Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Sister Xiaoniao, don’t be scary

Very quickly, Black Cauldron Sect’s forces heard the news and rushed over.

Seeing Jin Hua’s ice-cold corpse, Tuoba Xiaoniao wailed with tears flowing out her eyes. After that, just like Big Bird spreading the wings and flit across, she threw herself on the corpse of Jin Hua and howled very loudly, “Husband, my husband ah, who killed you, my husband ah……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao cried very sadly. Seeing such broken-hearted appearance of Tuoba Xiaoniao beside Jin Hua, anyone would mistakenly believe that she and Jin Hua had associated with each other for more than ten years.

“Great Elder, give me an explanation.”

Tuoba Xiong walked over, and after looking at people all around with gloomy face, his cold gaze fixed on Great Elder Zhu Guohong. Neither sadness nor anger could be seen on his face, but his this calmness made people even more uneasy. In the sky, the pressure increasingly became stronger, terrifying everyone present inwardly.

Grand Sect Master ah, personally escorted the bride to the groom’s home, but ran into this kind of affair, how could he not get angry? Sect Master was not here, so if the other party raged, then who could stop him?

Right now Zhu Sijia was also feeling uneasy, now instead of former days’ bold, vigorous, crafty and unruly style, she was standing motionlessly beside Great Elder in silence. Glancing at her curvy figure that would stir up the fire, the eyes of Tuoba Xiong flashed with a touch of heat, but soon after that, revert back to previous overbearing state. As long as one sentence was inappropriate, or the explanation of Great Elder was unable to satisfy him, he would immediately get into a fight!

Black Cauldron Sect who had come to escort the bride to the groom’s home was now emitting a threatening aura just like unsheathed sharp sword. Now the guards and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t even dare to snub, also began to hold their respective weapons one after another. Instantly the atmosphere became increasingly stifling, and a war might break out at any time.

Decorated with lanterns and colored banners, jubilant marriage suddenly turned into a state of pointing blade at each other.

“I killed him, if you have any problem, then look for me.”

When everyone was tense and restless, Ye Chuan unexpectedly stepped forward bravely, and said all the things he had said to Hall Master Jin Zhikun once again, to put it simply, he explained the reason for killing Jin Hua.

“Boy, you mean, Jin Hua wanted to flee overnight to avoid this marriage, and before going down the mountain, he sneaked into Martial Repository Pavilion to steal a merit law, moreover he also wanted to silence all the witnesses?”

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong increasingly sunk, then laughing coldly, he said, “Heh heh, no-one noticed him doing so? How can this matter be so timely, did all of this happen by chance? Even if it was real, Jin Hua had the divine ability to conceal himself from guards and stealthily enter Martial Repository Pavilion, but how come he was not concealed when coming out, and people blocked him by coincidence?”

Old Ginger is spicier, Tuoba Xiong as a Sect Master had rich experience, quickly detecting the suspicious aspect. [T.L: Old Ginger is spicier: older generation is better/more experienced]

The heart of Jin Zhikun who was standing far away stirred, and looking at Ye Chuan, his gaze became even more sinister and fierce. If it was not for Third Elder secretly stopping him with a meaningful glace, he would have immediately rushed out.

“Yeah, I also found this strange, how can this be so coincidental? Even if people really block him, with the ability of junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, he could have easily jump out from the encirclement and swaggered off, but why did he insist on taking a risk in desperation to silence all the witnesses? If it was not for the case of Great Elder arriving in the brink of time, then could it be that he also wanted to kill all the guards?” Ye Chuan didn’t refute directly, rather following the tone of Tuoba Xiong, he cunningly dissolve the question of Tuoba Xiong and diverted the attention by stirring up the contradiction.

Sure enough, hearing his such words, the complexion of guards present become not very good-looking. Overwhelming majority of guards merely had the cultivation of Rank 1 Xiushi, so if they had ran into Jin Hua this elite disciple who was taking a risk in desperation, then none of them would have the ability to dodge this disaster.

Old fellow, if you are thinking of sowing discord in front of I, your father in a few words, then you are too naïve!

Ye Chuan’s complexion was calm, inwardly he however laughed coldly.

For an average person, Tuoba Xiong, this Sect Master was experienced, but in front of him who was once a Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he was worth nothing! Thinking to play dirty with me, you are doomed to vanish in a puff of a smoke. Jin Hua’s bad fate was a readily available example.

Tuoba Xiong glared at Ye Chuan, and snorting few times, he became silent. Brawny Tuoba Xiaoniao however didn’t care, she jumped and pulled out a long sword from her waist, then rushed towards Ye Chuan, “I don’t care, whoever killed my husband, he have to pay with his life!”

Swift and fierce sword light, suddenly streaked across in the sky.

Although Tuoba Xiaoniao looked brawny, she was swift and fierce, downright a masculine female, and her cultivation was also out of ordinary. A sword stabbed out, her wrist lightly shook, and the drawn out sword blurred, granting Ye Chuan a leeway of death. It was hard to tell if it was real or sham, but now she only wanted to stab the vital part of Ye Chuan’s body.

“Senior apprentice-brother, be careful!”

Zhu Sijia screamed, then she suddenly pulled out her sword.

Although she was usually shrewish and unruly, was quite discontented with Ye Chuan, and thinking of how her buttocks was spanked by him, she felt ashamed and angry, but in front of foreign enemy, she would shield him just like Second Elder. But before she could rush out to help, a person had already appeared in front of Ye Chuan. That person pulled out his sword and made a move at one go. ‘Ding’, the long sword in the hand of Tuoba Xiaoniao snapped into two, and she was forced to fall back several steps in succession by the impact force. Now her complexion became green and again became white.

Ye Chuan didn’t need to raise his hand, as Nan Taindu’s sword forced pestering Tuoba Xiaoniao to retreat.

“Father, they bullied me, excessively bullied me, now you daughter will not live, I will not live ah……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao threw the broken sword, sat on the ground, then hugging the thigh of Tuoba Xiong, she wailed. No need to mention about her frightening looks, her IQ was also lacking. As if a not grown up child, her IQ was still at the same level of seven or eight years old child.

“Great Elder, how are you going to deal with this matter, you say.” Tuoba Xiong stared at Great Elder who had remained silent from the beginning, and aggressively said, “I don’t want to give rise to the death battle between our two grand sects, but now this way, there is nothing I can do to justify this to my Black Cauldron Sect. Guests have already arrived, but in the wedding night when wedding ceremony to get married was to be held, bridegroom however is killed. My daughter still hasn’t married, but about to live as widow, isn’t this intentionally making people see us Black Cauldron Sect as a joke, and intentionally shaming us?”

Great Elder was usually indecisive, but at crucial time, facing Tuoba Xiong’s pressure, he didn’t show any weakness, then secretly circulating his true qi, he slowly said: “Your Excellency Sect Master, then you say, how should we deal with this?”

“Very simple, two choice.”

Tuoba Xiong coldly glance at the public, then said with a heavy voice, “Either hand over the culprit, your sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan to us, so that we can take him back to Black Cauldron Sect to punish, or this sect marriage continues, let Ye Chuan replace Jin Hua to perform wedding ceremony and get married with Xiaoniao.”

“This……, how is this possible?” Great Elder exclaimed, was startled and also angry.

If one says, before he had some doubts about what Ye Chuan had said, then now, he was sure that Ye Chuan was right. This so-called alliance by marriage of Tuoba Xiong was in fact deliberately humiliating Cloud Mist Sect. Marrying off such an ugly big bird was obviously to make people of the world to see Cloud Mist Sect as a joke. Precisely because of this, regardless the person marring her was either sect genius Jin Hua or sects Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan, he basically didn’t care! Moreover Tuoba Xiaoniao, this masculine woman was very unlikely to be his daughter, but merely a puppet!

“Either war, covering the Cloud Mist Sect with blood, or compromise, Great Elder, you choose it yourself.” Tuoba Xiong stared at Great Elder Zhu Guohong, and coldly smiled as the overall situation was within his grasp.

At that time, Tuoba Xiaoniao who was still wailing with tears flooding until just now, suddenly raised her head and carefully sized up Ye Chuan who was standing not far away, then her gaze gradually became hot. That look was as if an unintelligent child, after losing her toy was so sad that she wished to die, then again discovered even more interesting and more amusing toy.

Don’t, sister Xiaoniao, don’t be so scary!

The heart of Ye Chuan jumped, he was not afraid of Tuoba Xiong, this overbearing old man, but seeing the expression of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he truly was somewhat frightened.

Other gets married for money, but Tuoba Xiaoniao, this big bird get married for taking life ah!

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