Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 271

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 271: Heaven Swallowing Daoist Master


Yet another lightning fell, then the doors and windows trembled and walls shook.

The dark clouds in the sky vaguely changed into a big hand that blotted out the sky and the sun, and lightning and thunder were flashing on the center of this palm, just the legendary hand of destruction. This hand wanted to crush Ye Chuan whose cultivation was steadily rising to death. They appeared as if they couldn’t tolerate the birth of exceedingly powerful expert in this world.

All experts had to receive the baptism of heavenly calamity before breaking out of the cocoon. This was the natural law of heaven and earth, no one could avoid it. The higher the cultivation and the greater the strength, the more powerful the heavenly calamity was.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia clearly knew this point, and also knew that this heavenly calamity was unavoidable, but looking at this heavenly calamity that was about to fall, and Ye Chuan who didn’t have any means of defense, she involuntarily got more and more nervous. After hesitating for a while, she gritted her teeth and went behind Ye Chuan, then spread open her arms, wanting to use her own body to take on this upcoming Dragon Slaughtering Calamity in the place of Ye Chuan.

“When I stand behind my lover, I wish to become his armor and stop all disaster for my lover.”

“When I become nothing, I wish my lover stand tall.”

“When I reach netherworld, I wish there is no heavenly calamity all under the heaven.”


The voice of Heavenly Maiden began to resound.

In the beginning, her voice was somewhat unsmooth and somewhat nervous. But slowly, her voice became louder and louder, resounding throughout the entire Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm and then pierced through the heavy layer of dark cloud in the sky.

At the critical moment, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia went all out. She forgot fear and also forgot herself, she just used a Great Wishing Technique she had yet to completely master. This was the life technique of White Haired Heavenly Empress, also was the killing technique of every generation Heavenly Empress. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia only grasped a bit of this technique, but this moment, she had no choice, in order to help Ye Chuan to pass through this heavenly calamity, she didn’t care about the price.

Blood slowly flowed out from the corner of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s mouth. This was the consequence of forcibly using this Great Whishing Technique.

Heavenly Maiden stood still and she didn’t even knit her eyebrows. Moreover, not only she didn’t give up using this technique, her voice became even louder. She was burning her life-vitality and life to make a wish.

“No, big sister Zixia……”

Little Long’er called out loudly. He didn’t understand what this Great Wishing Technique was, but he could see the situation of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was anything but reassuring. She was rapidly losing her life-force, and her exquisite and smooth skin was aging and withering at the speed that was visible to the naked eye. In an instant, she became 10, 20…… years older, and just like a flower in a full blood, when she was very magnificent, she rapidly withered.


Yet another thunder exploded beside their ears and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was unable to stand stably. She staggered, nearly fell over and her seven colored war robe was covered with blood, but she still didn’t give up, she continued to use the still incomplete Great Wishing Technique. When she was making a final wish, she felt like she will fall down to the ground and sleep for eternity.

But at that time, a big hand suddenly pushed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia away, interrupting her Great Wishing Technique.

“Little Long’er, go, take big sister Zixia with you and hide deep underground.”

Ye Chuan pushed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia away without even turning his head.

“Big brother, what about you?” Little Long’er caught wounded Heavenly Maiden, but hesitating, he didn’t leave immediately.

A scorching hot furnace suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chuan, then flying higher, it became huge inside Demonic Dragon Hall.

Ye Chuan silently used a technique and used this ancient Heaven Burning Furnace to contend the powerful heavenly calamity. And at the same time, he sent out a palm, which sent both Little Long’er and Heavenly Maiden flying outside the Demonic Dragon Hall. “Go, Little Long’er, quickly go!”

Crackle! A snake like lightning fell, ferociously splitting open the room of Demonic Dragon Hall.

Even hundred meters away, outside the Demonic Dragon Hall, Little Long’er felt his entire body tingling, and his heart was in jitters, feeling an incomparable pressure. So, gritting his teeth, he took wounded Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and left. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared, hiding deep into the ground.

The heavenly calamity was ferocious, especially Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, this kind of calamity was fatal to even the clansmen of Demonic Dragon Clan. Little Long’er had the mind to step forward and help Ye Chuan, but he was powerless. Even if he interfered, he might just die under this terrifying heavenly calamity, becoming the first demonic dragon of Wilderness World to die from the lightning strike!

The rumbling sounds resounded as countless thickly dotted lightning descended from the heaven.

That terrifying Dragon Slaughtering Calamity finally fell, initiating a violent attack on Ye Chuan. Along with the wave after wave of lightning strikes, the lightning strikes became more and more ferocious.

Little Long’er hiding deep into the ground curled up, but his heart was still shaken. As for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, tears streamed down her cheeks and she struggled to rush out, but Little Long’er held her tightly. If she rushed out now, then she would die and she might even implicate Ye Chuan by attracting even more terrifying heavenly calamity. Compared to general heavenly calamity, Dragon Slaughtering Calamity was far fiercer, the stronger the resistance, the fiercer it was, even the experts of Demonic Dragon Clan would be frightened meeting this heavenly calamity.

Within the radius of 100 meters from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, all living things fled far away. Those who weren’t able to flee all hide deep underground and curled up in terror. In the wild, one could see yao beasts died by lightning strike everywhere. There were some pythons who had already hidden its head and big body into the ground, merely, they didn’t have time to hide a little section of its tail, leaving it above the ground, and the result, this little section of tail attracted terrifying lightning, electrocuted them to coke. There were some flying birds who relied on their fast speed and wanted to fly past Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, and the result, before they could fly 100 meters away, lightning struck them.

Under this Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, no matter whether running on the ground, swimming in the water or flying in the air, there was only one end, death!

The rumbling sounds became more and more intense, seemingly wanting to scrape off 4 meters underground and leave nothing with life behind. Moreover, what was more frightening was, the range of this heavenly calamity was still increasing. In the end, the entire Cloud Mist Range was within the range of this heavenly calamity. Black Cauldron Sect, Five Style Sect and even Cloud Mist Sect, all were now within the range of this heavenly calamity. The disciples of three sects were terrified and as if a doomsday had arrived, they had nowhere to run.

This terrifying heavenly calamity lasted for three days and three nights.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Little Long’er who were hiding deep underground cautiously crawled out, then looking up, they saw clear and boundless blue sky. That terrifying heavenly calamity had finally vanished and this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had changed into a pile of debris. Dark smoke was rising from everywhere, and those majestic and imposing imperial palaces of former days had collapsed.

“Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan……”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia called out loudly as she looked everywhere for the trace of Ye Chuan. But, everything was in a mess, and that majestic Demonic Dragon Hall no longer existed. She was even unable to find the location of Demonic Dragon Hall. And wanting to find a person in this boundless ruins was no different from wanting to find a needle in a haystack.

“Big sister Zixia, over here, follow me.”

The eyes of Little Long’er shone, sensing the stone coffin underground, he quickly found the location of Demonic Dragon Hall. Then, leading Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he quickly arrived at a burned black location. Looking all around, they saw shocking scorched earth and dense smoke, and they couldn’t sense any aura of life. Under the attack of Dragon Slaughtering Calamity, let alone a living person, even a piece of brick didn’t survive.

“Ye Chuan……”

Everything in front of the eyes of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia became black and she fainted to the ground. Little Long’er hastily rushed over and supported her up. But he was also grieved and heartbroken.

At that time, a blackened hand suddenly sprang out from the scorched earth, then a bald head, and a vaguely familiar face……

When Little Long’er and Heavenly Maiden were grieving, Ye Chuan suddenly drilled out from under the ground.

“Dragon Slaughtering Calamity was a ferocious heavenly calamity, but I, Ye Chuan still survived! From now on, don’t call me Heaven Concealing Daoist Master, call me Heaven Swallowing Daoist Master. Hahaha……”

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chuan who had narrowly escaped death suddenly held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry.

In this previous life, before he stepped into Sage realm, everyone called him Heaven Concealing Daoist Master. But, now, he had long given up Heaven Concealing Secrets, so he called himself Heaven Swallowing Daoist Master.

The Great Sage has returned!

In my past life, I only concealed the heaven, but in this life, I will swallow the heaven!

Ye Chuan who had just experienced the baptism of heavenly calamity was in a high spirit.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if it’s time to head back and collect the debts that those sects and Da Qin King owe him.

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