“Smart, you guessed it, I was playing with you.”

Suddenly, a powerful energy fluctuation erupted within the body of Ye Chuan, and he vaguely appeared to have transformed into a half-dragon state, then taking a step forward, he coldly looked at Old Demon of Mount Yin and said, “Old fellow, I will give you a way out, surrender and join my yao beast legion. This is your only choice, otherwise, you will die along with the destruction of your Five Fingered Mount Yin!”

Ye Chuan suddenly emitted dense killing intent.

Old Demon of Mount Yin who ran wild in former days already didn’t have any courage and now, even a bit of thought to counterattack had already vanished. Finally, the chance to attack had come.

Roar! Along with a powerful roar, Little Long’er transformed into a dragon, then flying to the rear of the Old Demon of Mount Yin, he blocked the route of retreat. Even without the instruction of Ye Chuan, he knew what he should do. Now, their tacit understanding had gotten better and better.

“Brat, don’t even imagine it!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin ignored Little Long’er behind him and harnessing the ill wind, he rushed towards Ye Chuan. Whoosh, an ill wind blew and his clothing broke apart inch by inch, then it was not simple long vines that emerged out from his body, rather blood sucking barbed vines grew all over his body. As long as they come into contact with the body of an enemy, they would firmly tie them and suck the other party’s essence blood and vital yang.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin was truly furious, he directly displayed his insane attack.

Suddenly, a sharp blade appeared in the hand of Ye Chuan, then a cold light glimmered all of a sudden. Immediately after that, Old Demon of Mount Yin screamed and retreated hastily. Now, all the vines that approached Ye Chuan were dripping with blood, moreover, he was nearly cut in half by that blade in the hand of Ye Chuan.

The same Inch Light Technique, using it after breaking through Daoist Master realm, its might was as different as sky and earth compared to before.

After breaking through to Daoist Master realm, Ye Chuan had begun to gradually display the style of his previous life when he concealed the heaven. In his hand, any technique even if it was merely the most ordinary technique, its might would also be astonishing. When using the blade, without even looking, he was able to attack the weakest and most painful places of the Old Demon of Mount Yin, forcing latter to retreat without any choice.

“Brat, you can’t be an ordinary disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, who exactly are you?” Old Demon of Mount Yin had a strong sense of danger and uneasiness. Moreover, his gaze was filled with terror looking at Ye Chuan. In a head-on battle, he knew that the combat power of Ye Chuan was far above Rank 1 Daoist Master as seen on the surface. On the contrary, he was more like a peak expert who had been cultivating in seclusion for thousands of years. He had full control over all those blades, a young disciple would never possess this kind of ability by no means.

“I am naturally not an ordinary disciple, I am Big…… Senior…… Apprentice…… Brother……”

Ye Chuan rushed up and circulating six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he suddenly punched. A strong fist wind instantly blew away the dirt and the speed was even more astonishing. Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t even have time to dodge.

Behind, there was an evil dragon glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, so he couldn’t retreat! Thus, Old Demon of Mount Yin gritted his teeth and those countless vines disappeared all of a sudden and he similarly threw out a punch.

“Old Fellow, you are an idiot, look, what is this?”

The instant the two fists collided, Ye Chuan suddenly smiled coldly, and spread open his right hand. In the palm, Ye Chuan unexpectedly had a yang rune which scared Old Demon of Mount Yin the most.

Brat, playing dirty again!

Old Demon of Mount Yin was scared and cold sweat appeared all over his body. He hastily changed his move and retreated, but a pain suddenly came from his back. Little Long’er who had transformed into a demonic dragon had ferociously bumped into him.

Roar! Ear deafening roaring sound resounded and Little Long’er pursued the retreating enemy. His head ferociously slammed over and over again like a wooden bat into the old evil spirit. Now, this old evil spirit who considered himself the best in the world in former days suddenly felt as if the bones of his entire body were falling apart. At this moment, he saw Ye Chuan with an evil smile was casually throwing the yang rune on the ground, and under the cold wind, it displayed its true form. Where was the yang rune, that was clearly an ordinary red cloth wrapped around a stone.

This brat was so sinister!

Old Demon of Mount Yin opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of blood, not because of the attack of Little Long’er, rather he was so angry with Ye Chuan that he vomited blood. Moreover, his body swayed violently and the ferocious attack of Little Long’er from the back directly sent him flying and before he fell to the ground, he vomited another mouthful of blood.

The already heavily injured Old Demon of Mount Yin was injured again.

But, this old fellow was also cunning. Taking the advantage of this momentum, he harnessed the ill wind and fled, wanting to return to his lair, Five Fingered Mount Yin and hole up again.

A dazzling cyan light suddenly streaked across the sky.

The heart of Old Demon of Mount Yin trembled and he instinctively stopped all of a sudden, then looking up, he saw 12 ferocious human faced snakes around him. As long as he made the slightest move, they would immediately attack violently.

“Old fellow, I already said that you have only one way out, i.e. surrender, since it has already come to this, don’t even think of fleeing.”

Ye Chuan walked forward and pointing at Five Fingered Mount Yin that had already changed beyond recognition, he said, “Look, even if you are able to break out of this encirclement and rush into your mountain lair, sooner or later, you will die. Kneel down and surrender. Following me is the only choice. Otherwise, when Mu clan warriors arrive here, you will not even have the chance to surrender. Falling into their hands, I am afraid that even if you want to die, it will be hard!”

Ye Chuan indifferently said to Old Demon of Mount Yin. Now, the whistling sounds of Mu Clan soldiers could be heard coming from the distance.

Old Demon of Mount Yin lost color. He clearly knew the consequences of falling into the hands of Mu Clan warriors. Now, he began to hesitate.

“Join my yao beast legion and follow me, I will help you resolve your fatal weakness of yang rune.” Ye Chuan said.

Hearing this simple sentence, the eyes of Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly shone and he excitedly asked, “Noble son, is that true?”

“You can not believe, but, do you have a choice?” Ye Chuan indifferently said. The current Old Demon of Mount Yin had no qualification to bargain.

“Fine, I am willing, I only hope that noble son will keep the promise.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin was dejected but he still squatted down helplessly, then with the glimmer of blood light, Ye Chuan used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame Old Demon of Mount Yin and placed him inside Cyan Lotus Space. When the old man Old Mu, big fellow Mu Shan and others arrived here, the battle was already over.

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