Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 28

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 28: Villain as if Ghost

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is wise!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is mighty!”

After looking at the back view of Black Cauldron Sect’s forces angrily leaving, Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples stepped forward to give their salutation one after another. This Big Senior Apprentice-Brother who used to be cowardly and mediocre in the past, now made people look at him with new eyes. All sorts of his behaviors of before were indeed acting!

Who is Tuoba Xiong?

Sect Master of grand Black Cauldron Sect, and also a great expert of Rank 4 Daoist Master! Who dares to obstruct and directly confront his pressure, and also expose his scheme?

People asked themselves, and the answer they got was they couldn’t. Tuoba Xiong’s single glance was enough to scare them witless until they couldn’t think anything, and even if they saw through latter’s scheme, they wouldn’t know how to refute.

Ye Chuan however accomplished this!

The past cowardly and mediocre Big Senior-Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan, after returning from God Burial Valley seemed to have enlightened suddenly. Even in front of Tuoba Xiong, he was calm and composed, and leisurely exposed the latter’s scheme, making this overbearing Tuoba Xiong had no choice but to angrily retreat in humiliation. That last words ‘father-in-law’ made Tuoba Xiong so angry that he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, immensely satisfying the people.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you’ve truly changed, have become brave and prudent! Good, you did well, this is the proper elegant demeanor of our Cloud Mist Sect’s present generation Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.” Zhu Sijia also admired in her heart. Now looking at Ye Chuan, her gaze had a trace of admiration.

In the face of Tuoba Xiong and Jin Hua’s double pressure, Ye Chuan not only held out against pressure, still checkmated the other way around. This was not something that could be accomplished with merely having courage to not fear death, this required a very able person with guts and strategy. Even if Zhu Sijia was asked to stand in the position of Ye Chuan, then she herself was certain that she couldn’t get the job done this excellently!

“In general, this can’t be counted as too good. My wife, Tuoba Xiaoniao came from far away, but she unexpectedly didn’t stay behind, it’s too bad ah, this pitiful Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am guarding Purple Clouds Peak all alone by myself for unknown years and unknown months. Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, how about it, will you move to Purple Clouds Peak to be my assistance, and accompany Big Senior Apprentice-Brother? Think about it carefully, Purple Cloud Courtyard’s gate is always wide open for you, regardless of day or night.” Ye Chuan smiled. Intentionally or unintentionally he was looking at that pert buttocks of Zhu Sijia. Then raising his hand, he looked at his palm, recalling aftertaste of that night when his palm made contact with that pert buttocks of Zhu Sijia.


Zhu Sijia instantly understood, understood what Ye Chuan was thinking, then she angrily turned around and left in anger and also shame.

A girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, in this period of time, her chest would increasingly bulge, and buttocks would also increasingly get pert. Without needing for her grandfather to say, she knew that that she had to pay attention to her image, and shouldn’t be as wild as before. But, although she could still act as a noble lady in front of other people with some difficulty, still she didn’t know why, acting however was impossible in front of this Ye Chuan. Every time she just had a little good impression of him, he would immediately anger her to death.

This won’t do, cannot let him off lightly like this!

Recalling that night’s spank of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia was no long able to calm down. Fatty Zhao Dazhi somewhat hesitated, he wanted to stay behind and say something to Ye Chuan, but she twisted his ear and dragged him away.

“This girl!”

Great Elder shook his head, then he looked at his granddaughter Zhu Sijia walking away in anger, and again looking at Ye Chuan, he seemed to notice something. After that like an old fox, he laughed, and sizing up Ye Chuan, he said, “Not bad, Ye Chuan, you did pretty well this time, finally you have your thoughts straightened out. But, among us cultivators, strategy is useless, cultivation is the crux, so cultivate properly, and from now on, if you have any matters then you can come to me at any time.”

“Thank You, Great Elder!”

Ye Chuan slightly bowed. Then Great Elder nodded his head and left.

“Ye Chuan, I’m also leaving. Great Competition is right around the corner, so you need to seize all the time you have left to cultivate in seclusion. Moreover in this period of time, you should be more careful.” Second Elder as a straight person said straightly. And before his words completely disappeared, he took Nan Taindu and left.

In a blink of an eye, the guards and disciples gathered outside Martial Repository Pavilion departed one after another. Only in one gloomy corner, a group of people still gathered.

“Third Elder, Hua’er died in vain, should we let it be just like this?” Looking at Ye Chuan’s figure leaving by himself, Jin Zhikun gnashed his teeth.

Just after Tuoba Xiong and his group left, he and Third Elder had also walked away with a group of their trusted subordinates, as they were unwilling to stay there for even a bit.

Ye Chuan, Great Elder and others won, won to their satisfaction, making overbearing Tuoba Xiong forced to leave with his tail tucked between his legs. All the people of Cloud Mist Sect cheered loudly, only the heart of Jin Zhikun and their group were sullen.

They believed that they could borrow the hand of Tuoba Xiong to eliminate Ye Chuan, this eye-sore, and firmly suppress the prestige of Great Elder. But who would have thought that, all of their hopes were fruitless again.

The expectation of Jin Zhikun and Third Elder however reached the ending they had never expected.

“Not let it go, then what do you want? Chase down Ye Chuan and personally kill that brat?”

Right now the complexion of Third Elder was dark, and with his long and narrow eyes glimmering with pallid light as if viper, looking at Jin Zhikun, he coldly continued on to say, “Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans, endure, continue to endure! Now, the time is still not ripe, still not time to thoroughly shed all pretense of cordiality with Great Elder. Jin Zhikun, you can be angry in your heart, but don’t make any error in our important matter. Otherwise, I, Bai Yanhu might let you off, but that person behind me and you will definitely not let us go easily.”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu looked at Jin Zhikun then leading several trusted aides, he left. Behind, Jin Zhikun who was gnashing his teeth suddenly trembled, and sweated profusely, recalling the figure of that black robed person.

Great Elder and Ye Chuan were hateful, and if he confronted against them, at best he would die. But if he angered that black robed man, then even if he didn’t want to live, wanting death would be difficult.

Recalling that black robed man’s cause and means, Jin Zhikun suddenly trembled with fear.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, Ye Chuan, that brat is on his own, do you want……” Adviser He Taixu offered a piece of advice while looking at the complexion of Jin Zhikun very cautiously.

Silkpants Jin Hua died, so he, the advisor couldn’t help but got worried that if Jin Zhikun blamed him, blamed him that he didn’t protect Jin Hua, then he would suffer tragedy. His heart was continuously in the state of alarm, so making great effort he tried to show his talent to atone for a crime by good deeds.

“Good, you go, go and kill him! In any case, you will also not live long. Throughout the year, you were beside young master but was useless than even a fart, so why on earth should I still let you live?” Jin Zhikun coldly laughed with ferocious face.

“Spare my life, Hall Master, please spare my life ah……”

He Taixu was so scared that he was trembling all over. Hastily knelt down and hugging the thigh of Jin Zhikun, he loudly begged from mercy, “Your Excellency Hall Master, now that brat, Ye Chuan is in limelight, have the backing of Great Elder and Second Elder, and also have the support of the people, so we cannot strike him directly, but secretly striking is easy to handle. Also, we can totally……”

He Taixu stood up and whispered in the ear of Jin Zhikun.

“Humph, even Hua’er with the cultivation of Rank 2 Xiushi was not good, do you think you are useful like this?” Jin Zhikun glared which frightened He Taixu so much that his legs went limp and grovel on the ground.

He Taixu kowtow while begging for mercy and hastily said, “Useful, Hall Master, absolutely useful! Although Ye Chuan, that brat is enlightened, but he after all is merely Rank 5 Wuzhe. As for young master Jin Hua, he must have definitely suffered injury from those twelve guards, and this Ye Chuan took this chance to swoop in!”

“Good, then you go and arrange it. Remember, this is your last chance! The Yao ghosts of Evil Dragon Abyss are beginning to get restless, if you do not want to become food inside the stomach of Yao ghost, then perform diligently, humph!” Jin Zhikun snorted coldly, then leading several trusted aides, he swaggered off.

“Yes, this time, I will definitely not fail!”

He Taixu bowed receiving orders, and looking at the back view of Jin Zhikun, cold sweats immediately flowed down.

Every year, the yao ghosts of Evil Dragon Abyss stir up troubles, and they needs to appease them with offering. The offerings of before were best cores, treasured pills, and also exiled degenerated and traitors of sect. It was the most terrible nightmare for the exiled disciples of the sect.

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