Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 268

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 268: Demonic Dragon Scripture

Little Long’er sadly watched that woman lying inside the stone coffin in a trance.

From the time when he was able to think, he had imagined the appearance of his mother countless times, and had looked forward to reuniting with her one day.

Today, his finally achieved his long-cherished wish to meet his mother, unfortunately, his mother had already left this world forever. She would never open her eyes to look at him. Her heart was dug away, and even enduring such serious wound, she still had such a sweet smile after death. Did his mother foresee their mother and son reunion? Or, was she happy that she was able to send away the spirit of her son from this paradise ream before her death?

The eyes of Little Long’er was full of tears. After merging together with little Demonic Dragon, his bloodline had thoroughly awakened and his cultivation was also even more powerful than Daoist Master realm expert who had cultivated for hundreds and thousands of years. But, in essence, he was still a child. Looking at his mother lying still inside the stone coffin, his nose became sour and couldn’t help shedding tears.

“Little Long’er, don’t cry. One day, your mother might come back to life.” Ye Chuan patted the head of Little Long’er and consoled in a low voice.

“Big brother, really?” Little Long’er raised his head and looking at Ye Chuan, he was excited and also was full of expectation.

“Really, when did you see me deceiving people? Not to mention the body of your mother is still intact, even if only a wisp of the soul remained, it is possible to resurrect her. Naturally, the prerequisite is that you have to wait for your big brother to breakthrough to Sage realm. At that time, I will be able to use many truly great techniques.” Ye Chuan nodded his head.

To be able to build this kind of huge paradise realm, moreover, be able to arrange astonishing restrictions, one could well imagine the strength of the mother of Little Long’er, Agusi Teli. Even in his peak state, Ye Chuan was barely a match with her and even was inferior in some aspects. Since Agusi Teli had no choice but to die, in this world, can anyone resurrect her?

Ye Chuan wasn’t sure, but looking at the expression of Little Long’er which was full of expectation, he couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. In any case, giving Little Long’er a bit of hope was also good.

“Okay, I will wait.”

Little Long’er nodded his head. He was obedient but also was determined. At such a young age, he was more mature than many people. When other children who were of the same age as him were still playing without any care in the world, he had experienced tribulation and hardships many people wouldn’t experience throughout their life. But the remarkable matter was, even after he had tasted ways of the world, this kid unexpectedly was calm without negative thoughts.

The most important matter in the path of cultivation was not cultivating many techniques rather was the cultivation of heart. Once the heart was strong, people can become strong, firm and indomitable!

Ye Chuan suddenly recalled the formula of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique. Little Long’er seemed to have never cultivated properly. All his strength came from his bloodline, but this state of mind just happened to conform to the requirement of top cultivation techniques. He was the natural material to cultivate top cultivation techniques. With his intelligence and also a composed heart, in the future, it was hard for him to not become the top expert.

“Little Long’er, do you want to cultivate a first-rate technique?” Ye Chuan asked, deciding to seriously cultivate this little brother, Little Long’er.

Now, Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique had already become his life technique. This technique he had found in God Burial Valley, he wouldn’t pass on to other people easily, but, apart from this, Ye Chuan still held many techniques. He could pass true Cyan Feather Technique, Ghost King Technique, Great Yan Demon Refining Technique and so on techniques to Little Long’er, or he could even pass his life technique of his previous lifetime, Heaven Concealing Technique. At that time, after achieving success in cultivation and breaking through to Sage realm, Little Long’er can become new Heaven Concealing Great Sage, and he, Ye Chuan would become Heaven Swallowing Great Sage!

“I want, but, I already know how to cultivate. Demonic Dragon Clan, after the bloodline is completely awakened, we can cultivate naturally. And the longer our lifespan, the stronger our cultivation will be. Moreover, the cultivation techniques of ordinary people are not suitable for us.”

Little Long’er replied, then suddenly hitting his own head, from under his mother’s body, he took out a booklet and two crystal bottles. “I nearly forgot, big brother, this is for you and big sister Zixia. This technique is useless for me, but it is very useful for both of you. Refine the Demonic Dragon Blood inside the crystal bottle while cultivating this Demonic Dragon Scripture, then one day, you two might also be able to become a true Demonic Dragon Descendant like me, obtaining a Demonic Dragon Physique. At that time, we can leave Wilderness World together to the world beyond the highest heaven and avenge my mother!”

Allowing no explanation, Little Long’er stuffed a booklet and two crystal bottle in the hands of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden looked at each other and were excited.

This, was this the so-called inheritance of this paradise realm?

Feeling the energy contained in Demonic Dragon Blood within the crystal bottle, both Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia were excited in their heart.

So many experts had entered this paradise realm, but in the end, only they two obtained the inheritance of this paradise realm. Even Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han failed at the last moment and died, so how could they not be excited?

“Big brother, big sister Zixia, first, swallow the Demonic Dragon Blood and slowly refine it later, but, it would be best to comprehend Demonic Dragon Scripture now and then burn it.” Perhaps, because his once mortal body had fused together with little Demonic Dragon that had been staying inside this paradise realm for hundreds and thousands of years now, Little Long’er was especially steady and cautious as he said: “If this technique falls into the hands of spirit yao beast or evil great devils, then it will be troublesome. According to the legend, many evildoers daydream about transforming to Demonic Dragon which resulted in following incomplete Demonic Dragon Scripture or messy techniques to cultivate for many years, thus, instead of transforming into Demonic Dragon, they become evil dragons. Their every appearance give rise to a foul wind and rain of blood.”

Evil Dragon?

Ye Chuan was startled and he suddenly recalled Evil Dragon Abyss located at the rear mountain of Cloud Mist Sect and also Nan Tiandu who had jumped down that abyss.

“Big brother, you and big sister Zixia can slowly cultivate, I will go outside to guard you two.”

Consciously or unconsciously, Little Long’er looked at gorgeous Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, then turning into little Demonic Dragon form, he flew away, instantly disappearing without a trace to patrol various places of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. After merging together with little Demonic Dragon, this dangerous and unfathomable Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had become his true homeland. And all the restrictions were completely ineffective to him.

Kacha, kacha, the stone coffin at the end of this hall slowly sunk into the ground. Now, Agusi Teli, the mother of Little Long’er quietly slept in the depth of the ground. Other than Little Long’er, no one knows how to activate the restriction to bring up the stone coffin. In the quiet and huge Demonic Dragon Hall, now, only Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden remained. Those terrible Demonic Dragon Wheels and crystal screen on the ceiling also had already disappeared, reverting back to normal.

“Zixia, this is our fortune, let’s begin!”

Ye Chuan threw a crystal bottle to Heavenly Maiden and sat down on the spot. Then, swallowing the Demonic Dragon Blood inside the crystal bottle, he opened up Demonic Dragon Scripture of Demonic Dragon Clan left behind by the mother of Little Long’er. Ye Chuan didn’t aspire to transform into a true Demonic Dragon, but the legendary Demonic Dragon Physique was still very attractive. After achieving a true success in the cultivation of this technique, his physical body might be even doughtier than the time when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage in his previous life.

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