Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 280

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 280: Bragging

When the old man suddenly used Spring and Autumn Writing Technique, Ye Chaun was even more not anxious to rush out. He stood at a dark corner and carefully observed the situation. Seeing the little girl was still alive, Little Long’er also relaxed and slowly withdrew his dragon state. Under the influence of Ye Chuan, Little Long’er also calmed down, learning to restrain his impulse.

Little Long’er kept calm and on the other side, the battle however intensified.

Perhaps, he knew perfectly well that he wouldn’t be able to persist for long, so, the old man just risked everything. He initiated ferocious attacks, trying hard to give a heavy blow. And in the end, he even bit his tongue and used a secret technique to stimulate his body, vastly increasing his strength all of a sudden. Unfortunately, after ten moves, his strength began to decrease and the writing pen in his hand became heavier, moreover, his speed of writing also decreased. Now, he was even unable to lift up the writing pen, and the beast phantoms in the sky became fewer and fewer.

“Kakaka, old fellow, offer your blood and vital yang. I like the vital yang of Daoist Master the most.”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and seizing the chance, he counter-attacked all of a sudden. He stretched his hand and from the center of his palm, a long vine unexpectedly flew out and ferociously lashed the old man. The latter stood unstably on his feet and vomited a mouthful of blood. Now, he was on the verge of collapse.


The big fellow Mu Shan anxiously rushed over and ferociously punched towards the chest of the Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, the Old Demon of Mount Yin just laughed without dodging. He let the punch of big fellow Mu Shan land on him. Thud, like hitting a hollow tree trunk, Old Demon of Mount Yin appeared to have no matter, and the oncoming force ferociously sent Mu Shan flying, moreover, his wrist was broken.

“Idiot, use Mu Clan Rune!”

The old man rushed forward and once again biting his tongue, he brandished his writing pen with great difficulty towards Old Demon of Mount Yin.

Today, if they didn’t kill this old evil spirit and the father and son duo will die here, then none of their clansmen will survive. All of them will be killed by this old evil spirit!

The Old Demon of Mount Yin snorted. He immediately turned around, giving up his chance to kill wounded big fellow Mu Shan. He opened his big mouth and blew sinister bone chilling ill wind directly towards the old man. The old man was already an oil lamp without oil, and his vitality was greatly damaged. Under this attack of Old Demon of Mount Yin, he shivered and was frozen stiff, helplessly looking at the incoming long whip.

Pa! The old man heavily fell to the ground.

“Old Mu, Old Mu……”

“Brothers, circumstance changed, we cannot wait any longer, go!”

A group of Mu Clan village soldiers shouted loudly and burst in. Some were holding spears, some were holding shields, altogether, there were about a dozen people.

Originally, according to the plan of Old Mu, they were to hide on one side to cut off the retreat route of Old Demon of Mount Yin. When he was fleeing, they were to rush out and launch deadly attacks. Unfortunately, the old evil spirit was so powerful that even after being injured by the rune pressed on the space between his eyebrows, he was still able to reverse the war situation. This was contrary to the expectations of everyone. And seeing Old Mu was about to be killed by the old evil spirit, they had to rush out.

“Kakaka, you all have come at just the right time, now, I don’t need to waste time to look all of you, kakakaka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily and tens of long vines suddenly shot out from his body, and all Mu Clan village soldiers were sent flying. Even though their body was covered with heavy armors, these Xiushi realm soldiers were basically unable to even get close to him, let alone threaten this old evil spirit.

The laughter of this Old Demon of Mount Yin resounded again. Now he had no misgiving to capture all the people of Mu Clan village.

At that time, a tall figure suddenly flickered from the ground and arriving at the front of this old evil spirit, he ferociously hit the chest of this old evil spirit with the Mu Clan Rune.

The big fellow Mu Shan who was similarly unable to even approach old evil spirit and feigning death suddenly attacked seizing the chance when this Old Demon of Mount Yin was laughing excitedly. The might of this rune was clearly more powerful than his powerful fist. Now, a dense black smoke curled up from the body of the old evil spirit. His chest had a burned hole and was badly mangled. The might of this kind of yang rune was distinctive, it was nothing for ordinary people, but it was fatal for many evil spirits.

“Ah……, abominable!”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly reached out to crush the throat of big fellow Mu Shan, and his body also emitted many long vines which tied the latter’s body. They gradually became tighter and tighter, and after some time, big fellow Mu Shan would be strangled to death while still alive. The big fellow Mu Shan’s complexion turned red. He was unable to breathe, but he still didn’t loosen his hand. He firmly pressed Mu Clan Rune on the body of Old Demon of Mount Yin. Even if he died, he should at least inflict a heavy damage on this terrifying old evil spirit!

“Little Long’er!”

Ye Chuan who had been hiding in one dark corner suddenly shouted an order.


Little Long’er who was already unable to endure held his head high and roared, transforming into a demonic dragon. Then, directly breaking down the walls, he ferociously collided with the back of Old Demon of Mount Yin.


Old Demon of Mount Yin gave a horrible shreak once again. The collision of Little Long’er was a lot stronger compared to the powerful punch of big fellow Mu Han. This collision nearly broke the spin of this Old Demon of Mount Yin.

Under normal circumstance, no matter how powerful the physical strength of Little Long’er was, with the means of old evil spirit, it would have been almost impossible for him to collide as he pleased against this old evil spirit as the old evil spirit would have easily dodged him. But, after a fierce battle with the old man and also suffering the damage from yang rune in succession, the old evil spirit was also injured heavily, and the one moment of carelessness made him suffer another heavy injury.

Roar! Another deep dragon roar resounded.

After transforming into a demonic dragon, Little Long’er innately had extraordinary power. He immediately initiated a series of violent attacks, and relying on his tyrannical physical strength, he tied down the old evil spirit in a close quarter combat. Now, the close quarter combat power of Demonic Dragon Clan was completely displayed. Old Demon of Mount Yin hurriedly counterattacked, but his always successful vines were nothing but an itch to Little Long’er. Seeing his lashes were useless, he immediately changed his vines into a rope, trying to tie up Little Long’er. The result, the tyrannical physical strength of Little Long’er snapped the rope.

“Damn it, where did this evil dragon come from?”

Old Demon of Mount Yin was startled and angry. He gritted his teeth and cursed, then turned around to flee. He was careless tonight and suffered ambush in succession. If he continued to get entangled here, perhaps, he might really die here tonight. Now, the big fellow Mu Shan was glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, old man Old Mu also had stood up at an unknown time. Once he regained his strength and use Spring and Autumn Writing Technique again, that would be troublesome!

Little Long’er lowered his head and ferociously rushed forward but he hit only a phantom.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin came strangely and also left strangely. Harnessing the ill wind, he floated to the courtyard and said, “Today, this lordship will spare your life, giving you all one more day to live. Tomorrow night, I will devour your blood and vital yang, leaving no one behind, kakaka……”

Inside the courtyard, a whirlwind suddenly appeared and the fallen leaves suddenly flew all over the sky.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin roared with laughter and harnessing the ill wind, he left. Mu Clan village people finally relaxed, but hearing the words of this evil spirit, they immediately became pale. They survived today, but what about tomorrow?

Those sharp words left behind by Old Demon of Mount Yin, just like death shadow, terrified everyone. Even big fellow Mu Han had his heart in jitters.

“Old fellow, you said that you will come back again tomorrow, but did you ask this lordship to leave?”

A cold voice suddenly resounded.

Old Demon of Mount Yin who was about to swagger off looked up. At an unknown time, on the enclosing wall, a youth was standing. He was blocking his way out.

Ye Chuan finally made a move, personally cutting off the retreat path of this old evil spirit.

The eyes of old man, who was dejected in his heart thinking what they should do tomorrow, suddenly shone and was excited in his heart.Support my translation through patreon and get early access to chapters. Here is the link.

Support my translation through patreon and get early access to chapters. Here is the link.

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