Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 274

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 274: Heaven Concealing Great Formation

Along the rugged mountain path. Ye Chuan went straight to Heavenly Dragon Peak of the rear mountain.

At the time he had announced that he was moving to the rear mountain, he had named it Heavenly Dragon Peak and this lying waste place had already changed beyond recognition. Everywhere, trees of various sizes and all kinds of medicinal herbs had been planted. Now, even before arriving, he could smell a faint fragrance of medicinal herb, and looking ahead, he could see a peak with beautiful purples and brilliant reds. In the wide expanse of green, various kinds of rare medicinal herbs were growing, and they were full of vitality.

The speed of Ye Chuan became faster and faster, finally, in spite of the danger of revealing his half human and half dragon form, he raised his speed to the peak. In one step, he covered the distance of 100 meters, sweeping past mountain ranges. He left fatty far behind him, and even stepping on the flying sword, fatty was unable to catch up to Ye Chuan.

In one breath, he rushed towards the peak of the mountain and arriving beside Evil Dragon Abyss, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his steps.

In the distance, far away from Heavenly Dragon Hall, there was an isolated tomb and a simple and crude log cabin beside it. At this moment, a young woman was standing in front of this isolated tomb and her back was facing towards him. She didn’t move for a long time. This woman wore a simple grey colored cotton cloth. Her figure was lithe and graceful, and she was half a head taller than average men, but her head was bald. She looked just like an old nun living in seclusion in remote mountains.

The nose of Ye Chuan suddenly became sour, recognizing this back view.

This, was this truly that shrewish, unruly and energetic Zhu Sijia?

If he hadn’t seen this with his own eyes, then Ye Chuan wouldn’t have believed it. This woman who once was unruly and shrewish now had become a nun, shaving her hair. Seeing this, he was touched and also felt guilty. He slowly walked over and called: “Jiajia, I’m back, Jiajia……”

Zhu Sijia seemed to be thinking something and again seemed to be distracted, she didn’t hear the call of Ye Chuan. But when he reached behind her, she suddenly turned around, but she didn’t throw herself into the bosom of Ye Chuan, rather suddenly covering her face, she cried, “Ye Chuan, is that you, am I dreaming you again, Ye Chuan……”

The steps of Ye Chuan stopped and he felt as if something smashed his heart.

In his previous life when he concealed the heaven with his hand, there were numerous women that threw themselves into his arms. He neither lacked treasures nor lacked women. There wasn’t any type of women he had not touched. But, in the end, he was also ruined in the hands of a woman, he was schemed and was trapped in God Burial Valley. There, he was trapped for millions upon millions of years.

In this life, after rebirthing as the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan had made up his mind to set foot on the pinnacle of cultivation and make a great effort to become Heaven Swallowing Great Sage, creating even more brilliance. As for women, they were dispensable to him, at most, they were just for recreation.

In this life, Ye Chuan thought that he would never feel empathy for any woman. The solid-ice in the heart of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had already melted, but the ice of his heart was still there, even the heat of Heavenly Maiden was unable to melt it. But this moment, seeing the thin and pallid face, moreover, saved the head of Zhu Sijia, a crack slowly opened in his heart. He took a step forward and forcibly hugged Zhu Sijia into his bosom.

“Jiajia, this isn’t a dream, I’m back.” Ye Chuan held the face of Zhu Sijia and gently kissed her face filled with tears.

Tuoba Xiaoniao was understanding endearing little bird, and Heavenly Maiden was irreproachable, aloof and refined, moreover, on the surface, she was ice-cold but she was burning hot in the heart. However, the one he liked the most in the heart was this energetic and daring little junior apprentice-sister. He liked her wit and appreciate her determination. The thick ice in his heart was also melted for this little junior apprentice-sister.

“Ye Chuan, is that really you? Tell me, I am not dreaming.” As if awakening from the dream, Zhu SIjia also tightly hugged Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak, he just grabbed the slender waist of Zhu Sijia and kissed her. After a long time when the two of them couldn’t breathe and began to suffocate, they reluctantly separated.

Zhu Sijia cried, but this time because of happiness. Now, Ye Chuan didn’t need to speak anything, his action had already told him that this was not a dream.

Whoosh! Evil Dragon Abyss suddenly surged forward and that terrifying blood mist seethed once again.

The heart of Ye Chuan moved as he suddenly recalled Nana Tiandu who had jumped down Evil Dragon Abyss.

Now, since he had already broken through to Rank 1 Daoist Master realm and had refined half dragon physique, he could take Little Long’er along and explore Evil Dragon Abyss that was enveloped in blood mist. If Nan Tiandu was alive then he wanted to see the person, dead then he wanted to see the corpse, so he wanted to explore this dangerous Evil Dragon Abyss again. But, before that, there was another important matter he had to deal with.

Ye Chuan didn’t go to Heavenly Dragon Hall to look, instead, he suddenly pulled the hand of Zhu Sijia and said, “Jiajia, let’s go and meet Second Elder with me in Cloud Mist Hall.

“Why, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, did something happen?” Zhu Sijia calmed down and realized that something was wrong.

“Yes, there is a big matter, when this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother passed heavenly calamity, Heaven Burning Furnace was ruined. Now the task of Da Qin King is already impossible to complete and postponing also won’t do as Heavenly Yao Sect might also give us trouble.” Ye Chuan simply said, and pulling Zhu Sijia, he walked faster. Taking advantage of this time when both Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect had yet to attack, he had to make full preparation.

Zhu Sijia was shocked, and she understood that this matter was very serious, so she didn’t ask any question and increased her speed to follow Ye Chuan.

Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect, one was the overlord of the secular world and the other was the overlord of cultivating sects. The attack of one would already make it difficult enough for Cloud Mist Sect to survive. Having offended both of them, Cloud Mist Sect had already attracted terrifying storm. Slightest carelessness would completely eradicate Cloud Mist Sect.

On the highest peak of Cloud Mist Sect, muffled sounds of bells resounded in succession. It rang for full 81 times, reverberating throughout the entire ancient sect.

All disciples above Xiushi realm laid down all the matters in their hand and rushed to Cloud Mist Hall.

Sitting upright at the end of this hall was Second Elder Nangong Ren who temporarily held the power of the sect. His complexion was solemn because Ye Chuan had already told him about the current situation. This time, the situation of Cloud Mist Sect was even worse than the time when Third Elder Bai Yanhu had caused internal strife. If the scheme of Bai Yanhu had succeeded, then, he would have seized the power and would have purged the oppositions, at best, the sect would have suffered serious damages. But now, if Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect attacks seriously, then Cloud Mist Sect might be eradicated thoroughly.

“Everyone, I declare that from this day, I will enter the seclusion cultivation, I will no longer concern myself with the matters of the sect. So, from now on, all the matters of sects will be handled by Ye Chuan. After three months, I will leave the seclusion, and if there isn’t any opposition at that time, then, Ye Chuan will become our Cloud Mist Sect’s new Sect Master!”

Second Elder Nangong Ren announced a shocking news in public, then left. He was already old, moreover, had already lost his legs, suffering heavy injuries, so he was unable to lead Cloud Mist Sect to deal with the upcoming storm. And since this matter was caused by Ye Chuan, he simply gave him full power to deal with this storm.

The disciples were shocked and they began to talk in wishers. Although the capability of Ye Chuan was obvious, pushing him to the throne of Sect Master was naturally beyond all expectation.

Ye Chuan was also very surprised. He had thought that, after understanding the situation, even if Second Elder Nangong Ren didn’t hand him over, he would at least punish him and hastily arrange reply for the blame of Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect. But to his surprise, Second Elder actually kept his calm and didn’t reveal this news to the public, moreover, directly handed the entire power of the sect over to him.

This old man wasn’t simple, no wonder he was able to cultivate Nalan Tiandu, that kind of millennium genius.

Ye Chuan discovered again, Second Elder Nangong Ren who was known as Medicine Crazy wasn’t as simple as he looked on the surface. In former days, he appeared as if he didn’t care about the worldly affairs, but in reality, he had experienced great changes and had passed through unknown numbers of wind and waves. In this critical moment, he was able to calmly make a decision.

“Guards, pass down my order!”

Ye Chuan suddenly turned around and said, “From this day, shut the gate of the sect, no one is allowed to enter and exit the sect without my permission. All the disciples above Rank 3 Xiushi, heed my command, we are arranging a formation, bring all the crystal stones of the sect to me!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan were blazing like torches, he wanted to arrange a formation, the formation which killed unknown numbers of Sages and peerless yao beasts in his previous life!

When his cultivation was at Xiushi realm, he was unable to use many techniques, but after breaking through to Rank 1 Daoist Master realm, everything was different. Ye Chuan could use many great techniques he had grasped in his previous lifetime, gradually declaring to common people that he, Ye Chuan was back, formally returned to Wilderness World!

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