Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Wife, don’t go

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

When the atmosphere was stifling and the war was on the verge of breaking out, Fatty Zhao Dazhi shouted loudly, and jolting his buttocks, he rushed over. Now he was covered in dusts, and was gasping for breath, it seems he was very tired after rushing all the way.

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, “Fatty, how are things?”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is wise!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi looked all around, then whispered something in the ear of Ye Chuan, and handed him a picture scroll. Ye Chuan spread it out and calmly looked at it for a while.

“What do you think, did you think carefully? War or continue the marriage?” Tuoba Xiong didn’t give Great Elder much time to think, and said in overbearing manner.

Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu hadn’t return for many years now, and with various elders of Cloud Mist Sect fighting openly and maneuvering covertly for their benefit, in addition to the assignment of King Da Qing and the disaster of mutated flies, now Cloud Mist Sect was having internal trouble and outside aggression, precisely was at the most vulnerable time to rout it with one attack. Tuoba Xiong exerted himself for so many years to make his Black Cauldron Sect increasingly strong, and he naturally wouldn’t let this good chance slip by to make his sect even stronger.

Three fraction’s Great Competition was about to start very soon, and this was a perfect chance to resolutely attack Cloud Mist Sect. Before that Great Competition, he had personally came to Cloud Mist Sect to take a look at the actual situation, and also to examine Ye Chuan, this sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s skill. And while coming, he naturally couldn’t do without a gift, so this sect marriage was his meticulously prepared big gift. If Cloud Mist Sect didn’t accept this big gift, then he could seize this chance to stir up the trouble, and resolutely suppress Cloud Mist Sect before the Great Competition; accept this big gift, then Cloud Mist Sect would bring disgrace to itself, making all the people of the world to have a good laugh at them, finally making all the disciples of sect not be able to raise their head outside.

“We’ll naturally continue marriage, amiability makes you rich, what meaning does the killing have? This sect marriage, we’ll naturally continue!”

Before Great Elder declared his intention, Ye Chuan stood out with an expression of righteously sacrificing himself to go through fire and water. Was grand sect marriage such a trifling matter, no, this clearly was deliberately humiliating people. A lot of disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had already seen through the vicious intention of Black Cauldron Sect, and seeing Ye Chuan standing out like this, they were starlet. And as for Tuoba Xiong and the experts of Black Cauldron Sect, they however were laughing. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, they considered Ye Chuan, this brat was sensible.

“Big Senior-Apprentice-Brother……”

Zhu Sijia screamed with anxious expression.

With Tuoba Xiaoniao’s that intelligence and look, who could still remain unperturbed? Ye Chuan standing out and accepting the sect marriage like this, the price was naturally too big.

Big Senior Apprentice-Brother after all is Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, at crucial moment, he indeed scarified himself to die as a martyr.

The heart of the public was moved, and for the first time, they discovered that this ordinary and mediocre Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Ye Chuan was so affectionate and righteous.

“Junior Apprentice-Sister Jiajia, don’t stop me!”

Ye Chuan decisively said without any hesitation, and after looking at the public, he continued: “As a grand sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, there are some matters I have no choice but to say. Marriage is not a trifling matter, although still not married, but now Tuoba Xiaoniao is already our Cloud Mist Sect’s person, even if she died, she will be our Cloud Mist Sect’s ghost, so this sect marriage will naturally continue. Although junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua is dead, but we cannot be so cold-blooded and selfish to not even give a status to a person. It’s already late, still guards, go and catch a scarlet rooster, then bring it here to get married with Tuoba Xianiao!”

The words Ye Chuan had uttered dumbfounded the public. They had believed that Ye Chuan wanted to sacrifice himself and get married with Tuoba Xiaoniao, but who would have thought that, it was basically not that sort of matter.

“Fatty, still not going?” Ye Chuan gave a meaningful glance. After that Fatty Zhao Dazhi left very quickly, and very quickly, he return back with scarlet rooster in his hand.

Seeing that struggling and crying ‘oh oh oh’ scarlet rooster, the smile on the face of Tuoba Xiong disappeared, and his complexion sunk, then ruthlessly taking a step forward, he said: “Brat, are you courting death, isn’t this intentionally humiliating people?”

Performing a marriage ceremony with a rooster to get married, this was not humiliating, rather was a direct slap on the face ah!

Originally making Cloud Mist Sect to get married with Tuoba Xiaoniao was to humiliate them, but if he seriously let marriage ceremony be performed with rooster, then that was not humiliating them(Cloud Mist Sect), instead getting themselves(Black Cauldron Sect) humiliated. If this was known by the world, then how can the people of Black Cauldron Sect show their face in outside world?

“Not performing marriage ceremony with rooster to get married is also fine, merely, this sect marriage……” Ye Chuan looked at Tuoba Xiong as if wanted to advance by retreating.

“Won’t do, this absolutely won’t do.”

Tuoba Xiong declined, then resolutely said, “My Black Cauldron Sect have come a long way, and already declared about this publicly to the world, so this sect marriage absolutely cannot give up halfway. My daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao, boy, don’t imagine that it’s possible to decline her today. Either obediently preform marriage ceremony with Xiaoniao to get married or there’ll be a war! My grand Black Cauldron Sect, how can you humiliate wilfully? If you don’t become sensible once again, then Cloud Mist Sect’s this excellent mountains will have a bloodbath.”

Tuoba Xiong murderous intent soared, then on the ground under his foot, with a kacha sound, a huge crack appeared.

Rank 4 Daoist Master?

Great Elder Zhu Guohong and Second Elder Nan Gongren were greatly surprised. With a single glance, they had a tacit agreement and they stood together to jointly deal with the pressure of Tuoba Xiong. Sect Master Yun Feiwu was out, and with their cultivation of Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, they wouldn’t be the opponent of Tuoba Xiong, this monster if fought alone! Great Elder’s complexion became solemn, rapidly circulated secret law to activate the restriction of the sect, then an ancient majestic power fluctuation fluctuated in the sky.

Conflict escalated a step further, so a big war was the only option!

People’s complexion became even more solemn and tense. Only Jin Zhikun and Third Elder’s face had a cold smile. Now they were unconcernedly looking at how Ye Chuan, Great Elder and Second Elder, these three people would end up!

“Want to let my Cloud Mist have a bloodbath, Sect Master Tuoba, what a big tone. Look clearly with you big eyes, what is this? Who is humiliating who?”

Ye Chuan suddenly spread out that picture scroll of his hand, then raised it high.

On the picture scroll, a beautiful girl just like a flower show forth vividly. Her clothes were undone, and she was precisely coming out from a steaming hot large water tub. Her delicate and long leg, fresh towering boobies with water dripping, and furthermore that graceful perk buttocks, all loomed before the eyes of everyone.

A picture of a girl out of a bath!

The eyes of people shone, soon after that were somewhat puzzled, is this the time to take out such picture, and what does Ye Chuan want to do by taking out such picture?

Seeing this picture, the people of Cloud Mist Sect were confused, but Tuoba Xiong’s complexion changed, then he suddenly grabbed the empty air with his big hand to snatch this picture. But To his surprise, Ye Chuan was already prepared, his body as if willow swayed, then quickly jumping back, he dodged.

“This is real Tuoba Xiaoniao, Sect Master Tuoba, didn’t you keep on saying that we cannot back out of marriage, now do you absolutely want your real daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao to marry me? Well, let this fake Xiaoniao roll out, make the real Tuoba Xiaoniao come to my Cloud Mist Sect to get married, tonight’s the bridal chamber!” Ye Chuan stood on a stone, and occupying the high ground, he said: “Your Excellency Sect Master, you thought that Tuoba Xiaoniao hadn’t went out to travel for many years, and nobody knew her true features, so did you believe that you can deceive people as you wish? Just caught this kind of Big Bird and come to fool people, did you truly think that, you can trample my Cloud Mist Sect under your foot and wantonly humiliate us?”

When overbearing Tuoba Xiong was about to use this matter as a pretext to make a fuss, Ye Chuan finally revealed his scheme in public, and pointed out his shameless aspect.

At first, he had only suspected that this marriage was cheating, so he ordered Fatty Zhao Dazhi to investigate secretly. Just as expected, Fatty didn’t let him down, and brought back a picture of Tuoba Xiaobiao’s distinguished face.

“What, fake? It’s too much!’

“That’s going too far, Great Elder, let’s go all out!”

All the people of Cloud Mist Sect made commotion, and the feeling of the masses surged.

Tuoba Xiaoniao was ugly then ugly, if the worst come to the worst, then see her less. But this actually was fake, intentionally finding such a fool to insult people, this was too much!

“Tuoba Xiong, what’s going on here?” Great Elder also was angry, and now his murderous intent was surging.

Tuoba Xiong snorted few times, and with a terrifying gaze as if sharp sword, he hatefully glared Ye Chuan. If gaze alone could kill people, then Ye Chuan’s body would have already torn to thousands of pieces. Then looking away, he was about to deny, but a female’s yelling voice suddenly came through the foot of the mountain, “Father, father……”

A gently and graceful woman wearing white robe was hurriedly brought over by a servant girl. She was attractive, looked gentle and quite, and her figure was not inferior in any respect even when compared to Zhi Sijia, but her temperament was completely different. Seeing many people had gathered on the scene, she blushed and seemed like she wanted to say something but then hesitated. She was none other than the woman in the picture.

“Xiaoniao, you……, how come you are here?” The complexion of Tuoba Xiong became green and again white. Just now he wanted to open his mouth to deny, but real Tuoba Xiaoniao came here, making him unable to deny at all.

“Father, suddenly a mysterious expert came to the sect, then bursting into a loud laughter, he disappeared. Daughter got worried about your safety, so I came here immediately.” The eyes of Tuoba Xiaoniao was slightly red, compared to this fake Big Bird, she was very beautiful, truly one was heaven and other was earth.

Seeing real Tuoba Xiaoniao, Ye Chuan’s eyes also shone, then with an evil smile on his face, he stepped forward, “Your Excellency father in law, Tuoba Xiaoniao came just in time, we are already late, so shouldn’t we immediately perform the marriage ceremony to get married, and then bridal chamber too?”

“Humph, let’s go! Brat, three sects’ Great Competition is right around the corner, at that time, I hope you are still able to laugh!”

Tuoba Xiong ferociously glared Ye Chuan, when he heard Ye Chuan saying father in law, he was so angry that his chest felt stuffy. Now they didn’t have any face to stay here, so all the people of Black Cauldron Sect angrily swaggered off. Using fake big crow to shame Cloud Mist Sect was one thing, but truly marrying the only daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao to Ye Chuan, that was a great loss, and also a humiliation. Tuoba Xiaoniao with red face was flustered to see Ye Chuan, she nervously turned around and followed up.

“Don’t go, there is still bridal chamber, wife, don’t go.”

Ye Chuan chased a few steps, Tuoba Xiaoniao was so scared that she hurriedly ducked into the crowd of Black Cauldron Sect. Witnessing this scene, Cloud Mist Sect’s people roared with laughter until the satisfaction of everyone. The humiliated people wasn’t humiliated, instead Black Cauldron Sect utterly lost their face this time.

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