Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 275

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 275: Entering the mountain

The command of Ye Chuan was quickly passed down to every level.

Practically all disciples of Cloud Mist Sect became busy, they gave up cultivation, gave up pill refining, weapon refining and so on works, they devoted all of their strength to the construction of a Heaven Concealing Great Formation.

Cloud Mist Sect that had the inheritance of millions of years already had many defense restrictions, unfortunately, with the decline and deteriorating of Cloud Mist Sect, they were either decrepit losing its function or needed powerful cultivation to activate them. Moreover, barely activating them was also useless as they will not be able to display their true might like that. On the contrary, familiar Heaven Concealing Formation could let Ye Chuan advance and retreat as he pleased, naturally, it also takes a great amount of effort to arrange this big killing formation.

The sect’s entire collection of crystal stones of many years was taken out. Then, they needed to pile up earth to set up towers that pierce the skies, and underneath every tower, they must place a piece of powerful treasure as the core of the formation. Altogether they needed to set up 108 towers, so, Heaven Concealing Great Formation was also known as 108 Heaven Concealing Formation. The energy of 108 towers would be layered to form a light curtain, blotting out the sky and the sun.

The crystal stones that were piled up in underground storeroom were taken out, one cartful after another;

The gate of Weaponry Pavilion was also opened, and the disciples carried out a piece after piece of ancient treasures covered in dust. Every piece of treasure was at least highest-grade earth level treasure, and there was no lack of powerful heaven grade treasures too;

With the mountain peak where Cloud Mist Hall was located as the center, towers were erected one after another;

Confronting Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect, these kinds of powerful overlords, the heritage and potential of Cloud Mist Sect were thoroughly displayed. If Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, these kinds of new and developing sects, were also under the same circumstance as Cloud Mist Sect, then they could have at most share a hatred for the common enemy and prepare for a bloody struggle. It was impossible for them to hurriedly lay out a huge Heaven Concealing Great Formation like Cloud Mist Sect. No need to mention anything else, even taking out some earth grade treasures was hard for them. But, Cloud Mist Sect that had a long inheritance only lacked peak experts, there were many ancient treasures sealed inside the Weaponry Pavilion. This was the heritage of an ancient sect.

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged inside Cloud Mist Hall, personally overseeing the core of Heaven Concealing Great Formation. Looking outside from windows, one could see disciples busily bustling about. And outside the door, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi stood one at the left and the other at the right, becoming the dharma protector of Ye Chuan. They were unable to follow Ye Chuan to Demonic Dragon Hall at the ends of the Demonic Dragon Path, but, fortunately, after they were engulfed by the air bubble, they were sent out of the paradise realm by that restriction.

On the first day, Ye Chuan sat still in Cloud Mist Hall with his eyes closed. He handed over the job of setting up the base of Heaven Concealing Great Formation to young disciples;

On the second day, Ye Chuan still sat still in Cloud Mist Hall, but he handed over a blueprint to Zhu Sijia, making her lead people to engrave bent and twisted runes on those 108 towers;

On the third day, disciples sent treasures that were to be used as cores to Cloud Mist Hall so that Ye Chuan would personally look over. Every time a treasure was qualified, Ye Chuan would drip a drop of his essence blood on the treasure, as a result, he knew the circumstance of the said treasures like the palm of his hand;

On the fourth day, according to the instruction of Ye Chuan, people began to construct altar below every tower. And on each altar, 80 disciples would sit and learn how to superimpose each other’s energy and then divert it to the tower.


The disciples were busily bustling about for day and night and Ye Chuan had been continuously sitting in Cloud Mist Hall. Late night on the seventh day, the construction of 108 towers and alters below them was completed and after all the disciples took their position, Ye Chuan got into action, he circulated six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and displayed a profound technique.

108 towers began to light up one by one, and they emitted a faint cyan light, illuminating the area like a cyan lighthouse. Slowly, this cyan light combined and became brighter and brighter, forming a huge light curtain, and the ancient Cloud Mist Sect was completely sealed and concealed. Looking from afar, it would appear as if the entire Cloud Mist Sect had disappeared, only a dazzling cyan light could be seen in Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Then, this cyan light rushed into the skies and was clearly visible from thousands of miles away. Moreover, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in the neighborhood shook.

After laying out Heaven Concealing Great Formation, Ye Chuan issued orders one by one.

First of all, Ye Chuan promoted Protector Yang Tian Kuang who had followed him to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace at that time to Outer Sect Elder, and he was especially responsible for patrolling mountain and gathering intelligence, moreover, he also had to closely follow the movement of Da Qin Dynasty, Heavenly Yao Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect. This Protector, who had always been feeling depressed due to Third Elder Bai Yanhu excluding him, finally obtained an important position in Cloud Mist Sect. Now, he rejoiced for his choice to become loyal to Ye Chuan.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi also became a deacon. His job was simple, which was, inspecting 108 towers and be ready to replenish crystal stones whenever necessary.

The one who truly took charge was still Zhu Sijia. Although Ye Chuan was entrusted with a mission in times of danger and had become the person in charge of Cloud Mist Sect, other than laying out Heaven Concealing Great Formation, all remaining big and small matters were practically all handed over to Zhu Sijia. And Zhu Sijia also didn’t disappoint Ye Chuan, with thunder-like means, she resolved many problems of the sect and amassed power to deal with the next storm.

When Zhu Sijia was drastically sorting out the sect, Ye Chuan quietly left Cloud Mist Sect, and on the same night, entered vast Cloud Mist Mountain Range. And beside him, there was only Little Long’er.

Returning to the wilderness, Little Long’er neither had to restrain nor had any misgiving. He quickly transformed into a little demonic dragon, and with Ye Chuan, they had a competition to see whose speed was faster. This time, he actually won, not because his speed had increased rather the speed of Ye Chuan had slowed.

Arranging Heaven Concealing Great Formation, Ye Chuan had spent a large amount of vitality. Even after swallowing a bottle of Pei Yuan Pill, he was unable to recover quickly.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, ride on my back and I will take you.”

Little Long’er rushed to the front of Ye Chuan, then bent over. Ye Chuan also rode him without any hesitation. Although Little Long’er had yet to grow up, he however had true demonic dragon physique from birth. His small body contained powerful strength, and he could carry two people without any problem. Rushing forward for a little while, looking at the vast mountain range under moonlight, Little Long’er asked: “Big brother Ye Chuan, where are we going now?”

“Straight ahead into the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.”

Ye Chuan paused and gently said: “Little Long’er, in the deepest part of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, wherever there is a dense and strong aura of a yao beast, go there, and when you find a yao beast, call me.”

Ye Chuan said while closing his eyes, conserving his strength on the back of Little Long’er.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, do you want to hunt yao beasts?”

Little Long’er was confused. Was it interesting to hunt in such time?

“Not hunting, it’s subduing. Of course, if they act recklessly, I don’t mind hunting them.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said and his aura slowly calmed down as he concentrated on cultivating.

Regardless of Da Qin Crown Prince or Heavenly Yao Sect, they were too powerful compared to current Cloud Mist Sect, moreover, they had many experts. With the current strength of Cloud Mist Sect, only Heaven Concealing Great Formation was not enough to stop enemies outside the gate with certainty. So, Ye Chuan needed a group of strong helpers who would absolutely obey his orders. In this extremely short period of time, it was very unlikely to raise the strength of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and it was also too late to recruit outside experts, so the attention of Ye Chuan turned to vast Cloud Mist Mountain Range. In the remote mountains, there were various kinds of running wild yao beasts, they were naturally the best helpers.

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