Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 282

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 282: Five Fingered Mount Yin

The 800 li mountain path was very difficult to transverse for average people. All along the road, they had to pass through many high mountains and rivers and they also had to face many yao beasts. They might not necessarily be able to pass through this distance even in ten or fifteen days. But for Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, it was as easy as walking on flat ground. They restrained their powerful strength and ignoring yao beasts that had come out at night to hunt, they arrived at the destination before dawn.

A unique mountain peak stood tall in front of them.

This mountain was not very high, but compared to the surrounding plain, it appeared tall. Even more striking was the fact that this mountain had five peaks which appeared just like five stuck up fingers.

Five Fingered Mount Yin!

Old Demon of Mount Yin harnessed the ill wild and disappeared quickly. Ye Chuan and Little Long’er chased after it and reached its lair.

Sure enough, standing at the foot of this mountain, Ye Chuan could sense the aura of old evil spirit. But he didn’t know where he was hiding to heal his injuries.

Ye Chuan paused and carefully sized up this peculiar mountain peak.

Old Mu wasn’t wrong, all kinds of vines were spread all over this mountain. And compared to surrounding plains and other mountain peaks, the vines of this place was especially luxuriant. Under the hazy moonlight, cold wind blew and along with ‘wuwu’ sounds, big and small vines swayed. It appeared as if this mountain possessed countless evil spirits which were wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. Rashly rushing up would only make them fall into the tight encirclement of vine evil spirits.

“What a strong yao qi, under this mountain, something evil must be hidden. Or, there might be a passage leading to an ominous domain. Only then this place will give birth to so many evil spirits!”

Closing his eyes and sensing for a while, the complexion of Ye Chuan changed and he slowly opened his eyes.

Old Mu and others only knew that this place was the lair of Old Demon of Mount Yin and this mountain was densely covered with evil spirit vines, but no one seemed to have seen through the truth behind the surface like Ye Chuan. Generally, the essence of the sun and the moon only gave birth to spiritual beings, it doesn’t breed Old Demon of Mount Yin, this kind of evil spirit. Either this fellow had come fleeing from some kind of ominous domain, or was born from something evil of ancient times.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what should we do?” Little Long’er was somewhat restless.

He didn’t have rich experience like Ye Chuan, but his innate instinct as the demonic dragon made him sense the dangers of Five Fingered Mount Yin. If they rushed up the hill without careful consideration, then let alone not finding Old Demon of Mount Yin, they furthermore might not be able to leave this place. Both of them might be trapped on this mountain.

Kakaka, kakakaka……

The laughter of Old Demon of Mount Yin indistinctly came from the mountain. He had clearly sensed the arrival of them two.

After returning to his lair Five Fingered Mount Yin, Old Demon of Mount Yin finally relaxed. This place was his territory, his country and everything here was advantageous to him. Even if a peak Daoist Master realm expert came here, they might not necessarily have any advantage here.

“Little Long’er, listen!” Ye Chuan said and his ears slightly stood erect.

Little Long’er took a deep breath and he gradually transformed into a dragon. “Big brother Ye Chuan, this old evil spirit is too arrogant, let’s fight to the death with him!”

“No, Little Long’er, ignore the arrogant laughter of that old evil spirit, listen again!” Ye Chuan stopped Little Long’er and signaled him to not be hasty.

Little Longer carefully listened to Ye Chuan with rapt attention.

A cold wind blew over bringing along a wave of chillness in the air.

From the Five Fingered Mount Yin, along with the laughter of Old Demon of Mount Yin, the rustling sounds due to the swaying of countless vines never stopped. And from a distant place, the roaring sounds of various kinds of yao beasts came frequently. There were ferocious yao beasts hunting for food in the distant place. Apart from this, there furthermore……

Little Long’er heard a subtle sound, and concentrating his hearing sense, he slowly identified that it was a very weak sound of flowing water. It was coming from all direction of Five Fingered Mount Yin.

On the top of a high mountain, how can there be a sound of water flowing? Could it be……

Little Long’er suddenly looked up and discovered the five peaks of this Five Fingered Mount Yin were covered with a vast expanse of white snow. The accumulated snow melted into water and flowed down continuously. There was no obvious brook, but when the weather was a little warmer, the water would trickle down all over the mountain, spreading to every corner of this Five Fingered Mount Yin.

“It’s the sound of water, there is water flowing everywhere down the mountain.”

Little Long’er looked at Ye Chuan and had a thought, “Big brother Ye Chuan, you mean to……”

“Water can give birth to life, but it can also destroy everything. Little Long’er, go and sprinkle the liquid medicine inside this crystal bottle on the five peaks of this mountain. After that, we can wait slowly.”

Ye Chuan took out a crystal bottle from inside cyan lotus space and handed it over to Little Long’er. Then, sitting cross-legged on the spot, he closed his eyes.

As for Old Demon of Mount Yin who had returned to his lair, he was very arrogant, he continuously laughed and provoked Ye Chuan, but, Ye Chuan completely ignored him, he didn’t feel like going up the mountain to search him. He had other ways to force this old evil spirit out.

Little Long’er was still confused, but he was utterly obedient to Ye Chuan. He quickly transformed into a dragon and soared towards the sky. And after flying above the five peaks, he evenly sprinkled the medicine liquid on them.

A pungent odor quickly spread throughout the air, and a hypertoxic medicinal liquid flowed down along with the melted water. The first change appeared near the mountain peaks, the luxuriant vines began to turn yellow then withered at the speed that was visible to the naked eye. And as if they were exposed under the sun for three months, they rapidly dehydrated and their vitality rapidly eroded. Even towering big trees reaching to the sky were unable to escape. This place which originally was full of vitality quickly became lifeless without any vitality.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what is this?” Returning to the side of Ye Chuan and seeing the changes at the peaks of the mountain, the scalp of Little Long’er tingled and he hastily threw the empty bottle he had in his hand.

“Yang Severing Water, it can cut off the vitality of all living things. A single drop can completely annihilate all fishes and shrimps inside a river.”

Ye Chuan answered with a calm expression. He appeared as if he was describing nothing serious. But hearing his words, Little Long’er heart was in jitters, “Big Brother Ye Chuan, this is……, is this something you refined in person?”

Cloud Mist Sect had always been good at refining various kinds of pills. Little Long’er already knew this point, but he had never thought that there was such terrifying medicine liquid in this world. A drop could completely annihilate the lives of a river, if he had carelessly swallowed a few drops, then even his demonic dragon physique might not be able to withstand.

“That is not the case, I found this bottle of Yang Severing Water in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm left behind by your mother. Perhaps, your mother Agusi Teli was a true Alchemist Master. And I just added a bit of medicinal herb juice, making it flow and permeate more easily, moreover, increased a bit of its power.” Ye Chuan replied.

Little Long’er was shocked. This Yang Severing Water was too terrifying. After strengthening its permeating ability, was this just a bit of increasing its power?

From the Five Fingered Mount Yin, horrifying wailing sounds came. Countless evil spirits were wailing like ghosts.

Little Long’er was just as frightened, but the evil spirits of this mountain were unable to resist. Countless vines changed into humanoid forms and ran far away from this mountain peak which was a sacred area in former days. Running a bit slower, they wouldn’t have any chance to run away. Some had their upper body transform into humanoid form but their lower parts were still vines deeply rooted on the ground, they were too late to completely transform into a humanoid form and died in that place.

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