Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 269

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 269: Distinctive pair cultivation style

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia also opened the crystal bottle and drank the Demonic Dragon Blood inside it, then sitting cross-legged beside Ye Chuan, she slightly turned sideways to look and suddenly became embarrassed.

On the first page of Demonic Dragon Scripture, the words written were, ‘If you want to refine Demonic Dragon Essence Blood, then just have a pair cultivation; if you want to become the clansmen of Demonic Dragon Clan and refine Demonic Dragon Physique, then just have a pair cultivation.’

Ye Chuan also felt somewhat awkward. There was only him and Heavenly Maiden in this entire Demonic Dragon Hall, and the atmosphere was already subtle with only a single man and a single woman together, adding the words ‘pair cultivation’ in such situation, wasn’t that making them feel awkward?

Little Long’er, this fellow must have known this beforehand!

Ye Chuan suddenly recalled Little Long’er who had left them alone here, furthermore, his looks before he had left. Ever since ancient times, all said that dragon blood was very licentious, it seemed rather true as this first-rate technique unexpectedly turned out to be a pair cultivation technique.

“Ye Chuan, you can cultivate by yourself, I am leaving first.”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia with red face stood up, wanting to leave.

After coming to this paradise realm, her solid ice heart had already melted for Ye Chuan, beginning to have a feeling for him. And being together with Ye Chuan, she was happy, but doing that together with him, this was too quick and too sudden. After men and women love each other, their feelings would become deeper and deeper, and there was a process for some matters. Suddenly doing that was embarrassing and also couldn’t help being affected by shyness.

“Don’t, Zixia girl, we can take a look first, no need to cultivate hastily, as for everything else, let’s talk about it later.”

Ye Chuan grabbed the hand of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, and pulling her down again, he added, “Little Long’er is right, before leaving this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, it would be the best to burn this booklet so as to avoid leaving any hidden troubles.”

The hand of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was soft and warm. Ye Chuan subconsciously squeezed her hand a little, and couldn’t help wanting to slowly fondle her. And seeing the red face of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, his heartbeat accelerated.

Heavenly Maiden, ah!

This is the aloof and refined existence, is the symbol of purity and nobility.

Just a while ago, she was the existence who set herself high above the masses. Many cultivators feared and respected her. In front of her, even the proud experts of Heavenly Yao Sect lowered their head not daring to look her face to face. But now, she was only a down to earth beauty, and just like a girl-next-door, she was blushing in front of him, appearing as if she was ready to be plucked at any time.

Ye Chuan carefully looked at Heavenly Maiden’s bent eyebrows, long eyelashes……, and his gaze slowly moved down. Below her fair neck, there was a sexy collarbone, then there was fair and tender skin, furthermore, her full and towering twin mountains were a cup bigger than Liu Hong’s. That twin mountain where no one had ever set foot on appeared as if they were waiting for Ye Chuan’s annexation and conquest.

When he was sent flying by the attack of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, he had happened to collide with Heavenly Maiden. At that time, the back of his head had collided against that twin mountain. Now, that feeling suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

The face of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia became redder, and she hastily extracted her hand, but didn’t walk away again, instead sat cross-legged beside Ye Chuan again. Although she was shy and embarrassed, what Ye Chuan had said was correct, she could first look at the content of Demonic Dragon Scripture and memorize them. After making a decision, she just stared at Demonic Dragon Scripture, not daring to raise her head to look at Ye Chuan.

A woman is a woman, even if she had a high cultivation base, she was still a woman.

In front of other people, she might be a strong woman and female expert, but in front of the man she was interested in, she is not much different from other women!

Looking at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was blushing red like apple to the roots of her ears, Ye Chuan smiled. This apple, he decided to eat.

If Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was still aloof, remote and arrogant like before, then he wouldn’t have become interested. No matter how beautiful that kind of women was, he wouldn’t have gotten interested in them, let alone arouse his desire. But the current Heavenly Maiden was different. After her frozen heart was melted, she displayed the soft and tender side of a woman. This was the real charm of a woman.

In the world, there inevitably were many women that thought they were very amazing and set themselves above the masses after having a high cultivation base, but little did they imagine that they had already lost their femininity. The things they were proud and even arrogant were something truly remarkable men never cared about in the first place. A woman without femininity, was she still a woman?

Unconsciously, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s femininity was displayed.

Ye Chuan turned one page after another of Demonic Dragon Scripture, and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia began to comprehend it together with him. Time to time, they discussed, pondered, and speak out their views. Unconsciously, the two people began to cultivate according to the content of that booklet. They got closer and closer, and finally, stuck together. Perhaps, they were too close, or perhaps, they had refined a part of Demonic Dragon Essence Blood, the body of two people gradually heated up, and the atmosphere was filled with unusually sweet fragrance. This unusually sweet fragrance didn’t come from outside the Demonic Dragon Hall, rather was emitted from their body, coming out from the Demonic Dragon Essence Blood they had swallowed.

The Demonic Dragon Essence Blood left behind by the master of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Agusi Teli, was truly of high quality. Its quality was far better than the Demonic Dragon Blood he had obtained from the little Demonic Dragon at that time.

The temperature inside the Demonic Dragon hall gradually rose.

Slowly, Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden felt so hot that it was unbearable. Heavenly Maiden was still fine as she had instinctively restrained herself, but as for Ye Chuan, at an unknown time, he had already taken off his upper garment. However, only baring the upper body wasn’t enough, he was still feeling very hot. Moreover, his lower abdomen felt like it was burning and also felt like a volcano was about to erupt. It contained endless powerful, if it didn’t erupt out, then his body would burn to ashes.

Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden who had unconsciously immersed in cultivation were in a daze and trance, but they were not average people, they instinctively resisted the abnormality of their body. Merely, something was just like the flood, stubbornly resisting and blocking were useless. Like that, it would only build up more and more. What they needed was not blocking rather guiding or to say venting. They needed a carefree venting.

After an unknown period of time, when the bodies of two people were feeling hotter and hotter, Ye Chuan managed to sit cross-legged on the ground with great difficulty. As for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, at an unknown time, her clothes were already half undone, and she looked just like a delicious dish in front of Ye Chuan. Now, she looked bewitching and her mouth was continuously calling out the name of Ye Chuan while emitting out her fragrance.

When women were not aroused, they were like an iceberg, and they wouldn’t care even if a remarkable man came in front of them. But after they are aroused, they would be so hot that they could melt people.

Heavenly Maiden who was originally restraining herself, in the end, she became even worse than Ye Chuan!


After gently closing the entrance door of Demonic Dragon Hall, Little Long’er had arranged layers after layers of defense restriction.

After leaving, he returned and then he quietly looked form far and withdrew, helping two people close the door.

Little Long’er was still a child in essence, but his physical body had been nurtured for tens of thousands of years in this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, so he was clearer than anyone else with regarding the profound mystery of Demonic Dragon Scripture. If only Ye Chuan alone had obtained this inheritance, then he wouldn’t have been able to cultivate this technique,  but with a beauty Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia beside him, the requirement of pair cultivation just happened to be fulfilled. Perhaps, this was life, those two people were destined to be together.

“Sage realm……, big brother Ye Chuan, big sister Zixia, cultivate this pair technique and quickly breakthrough the Sage realm!”

Little Long’er transformed into little Demonic Dragon and instantly arrived one kilometer away from Demonic Dragon Hall, and looking at the highest heaven far away in the midst of the cloud, he had a thought to break through the void and return to the world beyond the highest heaven. Thinking about his mother eternally sleeping underground, this feeling became increasingly stronger.

To go to the world beyond the highest heaven, one should either find an intact ancient transfer formation or forcibly rip the void to open up a passage. With his current ability, he was far from being able to do that. However, if Ye Chuan breakthrough to Sage realm, refine Demonic Dragon Physique and similarly be able to transform into a true dragon, then it was different. He was entirely hopeful that when they two brothers work together at that time, they would be able to forcibly open a path with their tyrannical physical body.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Little Long’er’s pure nature is so touching. Hope he never loses it and Ye Chuan takes good care of him until he can roam the world unfettered.

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