Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 273

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 273: Half Dragon State

After simply dealing with the ruins of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er left, returning to Cloud Mist Sect.

And after they were 1 kilometer away, the ancient paradise realm began to sink slowly, disappearing into the depth of the ground. There was only a huge crater for the common people to see. After a heavy rain, it would change into a lake.

Little Long’er turned his head and standing on a tall mountain, he looked at the disappearing paradise realm. Deep under that place, his mother AGusi Teli slept eternally, waiting for the next return of the paradise realm, and that will be the time for her resurrection. Merely, was there a chance? Wait until when, until he broke through to Sage realm? Even if he truly break through to the Sage realm, was is truly possible to resurrect his mother?

Little Long’er was reluctant to part. His young and tender face was full of sadness.

“Little Long’er, let’s go, go back to Cloud Mist Sect with big brother. Since I said I can resurrect your mother, then I will accomplice that one day for sure. The path to Sage realm is very long, but as long as we keep going, there is a hope. Perhaps, at that time, you will discover that the Sage realm is in fact also nothing, there’s always mountain beyond mountain, and there furthermore are stronger beings than Sage.”

Ye Chuan knew what Little Long’er was thinking. He patted his head and walked away. Since he was anxious to return, his speed suddenly rose and in the wild, he walked as if on wings. His speed was very fast.


Little Long’er held his head high and suddenly changing into little Demonic Dragon, he followed behind Ye Chuan leaving behind a dejected dragon roar. Now, one man and one dragon, between the lofty ridges and towering mountains, they ran one in the front and the other in the back. Even after changing into a demonic dragon, Little Long’er was unexpectedly unable to keep up with Ye Chuan. After breaking through to Daoist Master realm, the strength of Ye Chuan had not change vastly, but his speed had increased vastly. Using his full speed, he was so fast that he left behind afterimages throughout the way, moreover, he indistinctly changed into a person with human head and dragon body, and emitted dragon aura just like Little Long’er. Furthermore, that Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body intensely seethed and cyan colored demonic dragon scales appeared on his body.

Half Dragon State!

With his speed reaching the peak, Ye Chuan naturally entered half dragon state, becoming half human half dragon. Now his strength, speed and agility were completely different from the usual, and his fighting capability had also increased sharply.

After experiencing the baptism of Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, the greatest gain of Ye Chuan was not breaking through to Daoist Master realm, rather was stepping into half dragon state, refining this half dragon physique. Now, even without using any technique and wielding any treasure, just relying on his doughty physical body, no one in the same realm was his opponent. He could kill them in one punch!

If Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han stood before him now, then whose fist was stronger wouldn’t be certain.

The fighting spirit of Ye Chuan soared as he suddenly recalled that arrogant Da Qin Crown Prince and also his tyrannical Emperor Fist. If he could, then he truly wanted to test whether the Emperor Fist of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was stronger or his half dragon physique was stronger! Unfortunately, he would never have that chance because Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han had already died inside Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

A human and a dragon were running in the wilderness at full speed, and before sunset, they finally saw the mountain entrance of Cloud Mist Sect far away.

The majestic gate of former days was burned black now, and from many places, black smoke was still rising.

So quick, is it Da Qin Dynasty or Heavenly Yao Sect?

A thought suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan and he accelerated.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you……, are you a person or ghost?”

A group of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples guarding the entrance suddenly trembled as if they had seen a ghost and retreated continuously.

“Is the appearance of this Big Senior Apprentice Brother really that frightening?”

Ye Chuan sized up his body and arranged his clothing.

Before he arrived at the gate, Ye Chuan had already withdrawn half dragon state, moreover, he had intentionally concealed his demonic dragon aura, so seen from outside, there was nothing abnormal. After coming out of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, although the robe he was wearing was somewhat tattered, he still also wasn’t frightening enough to be called a ghost, was he?

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, is that really you? Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

A chubby figure suddenly rushed out from the gate, then rubbing his eyes, he burst into tears while clinging onto Ye Chuan. He smeared his tears and snorts on the leg of Ye Chuan.

At this time, Ye Chuan noticed that fatty Zhao Dazi, this fellow had gotten even fatter than before but his voice hadn’t changed. He still cried like a slaughtered pig. “Fatty, what’s going on, what happened?”

“Sect is fine. Merely, the atmosphere is ominous these days, moreover, senior apprentice sister Jiajia….. she……” Fatty stood up and choking with sobs, he was unable to speak properly.

The heart of Ye Chuan shook, and holding the shoulder of fatty Zhao Dazi, he urgently said: “Fatty, what happened to Jiajia? Didn’t she return from paradise realm?”

The terrain of paradise realm was very complicated, moreover, there were numerous big and small restrictions, so it was normal for many to not return after entering this paradise realm. But, Ye Chuan had never expected that this kind of misfortune would befall Zhu Sijia. The appearance of that beautiful, shrewish, unruly and energetic girl emerged in his mind and her laughter seemed to resound beside his ears.

“No, senior apprentice sister Jiajia successfully come out of that paradise realm and returned to Cloud Mist Sect, but seeing you didn’t return even after a long time, she was heartbroken, and a few days ago, she declared to cut off her hair and enter the nunhood and would remain unmarried throughout her life. After that, she settled down beside Evil Dragon Abyss of the rear mountain, saying she would live in seclusion away from this worldly matter for her lifetime. Now, she stays alone looking at your cenotaph throughout the day without speaking a word, she ignores everyone, and she had already become very thin…..” Fatty took a deep breath and narrated as his eyes became red.

Although there were many disciples in Cloud Mist Sect, only Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia were true friends to him. But all of a sudden, Ye Chuan didn’t return and Zhu Sijia became like that, one can well imagine how much he was suffering.

“Didn’t return for a long time? Wasn’t I away for just a few days?” Ye Chuan was confused and doubted whether he heard wrong.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you didn’t return for full three months without any message. Everyone suspected that you have already……” Fatty Zhao Dazi answered as he sized up Ye Chuan, worrying whether the latter was so injured that he went insane.

Since the time Ye Chuan entered paradise realm, it had already been three months. In addition, under that terrifying Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, many people of Cloud Mist Mountain range had lost their life, even the sect entrance gate was broken to bits by lightning strikes and was yet to be repaired. So, everyone thought that Ye Chuan had already died in an accident. Even if he was alive, he was not seen and even if he was already dead, his corpse was not found, so, Zhu Sijia was so broken-hearted.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, I forgot to tell you that a day inside the Demonic Dragon Hall is equivalent to a month outside.” Little Long’er stepped forward and whispered. The restriction left behind by his mother AGusi Teli was profound, not to mention outsiders, even he himself also grasp only a bit of superficial knowledge. He only knew that the time inside Demonic Dragon Hall was completely different from outside.

A day inside Demonic Dragon Hall is equivalent to one month outside?

Ye Chuan suddenly realized what had happened. Then, he immediately rushed towards Evil Dragon Abyss of the rear mountain. He was very impatient to see Zhu Sijia.

He had disappeared for three whole months without any news, no wonder the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect guarding the entrance gate were so shocked seeing him and thought that they encountered a ghost. Fatty was already so sad, no need to mention about Zhu Sijia. He didn’t know how she spent these three months.

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