Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 266

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 266: My heart has a regret

On the crystal screen, white light flashed again.

This time, what kind of question would appear? Will there be a chance to make a wish again?

Three people kept their mouth shut as they waited expectantly.

Especially Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, with Demonic Dragon Wheel suspending just a meter away from him, he only had the last chance. So, he especially hoped for a chance to make a wish again. If he could turn back the time, then he would never dare to have extravagant hopes of obtaining the inheritance of paradise realm, and also wouldn’t dare to ask to leave this paradise realm, as long as this Demonic Dragon Wheel suspended above him moved one meter up, he would be very satisfied.

To be able to live a minute longer was also good!

He never had such a strong desire to survive!

After the dazzling white light, a series of words appeared on the crystal screen, ‘Cultivators with Half Saint realm or above cultivation base, cultivate this technique and free yourself. After that, you can choose to leave or also can choose to continue with the next challenge, obtaining the inheritance of this paradise realm in the end.’ Behind these words, there was an obscure technique formula.

After those words appeared on the crystal screen, beside the crystal screen, the countdown began.

The three people were startled and their complexion changed.

“Dog shit, how is this a chance? Isn’t this clearly placing people in a death trap?”

Da Qin Crown Prince furiously cursed.

If he had Half Saint realm cultivation, then would he still be trapped here? Would he have stayed pinned on the ground waiting for a chance to escape with his life?

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was silent and the complexion of Ye Chuan was also not very good-looking.

The words of Da Qin Crown Prince was very coarse, but he was also telling the truth. The master of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm clearly wanted to put all the intruders of this paradise realm into a death trap. The questions of before, although they were profound, they were also not unbreakable, but now, all of a sudden, a hard problem was placed in front of them. Only Half Saint realm or above cultivators could free themselves, this meant all of them would die here.

The final barrier wasn’t testing the strength of intruders, rather directly demanding half Saint realm cultivation. This was equivalent to giving them a death sentence.

Despite having the experience of two lifetimes, this time, Ye Chuan was also unable to find a way out.


Have life then also have death, and in the midst of death, there is also a slim chance of survival. Even when Demonic Dragon Path had collapsed, there was still a slim chance of survival. Looking at the style of the master of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, how could she cut off all the route of retreat at this moment?

No, I have to carefully look everywhere, there must be a chance to survive!

The eyes of Ye Chuan remained at that technique formula at the crystal screen, and tried to comprehend it, unfortunately, his hands and legs were shackled fixed at one place, moreover, he couldn’t condense even a little bit of energy within his body, as a result, he was simply unable to cultivate. On the other side, both Da Qin Crown Prince and Heavenly Maiden were also in the same situation. Sure enough, only Half Saint realm or above cultivators could cultivate this technique to free themselves.

The countdown beside crystal screen continued to decrease. It was faster than expected. 10, 9, 8…… it quickly reached the final countdown.

“No, I don’t want to die, no……”

The complexion of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was strained, at this final moment, he was overwhelmed by boundless fear. Looking at that countdown, his mind became a blank space.

He was the crown prince of grand Da Qin Dynasty, future Da Qin King, how could he die here?

Li Guang Han trembled and shouted himself hoarse.

Unfortunately, the restriction was the restriction, it was ice-cold without any emotion. Just because he was Da Qin Crown Prince, it didn’t stop. Even if Da Qin King himself was trapped here, he would also be killed without any hesitation.

Kacha, Demonic Dragon Wheel suspending above Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han fell straight down, and its sharp iron teeth stabbed into the face of Li Guang Han.


A sad and shrill blood-curdling scream resounded. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia closed her eyes not daring to look. Ye Chuan however didn’t close his eyes, but his heart trembled.

Compared to Demonic Dragon Path, this Demonic Dragon Hall didn’t seem to be so dangerous, at least there were no huge dragons and terrifying poisonous mist. But, in reality, Demonic Dragon Hall was even more terrifying. Those who hadn’t experienced this in person would never know the feeling of helplessly waiting for the death.

Dozens of big and small air bubbles suddenly sprang out from the ground. There were black and also white, which leads to different worlds. The body of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han quickly disappeared after being swept inside an air bubble. Perhaps, he would be thoroughly annihilated along with his soul, or perhaps, be sent into a completely strange world.

Ye Chuan who had been looking all around for a chance of survival finally saw a hope.

Just like Demonic Dragon Path, at the last moment, dangerous and unfathomable air bubbles had sprung out, and although they bode ill rather than well, air bubbles at least had a slim chance of survival.

Kacha, kacha, Demonic Dragon Wheels above both Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Ye Chuan descended one meters down. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was still fine, as she still had two chances. But, now, Ye Chuan had only one chance, the Demonic Dragon Wheel was only one meter away from him.

Next, will there be a chance to turn around or a chance to make a wish again?

Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden stared at the crystal screen without blinking their eyes, hoping for a chance to appear.

The crystal screen was quiet without any movement. The dazzling white light also didn’t appear and those words never changed. Even after a while, there was no movement, instead, the countdown beside the crystal screen started again.

“Damn it!”

Ye Chuan cursed furiously and was at his wits’ end.

This last test was the test of the cultivation level of the intruders, there was no way around it. His rich experience was useless and his more than 3000 techniques were also useless.

“I’m sorry, Ye Chuan, it’s my fault.”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia said with tears flowing out of her eyes. “Just a moment ago, you shouldn’t have made such wish, don’t you know, like that, I will owe you for my lifetime?”

“I just want you to owe me, if I don’t die, then you have to properly compensate me.” Ye Chuan laughed at himself. He was very calm even when he was about to die as getting angry and anxious was useless.

“If you have a chance to make a wish again, would you have done so again?” Heavenly Maiden asked.

“Well, like that, at least I can die first, I don’t want to helplessly watch you die in front of me.”

Ye Chuan replied. The countdown beside the crystal screen had already reached 15 and before long, it would reach zero. He wasn’t scared instead was indifferent. “Merely, if I have a chance to make a wish again, then I would have added one more sentence. Let me be able to move my finger before I die under Demonic Dragon Wheel.”

“Why? As long as you can move a finger, do you have a way to free yourself?” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia asked.

“No, I just want to touch your hand before dying. Till now, I have yet to touch the little hand of a girl. Dying like this, it’s too regretful.” Ye Chuan replied and saw that the countdown beside the crystal screen had already reached 11. His time had come. And at this moment, the memories of his past life and also all his experience of this life appeared in his mind. Everything will be gone now.

To his surprise, he didn’t die in God Burial Valley, instead, he was dying in this place!

Ye Chuan sighed and great changes and melancholy appeared on his face.

“Cheater, Ye Chuan, you are too bad!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia knew that Ye Chuan was a cheater. This skirt-chaser had already hooked up with unknown numbers of junior apprentice sisters, how could it be that he hadn’t even touched a girl’s hand? But it was true that he had yet to touch her hand.

At this juncture where her life was at stake, the corner of Heavenly Maiden’s mouth twitched. She wanted to laugh but was unable to laugh, then, began to cry, tears dripping down her face. Her iceberg heart had already melted for Ye Chuan, but, it was already too late to be together with him, life and death would forever separate them. In this world, what else was crueler than this?

In this world, the greatest happiness was nothing more than having the miserable life of a person finally becoming well and happy; and the greatest tragedy was the happy matter being torn apart before their eyes.

Heavenly Maiden was very sad, in this extremely short period, she had shed more tears than last ten years combined together. If she could, then she would rather have her heart still be the solid ice, and hadn’t heard the wish of Ye Chuan. Since it was doomed to be a tragedy, what’s the use of beginning?

Love calamity, this was a calamity she was destined to encounter in her life!

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia suddenly recalled the prophecy of her Master. And bursting into tears, she lied on her back, and her silent tears soaked her long hair.

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