Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 279

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 279: Chunqiu Sage

After looking all around for a while, the Old Demon of Mount Yin rode the ill wind towards the east wing, then opening its mouth, it blew a sinister ill wind which blew open the window and he entered.

After that, looking at a group of people fallen asleep on the ground, the Old Demon of Mount Yin chuckled and walked over to a middle-aged woman. He then bent over and lowering its head, it lightly sucked her mouth. This well-built middle-aged woman began withering, in the blink of an eye, she became skinny and ghastly pale. Her soul, blood and vital yang had been snatched away by this Old Demon of Mount Yin.

Next, the old demon clicked its tongue and moved behind a little girl. That little girl had her hair combed into a short braid. Her cheek was flushed and she still had a trace of shy smile on her face. Don’t know what she was dreaming but she was entirely unaware of the danger.

It’s her!

She was the little girl who had brought them the meal!

Little Long’er suddenly raised his head and just when he was about to transform into a demonic dragon and charge over to save her. A big hand stopped him.

“Don’t move, wait a bit!”

Ye Chuan stood behind Little Long’er and his complexion was chilly and full of killing intent, but he kept his calm and made Little Longer wait a bit. The opportune moment had yet to come.

Ka ka, vague sounds of laughter resounded.

The Old Demon of Mount Yin complacently laughed and bent over wanting to suck blood, qi and vital yang of this little girl, but it suddenly felt pain at the space between its eyebrows, and just like he was burned, a cyan colored smoke curled up.

The little girl was startled awake and she smoothly picked up a yang rune beside her, moreover, she happened to pressed it on the space between the eyebrows of this Old Demon of Mount Yin. In a split second, this Old Demon of Mount Yin who had come riding the ill wind screamed strangely and flew away. Moreover, his aura decreased sharply, seemingly, he was seriously injured by the rune in the hands of the little girl.

“Damn it, again this strange rune!” The old demon was startled and also angry. But he couldn’t attend to alarm still sleeping numerous preys, so he stretched its right hand towards the little girl who was shrunk in one corner, wanting to tear her into pieces to vent his anger.

The bone-chilling wind suddenly spread around this wing.

And still asleep people were startled awake, then seeing the figure of Old Demon of Mount Yin, they were so terrified that they dispersed in confusion.

“Ka ka ka, fresh blood and vital yang, don’t run!’

The Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and while grabbing the hand of that little girl with his right hand, he simultaneously blew ill wind to close all doors and windows of this wing with a bang. Now, no one could escape and all of them were trapped inside. This old evil spirit was not only brutal, he was also greedy by nature. He wanted to capture more than ten people of this wing in one fell swoop.

And thinking about the benefit of devouring vital yang of these more than ten people of Mu Clan village, the Old Demon of Mount Yin couldn’t help being happy.

Terrified screaming sounds suddenly resounded accompanied by the sinister laughter of Old Demon of Mount Yin.

Little Long’er was unable to endure, and began transforming into a demonic dragon, but his shoulders were firmly held down so he was unable to rush out.

“Little Long’er, wait a minute, it’s not the time yet!”

Ye Chuan was very calm, the more critical moment, the calmer Ye Chuan became, but his eyes were ice-cold without any emotion fluctuation, absolutely was cold.

After breaking through to Daoist Master realm, the strength of Ye Chuan had risen to a level where he could use many techniques and the influence of his previous life experience had also deepened. As a Great Sage who once had dominated the world, he gradually began to display his brilliance. When he needed to be calm, he was very calm and colder than even an ice-cold statue, coldly waiting for a chance. Either he would not make a move or make a move like a thunderbolt. This kind of calmness without any emotion fluctuation somewhat scared Little Long’er. Although he was determined to save the little girl, he didn’t dare to move without the permission of Ye Chuan.

Peng! A loud sound suddenly resounded.

The walls of this wing were suddenly blown open at the same time, and two figures directly jump in. They, one in the left and the other in the right, attacked Old Demon of Mount Yin. One was bare-handed but his fist was like a sledgehammer, and the other had a unique writing pen, and this pen was unexpectedly sharper than flying sword.

The old man Old Mu and big fellow Mu Shan launched a joint attack at Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Again you two, this kind of attack, is it useful? Ka ka ka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin suddenly retreated, like a light fallen leaf, he appeared as if he didn’t have any weight, thus, he could move as he please in the sky dodging the attacks of the old man and big fellow Mu Shan. Even when fighting one against two, he was unexpectedly more than capable to fight. Even while grabbing that little girl in his hands, he still had the expression of a cat playing with a mouse.

“Old evil spirit, you killed my 21 clansmen, I will fight to the death with you!”

Failing to deal any damage even after several attacks, the old man was angry. He silently used his technique and wrote in the air using the writing pen in his hand. His writing speed became faster and faster, leaving behind afterimages. Those afterimages combined, forming all kinds of beast phantoms or runes. And they rushed towards Old Demon of Mount Yin. There were dragons, fierce tigers, huge snakes……, in the blink of an eye, a powerful army appeared and the atmosphere was filled with strong killing intent.

At this moment, the complexion of Old Demon of Mount Yin became solemn, and he gradually slowed down, feeling pressure. These beast phantoms couldn’t be killed and their single hit would crack his bones, so, if he kept on just dodging blindly, then even if he was not killed by these beast phantoms then he would also die due to exhaustion.

Spring and Autumn Writing Technique?

This is……, are they the descendants of ancient Chunqiu (Spring and Autumn) Sage?

Ye Chuan who was looking on with cold eyes was shocked and he suddenly recalled a long-held memory covered in dust. When he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had heard the prestige of Chunqiu Sage as well as his that unpredictable Spring and Autumn Writing Technique. He had sent Ghost Hand Medicinal King sand Blue Eyed Yao Empress to invite the other party to Heaven Concealing Peak, unfortunately, they didn’t find Chunqiu Sage as he had gone missing. Finally, he got the news that Chunqiu Sage had completely disappeared from this secular world. And from rumor, he learned that during seclusion in overseas island wanting to make a breakthrough, Chunqiu Sage was unfortunately annihilated under powerful heavenly calamity without leaving any successor behind.

As it now seems the rumors of that years were absolutely wrong. It was still uncertain whether Chunqiu Sage died or not, but his techniques had been passed down, and it was passed down from generation to generation in this secluded Mu Clan village!

But it’s too bad, the old man was too far from obtaining the true essence of Chunqiu Sage. He had learned at most a bit of superficial knowledge, otherwise, even one hundred Old Demon of Mount Yin wouldn’t be his opponent. But this little bit of superficial knowledge also gave Old Demon of Mount Yin a hard time. After losing the initiative, he was unable to pull back and became more and more passive. He wanted to rush up and counterattack several times, but numerous beast phantoms forced him back.

The forehead of the old man was already filled with sweat and he was now breathing heavily. The might of Spring and Autumn Writing Technique was powerful, but this was a technique only a Sage realm expert could use with ease, with his later stage Daoist Master realm cultivation base, despite the serious injury to his vitality, he was unable to sustain this technique for long. Once he was completely exhausted, the entire Mu Clan village would be annihilated by the Old Demon of Mount Yin!

The Old Demon of Mount Yin also saw the state of the old man, so he just laughed sinisterly and no longer was in a hurry to counterattack. He instead began to dodge all around, wanting to exhaust the vitality of the old man. Often, he would place the little girl in front of him, which forced the old man to stop his movement. As for, big fellow Mu Shan, he had a mind to help but his cultivation level was insufficient, rushing up rashly would only interrupt the attack of his father.

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