Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 276

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 276: Yao beasts combat team

One person one dragon quickly disappeared into the vast mountain.

After merging with the little demonic dragon, Little Long’er had a body of a demonic dragon. No need to mention how tough his body was, he also possessed the sharp sense of Demonic Dragon Clan now. Before long, he arrived at a valley carrying Ye Chuan.

Exceeding their expectation, the yao qi inside the valley was very dense and the aura was also not weak. Merely, it was not coming from a powerful yao beast, rather was coming from a group of pangolins. These pangolins had glossy skin, and no need to mention that they were twice as bigger than ordinary pangolins, their entire body was covered with a layer of thick black colored scales which couldn’t be penetrated by an ordinary sword. Moreover, now, a dozen or so pangolins had gotten together, and they actually surrounded a fierce tiger and made a meal out of it. It was clear that these pangolins were variations or even ancient wilderness mutant species.

Sitting on the back of Little Long’er, Ye Chuan suddenly opened his closed eyes and jumping off, he rushed straight into this group of pangolins.

But, Little Long’er didn’t move, he just looked at what Ye Chuan wanted to do. Moreover, he didn’t need to personally make a move, just his demonic dragon aura alone was enough to frighten them.

Unlike Little Long’er, Ye Chuan had completely hidden his aura and just like an ordinary person, he didn’t appear to be any threatening. But, when Ye Chuan was merely 100 meters away, the leader pangolin felt restless and took the initiative to turn away, then the remaining pangolins also followed in confusion. In their eyes, Ye Chuan was even more dangerous than that fierce tiger.

Very often, the sense of yao beasts was very sensitive. Their sense was a lot more powerful than a human cultivator.

Ye Chuan suddenly accelerated and with a flashing of cyan light, 12 human faced snakes appeared, stopping the leader pangolin. Then, the cyan light flashed again, and many Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared surrounding these pangolins. Seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, these variant pangolins quickly drilled into the ground, wanting to bypass these human faced snakes and Evil Eyed Cow Demon via underground.

Ye Chuan just raised his leg and stomped on the ground, setting off a strong shockwave. The pangolins that had drilled into the ground didn’t have time to flee, all of them were shaken out. And the next matters was only to be expected, all sized more than 200 pangolins were caught by Ye Chuan and all of them were tamed and sent into Cyan Lotus Lamp.

Ye Chuan flashed and landed on the back of Little Long’er, then said, “Little Long’er, onto the next target, go!”

Little Long’er soared and headed eastward as he said, “Big brother Ye Chuan, now I understand. You want to subdue these yao beasts and place them in Heaven Concealing Great Formation to stop the experts of Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect, isn’t that so?”

Watching the action of Ye Chuan, Little Long’er quickly understood the aim of Ye Chuan. As for why Ye Chuan dripped a drop of blood to subdue yao beasts then where did he placed them, they were unnecessary to ask. Everyone had their own secret or unique means, they cannot be spoken easily. Although Little Long’er was young, he already understood many matters.

“Little Long’er, you are truly intelligent.” Ye Chuan smiled.

Little Long’er was somewhat embarrassed, but he was still confused in his heart. “Big brother Ye Chuan, these pangolins are not bad, they seemed to be mutated species, not ordinary beasts, they can be regarded as yao beasts. But, although they can be used to stop average people, to use them for stopping the experts of Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect, that is……”

“This kind of little fellows are naturally useless in one-one battle, moreover, encountering a real expert, even several hundreds of them might not necessarily be able to stop the other party’s step. But, if different yao beasts form a group and cooperate harmoniously, then that would be a different matter. In addition, there is Heaven Concealing Great Formation, so, no matter who break in, they would eat a loss. Little Long’er, it is useless to say anything now, at that time you will know after seeing. The battle between experts is like playing chess, time and place are often more important than their own fighting capability!” Ye Chuan answered. After that, he closed his eyes again and took rest.

He had consumed a great amount of his vitality to lay out the Heaven Concealing Great Formation, in addition, using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame yao beasts also consumed his vitality, so, he wanted to preserve his strength as much as possible.

Seeing the exhaustion of Ye Chuan, Little Long’er didn’t ask again, he just rushed towards the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Relying on his outstanding sense, he found another group of yao beasts very quickly.

This time, he encountered a group of golden eagles that had built their nest on a cliff. No need to talk about the difficulty of approaching them, as long as there was the slightest movement, these birds would immediately wake up and fly into the sky. Average people didn’t have any means to catch them. But, that didn’t pose any problem to Ye Chuan and Little Long’er. In terms of speed, Golden Eagles couldn’t match Demonic Dragon Clan. Not long after, a group of golden eagles was sent inside Cyan Lotus Lamp.

Deep into the night, when all creations were fast asleep, a human and a dragon however were quickly rushing deeper into the Cloud Mist Mountain range. All along the path, as long as they encounter yao beasts or even wild beasts with distinguishing feature and ability, Ye Chuan would catch them. He appeared as if he wanted to change Cloud Mist Sect into the Yao Beast Nation. In the beginning, Little Long’er only looked on from the side, but later, he also began helping Ye Chuan intercept yao beasts and even knocked them to the ground.

For three consecutive days, Ye Chuan wandered deep into the mountains. And the numbers of yao beasts within Cyan Lotus Lamp became more and more. The greater part had their own distinctive character, some could drill a hole, some could fly in the sky and some could even live in the water and marsh. Unfortunately, although he had caught many yao beasts, he had yet to catch truly strong yao beast. He didn’t know whether they hid far away sensing their aura, or they were badly frightened by the recent Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, escaping the Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

On the evening of the fourth day, while strolling in the midst of the mountain, they unexpectedly discovered a small village inside a secluded valley. There were barbarians deep in the mountain, but even hunters wouldn’t come at this place. In such a remote and dangerous place, there was a village, Ye Chuan found this strange. Ye Chuan instructed Little Long’er to descend and confusedly walked over.

The path leading to this small village was twisted and curved. Walking further ahead, many forks appeared, and raising his head to look all around, all paths appeared practically the same. This implied that there was a Nine Palaces Formation. If an unfamiliar person walks into it, then he would lose their way and even if he walked for ten days or half a month, he might not necessarily reach the village.

Ye Chuan was even more surprised. The path leading to the village had Nine Palaces Formation, this was even stranger. Although this formation was powerful, it was naturally impossible to stump once Heaven Concealing Great Sage. Before long, two people passed through the formation and arrived inside the valley. Looking up, they saw little courtyards built with grey bricks and black tiles leaning on the mountain. There were trees, and also big and small roads extending all directions inlayed with green slabstones. And on the big gate of a small courtyard, a big paired couplet was still stuck. Although the winds blew and rain poured, the characters written on them were still clear. The strokes of the characters were powerful, it clearly showed the way of calligraphy. This was absolutely not something written by an ordinary villager.

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