Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 277

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 277: Old Demon of Mount Yin

The surrounding inside the valley was elegant. There were mountains and waters and it appeared just like a Land of Peach Blossoms secluded from the real world. But, he couldn’t see any figure even though the sky wasn’t dark yet. All little courtyards were very quiet as if this village was already abandoned.

Ye Chuan lead Little Long’er forward and after a short while, they arrived in front of a small courtyard, then he lightly knocked on the door.

On the surface, this small courtyard also very quiet like others, but even without using any technique, they could sense the aura of people inside, moreover, there were many of them. And listening carefully, they could even hear the vague sounds of people talking coming from inside. But, after the knock, they thoroughly quieted down without any response.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what should we do?” Little Long’er turned around and asked.

“Continue, continue knocking until someone comes out.” Ye Chuan faintly instructed. Since he had already arrived here, he naturally had to understand what was going on here.

Only after a long time, finally along with the rustling sounds of footsteps, the door opened from inside and a white-bearded old man came out to look.

He was an old man of late seventies or early eighties. He already had one foot in the grave. His face was full of wrinkles. After opening the door, he confusedly looked at Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, then said, “Who are you, how did you enter?

Seeing Ye Chuan didn’t resemble a bad person, in addition, seeing Little Long’er, this only seven or eight-year-old boy accompanying him, this old man relaxed, but his eyes were full of doubts. The Nine Palaces Formation at the entrance of the village was something ordinary expert couldn’t break, how did these two people enter?

“We just walked in.”

Ye Chuan smiled and bowing slightly, he said, “This junior just happened to understand a thing or two about formations, and I also happen to know about this Nine Palaces Formation that has been long lost in this mainland, so, we rashly entered to seek temporary lodging, I hope senior will not take offense.”

“Seek temporary lodging?”

The old man shook his head. This place was not some town. Coming here, deep into the wild to seek temporary lodging was clearly abnormal. “No, you should leave, leave this place quickly, the farther the better.”

The old man spoke while closing the door, but a big hand suddenly pushed the door. Ye Chuan who was six to seven meters away instantly appeared in front of that old man and said, “Senior, it is already getting dark, yao beasts run wild outside, let us brothers stay just for one night. Tomorrow, early in the morning, we will leave, how about it?”

“No, youngster, it is not that this old man didn’t want to let you stay, rather……” The old man shook his head and seemed to be in a dilemma.

“Father, why are you speaking so much with them? Quickly drive them away, otherwise, let them find an empty house as they please to reside. If they are killed by that Old Demon of Mount Yin, then they cannot blame us, they can only blame themselves.”

A simple and vigorous voice came from inside, and a big fellow walked out in large strides, then completely opening the door with a bang, he coldly looked at Ye Chuan. He clearly didn’t look happy.

Old Demon of Mount Yin?

What evil spirit was that?

Ye Chuan thought and now, he didn’t want to leave even more. He was searching for powerful yao beasts everywhere, if he was to find a truly powerful evil spirit, then that was all he could wish for. And carefully sizing up this unhappy big fellow, Ye Chuan was somewhat shocked in his heart.

At a first glance, this big fellow seemed to have innate superhuman strength, and the energy fluctuation within his body was also powerful, not that inferior to Flame Devil. He was clearly a Daoist Master realm expert. But, even such expert was unexpectedly so frightened with that Old Demon of Mount Yin that he was hiding with his entire family, abandoning the entire village, one could well imagine how powerful that evil spirit was.

“Mu Shan, you shouldn’t be rude, don’t scare the guests.”

The old man loudly berated his son, then shaking his head, he ignored big fellow and turning towards Ye Chuan, he said, “Noble son, it’s not that we don’t want to offer shelter, rather it’s truly unsuitable to stay overnight inside the village. Especially tonight, I fear Old Demon of Mount Yin, that peerless evil spirit, would come again to absorb the soul of people, so, letting you stay here wouldn’t be my good intention, rather will harm you two. You two brothers should quickly leave this place, don’t stay in the mountain, just quickly leave this entire mountain.”

“Then, what about you all, how come you all are not leaving?” Ye Chuan asked, roughly understanding what was going on.

“Alas, our Mu family’s ancestors had lived here, it has already been millions of years. Each grass, each tree, each brick, each tile, leaving all of them here, how can we walk away?” The old man shook his head and he became dejected, seemingly, he was getting closer and closer to the coffin. The big fellow who was aggressive just a moment ago also became dejected.

“Senior, there are many people here, let us two brothers stay for one night. Now, it’s about to get dark, and with yao beasts running amuck at night, it would be even more dangerous. Even if you cannot accommodate us two, can you accommodate just my younger brother? He is still young, if we encounter yao beasts, then I am afraid, he will not be able to run away.” Ye Chuan continued to request and retracting his aura and energy fluctuation, he pretended to be an ordinary cultivator, then added, “Senior, rest assured, we two are the outer disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, this time we came to pick up medicinal herbs, we are not some bad people. Look, this is our waist tablet.”

Ye Chuan took out a waist tablet from his bosom, then gave it to the old man to look.

“As it turned out you are the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, okay, come in. Merely, this old man will make it clear beforehand, tonight is very dangerous, Old Demon of Mount Yin can come at any time, if you two encounter danger then don’t blame us for not warning.” The old man shook his head, then turning around, he led the way in the front, and after Ye Chuan and Little Long’er followed into the house, he said, “Noble son, the other rooms are already full, so, I can only wrong you to live here.”

“Just having a place to stay is already good, thank you, senior.”

Ye Chuan slightly bowed and secretly signaled Little Long’er to maintain his composure. Now, he could vaguely hear sounds coming once again, so, looking up, he saw both east and west wings along with principal rooms were already full of people. There were men, women, old and young. It seemed the people of entire village was amassed here. Frequently, someone would look over from far away wondering who dared to actually come here and seek temporary lodging at this time.

“I heard, they are the outer disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and they entered the mountain to pick up medicinal herbs. One is no more than 20 and the other is just 7-8 years old.”

“Oh my god, only 7-8 years old, if Old Demon of Mount Yin came, then what should we do? What’s wrong with Old Mu? Letting them stay in such a time, isn’t that harming them?”

“Yes, if they were experts of Cloud Mist Sect, then that would have been better. Perhaps, they might have helped us to get rid of Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, these two little boys, I am afraid they would die, dying at such a young age, it’s so pitiful.”


People talked in whispers, and although their voice was small and average people couldn’t hear them, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er however heard them clearly.

Little Long’er was restless, he didn’t know what kind of yao beast was this so-called Old Demon of Mount Yin. He involuntarily wanted to ask, but seeing Ye Chuan had closed his eyes and sat cross-legged to rest, he was forced to swallow his words. He also followed suit and close his eyes to rest. Creak, the small wooden door of the room was pushed open and a little girl with short braid timidly entered carrying a basket. Then, placing down that basket on the floor, she hastily ran away, she was too shy to greet. From the sweet smell coming from the basket, they knew that there was a simple meal inside it, and that sweet smile involuntarily stimulated the appetite of Little Long’er, thus, Little Long’er involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

“Eat, eat more, if you don’t eat, then where you will get the strength to catch that yao beast?” Ye Chuan gently instructed and continued to sit cross-legged without moving. Little Long’er however ate like wolf and tiger, and he felt that this food delivered by that little girl was better than a lavish meal.

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