Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 278

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 278: Yang Rune

The night gradually become darker and darker.

After eating and drinking to his fill, Little Long’er gradually lied on the table and fell asleep. He lightly snored and often called out his mother in dreams with tears flowing out of his eyes.

A child is after all a child, even if he is matured, he is still a child.

Ye Chuan walked over and gently draped a robe on Little Longer and also wiped the tears on his face.

Little Long’er was fortunate. After merging with the little demonic dragon, now, he was the sole alive and kicking demonic dragon in this wilderness world. He was destined to be extraordinary. In the future, his achievement will be far superior compared to average people. But, he was also unfortunate, he neither had a father nor mother since his birth, and the first time he saw his mother, she was inside a stone coffin. The lifespan of a demonic dragon was astonishing, they could live for thousands of years, and even millions of years. The longer the lifespan, the more powerful the combat ability. In his life, perhaps, he was doomed to be solitary. Not many people can accompany him throughout his life. No matter the hatred nor good feeling, after millions of years, all of them would become cold like the deep sea.

“Don’t……, don’t go…… that Bianzi is truly good……, good looking……” Little Long’er stretched his hand to grab the hand of Ye Chuan and said something in his dream.

That shy little girl?

This kid, so quickly displaying the natural instinct of Demonic Dragon Clan? Ye Chuan shook his head and gently pulling open the hand of Little Long’er, he retreated to one side and continue to sit cross-legged on the ground.

The people in principle room, east-wing and west-wing were on tenterhooks and were talking in whispers. But before dawn, don’t know who yawned first and laid down, the other people followed after and slowly entered the dreamland. Only two people were still quietly walking all around. One was big fellow Mu Shan and the other is that old man with wrinkle all over his face.

In the hands of this old man, now he had writing pen. It was more than half arm in length and was completely black in color. It was as thick as a handle of a knife and compared to ordinary writing pens, it was a lot bigger. From afar, it didn’t resemble a writing pen, instead some kind of killing weapon.

After looking all around, the old man sat in front of a desk, then taking a shield, he dipped the writing pen in his hand into an ink, then began to write on this shield. Those strokes were quickly engraved on the shield and become a profound rune.

The space between the eyebrows of Ye Chuan suddenly jumped.

He had thought that the big fellow Mu Shan was the expert of this small mountain village, but as it now seemed, he was completely mistaken. Even he made an error of judgment. This old man with wrinkles all over his face who seemed to have one leg on the grave was the real expert. Along with his writing, deep marks appeared on the hard shield, if the tip of this writing pen fell on the body, then what would happen?

Ye Chuan secretly looked over and his eyes shone.

The writing pen of the old man as if had spirit rapidly inscribed runes on many weapons. And at the end, he spread out a blank sheet of paper and wrote a strange rune.

“Father, this rune of Mu Clan, is it really useful against that evil spirit?” The big fellow Mu Shan asked. He was a ferocious fiend in front of outsiders, but he was obedient in front of his father and didn’t dare to offend him. His cultivation and strength, all came from the teaching of his father, he knew the strength of his father.

“Of course, it’s useful. If it’s useless, the Old Demon of Mount Yin, that evil spirit, would have already massacred our Mu Clan, killing everyone.” The old man laid down the writing pen and then instructed lightly, “Mu Shan, go, distribute these armors, weapons and runes. Even without cultivation, we at least have this rune.”

“Father, what about those two disciples of Cloud Mist Sect?” The big fellow asked.

“Those two……, they aren’t simple, father also is unable to see through them.”

The old man slightly muttered and said: “Just give them two runes and don’t offend them, also don’t have too much hope. Current Cloud Mist Sect is no longer the Cloud Mist Sect of hundred thousand years ago……”

The old man sighed as he lamented about the deteriorating situation of Cloud Mist Sect.

Once upon a time, the entire Cloud Mist Range was the rear mountain of Cloud Mist Sect, and all the people resided there received the protection of Cloud Mist Sect. Now, let alone protecting other, Cloud Mist Sect was unable to protect even itself and newly arrived Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were squeezing in the Cloud Mist Mountain Range. A sect has its brilliance and also has its decline, life was variable.


The big fellow Mu Shan received order and quietly distributed weapons, armors and runes. The fighters of Mu Clan village closed their eyes to rest. Only when the Old Demon of Mount Yin comes, they would immediately awaken. Mu Shan appeared big and tall, moreover, he behaved somewhat roughly and boldly, but, his movement was especially agile. Lightly putting two runes beside Ye Chuan and little Long’er, he quietly retreated.

The courtyard became silent again. This time, it appeared as if even the big fellow Mu Shan and the old man had fallen asleep.

Ye Chuan carefully sized up the Mu Clan rune in his hand. The strokes were vigorous and powerful. It didn’t appear as if an old man had written it. Carefully sensing, he could feel that this rune was emitting a trace of vigorous aura, was a pure yang qi. Without a doubt, this was a Yang Rune, it was especially used to restrain evil spirits and ghosts. Tens of thousands of years ago, this rune was comparatively common, many experts of sect can all refine it, but now, this rune had been long lost, even elders of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t know it. But to his surprise, these people who lived inside the mountain unexpectedly understood it.

This tiny Mu Clan village seemed to have a truly long history. Because they are isolated from the world, many ancient times’ techniques and traditions were still preserved here. Just like this antique courtyard, it occupied a small area but had a unique charm, such buildings were rarely seen outside.

The night wind became increasingly stronger and colder.

Ye Chuan also felt chill, not cold, rather a bone-piercing chill. Weak people or newborn babies might fall seriously ill under this chill, but at that time, the rune in their hand suddenly heated up, and a warm current suddenly appeared within their body which resisted against that strange chill.


That peerless evil spirit has finally come!

The spirit of Ye Chuan shook, but he still sat cross-legged on the ground without moving. He secretly circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, secretly preparing strong power.

Little Long’er also woke up. Although he was still a child, his instinct of demonic dragon quickly sensed the danger. Just when he was about to get up, Ye Chuan secretly signaled him so he immediately continued to pretend to sleep. Outside the room, it was completely silent, the old man and big fellow Mu Shan were also awake, but they similarly pretended to be entirely unaware, silently waiting for the evil spirit to arrive.

Whoosh! An ill wind blew over and the atmosphere became even colder.

From a distant place, suddenly a mewing sound of a cat came over, then there was no sound, only a faint rustling sound resounded.

The cold wind blew over and the fallen leaves were blown away. Suddenly a figure appeared in the courtyard, ghastly like a mummy that crawled out from inside a thousand-year-old tomb, it was dried up without any flesh. It was only skin and bones, and he didn’t wear any clothes rather a white colored cotton strip was wrapped around it. Strange figure and strange attire frightened Little Long’er who was pretending to be asleep and his face became pale. Moreover, he involuntarily trembled.

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