Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 257

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 257: Dragging down others with him even when dying

Golden Dragon King suddenly accelerated and its huge body instantly streak across the sky leaving behind afterimages. It wanted to use speed to throw off Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince.

Whoosh, the sound of wind resounded beside the ears.

Ye Chuan who was riding the back of this Golden Dragon King felt as if he was riding the clouds and flying on the mist. But it was completely different for Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince who were forcibly hanging on the legs of Golden Dragon King. They shook violently and could fall down from such a high altitude at any time. The Demonic Dragon Path underneath had completely disappeared, leaving only boundless poisonous mist. If one fell down, then even a peak expert of Rank 7 Daoist Master realm like Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince might also not be able to escape.

But, the two people were powerful, no matter the speed of Golden Dragon King, they persistently clung to its sharp claws, ignoring the strong wind blowing against them.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, be careful, Golden Dragon King is angry.”

Little Long’er stuck close to the back of Golden Dragon King and his somewhat immature voice quietly resounded beside the ears of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan became careful, and just like Little Long’er, he bent over and stuck close to the back of Golden Dragon King. In the next moment, Golden Dragon King held its head high and issued a loud roar, then, it suddenly flew straight upward, causing fierce wind to blow directly against them. At high altitude, the wind was bigger and more intense, moreover, just like sea whirlpool, the direction of the wind was unpredictable.

On the ground, there were layers upon layers of restriction, and the high altitude was also the same, moreover, the power of restriction was even bigger.

When Golden Dragon King ascended, the four people immediately felt pressured. Still, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er who were stuck close to the back of Golden Dragon King were fine, but, same couldn’t be said to Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince, they felt heavy pressure. Every meter Golden Dragon King ascended, the pressure they felt doubled, and they felt like an invisible mountain was weighing down on them. No matter how much Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince tried, they were unable to turn over and ride the back of Golden Dragon King. This usually simple action, in the high altitude, was thousand times more difficult. Clearly, the master of this paradise realm had laid out an ancient restriction, cutting off the possibility of people sneaking or escaping through the air.

Golden Dragon King suddenly stopped, then suddenly accelerated, and even swayed and tossed about in the sky.

Even Ye Chuan who was stuck at the back of this Golden Dragon King was in a spectacular mess, and when Golden Dragon King reached a certain altitude, he unexpectedly felt as he was unable to breathe and also felt weak in his limbs.

After yet another sudden acceleration and sudden stop, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia screamed, and with only one hand clutching Golden Dragon King, her body was swaying due to the fierce wind. And then, along with another sudden acceleration of Golden Dragon King, her remaining hand slowly slipped down. She was unable to grab any longer.

“Be careful!”

At the critical moment, Ye Chuan turned sideways taking the risk, then reached out his hand to grab Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was about to fall. He successfully grabbed her soft right hand. The moment two people held each other’s hand, a marvelous feeling appeared in their heart, and just like they had obtained a piece of treasure, they couldn’t bear to let go.

“Little…, you also be careful!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia stabilized her body, then she extracted her hand from the grip of Ye Chuan with a red face. She who was accustomed to cursing Ye Chuan suddenly corrected herself feeling awkward.

She had basically thought that she was screwed, falling from such a high altitude into that terrifying poisonous mist, even if her Master White Haired Heavenly Empress personally rush over, she might not be able to save her. But, to her surprise, Ye Chuan unexpectedly saved her at the final moment.

“Heh heh, brat, in such a time, you are still courting.”

The voice of Da Qin Crown Prince suddenly resounded and Ye Chuan suddenly slid back. Da Qin Crown Prince had extended his hand and grabbed his left leg.

What a Da Qin Crown Prince, although he was Rank 7 Daoist Master, his cultivation was still slightly higher than Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia. When Heavenly Maiden was unable to preserve herself and nearly fell down, he was still handling the situation with ease, moreover, he even wanted to pull down Ye Chuan from the back of this Golden Dragon King.

“Big Brother, be careful!”

Little Long’er turned around and just happened to see Da Qin Crown Prince grabbing the left leg of Ye Chuan. He immediately panicked and hastily patted the neck of Golden Dragon King and said something.

Roar! With an angry roar, Golden Dragon went out of control, and suddenly nose-dived from the high altitude while tossing about and swaying its body.

Da Qin Crown Prince was alarmed and could no longer attend to play a dirty trick. He tenaciously grabbed the claw of Golden Dragon King so as to avoid being thrown off. In an instant, his clothing was drenched due to sweating profusely, and looking up, he just happened to see Ye Chuan with an evil smile, “Your Highness, how are things? How are you getting by underneath?”

Contrary to his expectation, Ye Chuan who was nearly thrown off by Da Qin Crown Prince didn’t lose his temper, instead smiled. Merely, that smile scared Da Qin Crown Prince. The brighter the smile, the more fearful Da Qin Crown Prince felt.

Ye Chuan clung onto the back of Golden Dragon King with his left hand and a scorching hot flame appeared on the palm of his right hand, which swept off towards Da Qin Crown Prince.

Fire Blowing Palm!

Ye Chuan used a very simple technique, but it was very practical at this moment. With the aid of wind, the scorching hot flame suddenly wrapped around Da Qin Crown Prince. Then, this Da Qin Crown Prince who considered himself the best in the world was burned and his body emitted dense smoke. His clothing, hairs and eyebrows were completely burned.

“Kid, do you dare to kill me? Believe or not, I can send a flying letter to request father emperor to dispatch troops to completely destroy your Cloud Mist Sect.” Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han was frightened and also furious. Now, he was in a sorry plight.

“Heh heh, boy, who do you think you are? Even if your father emperor, Da Qin King was here, I will still dare to kill you! Come come come, since you have already tasted barbecued pork, taste the flavor of cold spring.”

Ye Chuan sneered and circulating flowing water shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he attacked once again. Quickly, the water mist in the atmosphere condensed and changed into ice-cold rainwater, raining down on Da Qin Crown Prince. Da Qin Crown Prince who was burnt just a moment ago quickly changed into a drenched chicken, and then shivered feeling cold. Now, with his both hands being wet, in addition, the fierce movements of Golden Dragon King, his grips unexpectedly became unsteady and slid down. He was about to fall down.

“Yes, in just this fashion, make an extra effort!”

Little Long’er patted the neck of Golden Dragon King and the latter roared once again. Then, it suddenly stopped and suddenly accelerated repeatedly in the air, making a series of dangerous movement. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia looked pale, and she felt that the invisible pressure of the restriction was becoming increasingly powerful. Da Qin Crown Prince was finding this even more unbearable, his one hand was already loosened, and now, he was clinging dangerously from Golden Dragon King’s sharp claw with only one hand. When the strong wind blew, he would sway dangerously, and nearly fall down.

“Your Highness, let me send you on your way!”

Ye Chuan opened his mouth and then a hint of blade light appeared in front of Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, and his three fingers were cut off. In one on one fight, Ye Chuan was naturally not the opponent of Da Qin Crown Prince, but the current situation was different. It was now the turn of Da Qin Crown Prince to suffer. After losing three fingers, he could no longer grab properly. He slowly slid down from the claw of Golden Dragon King and fell down. Now only the future of turning into a statue at the side of Demonic Dragon Path and never see the sunlight again was waiting for him.

“Ah……, brat, if I cannot survive, then don’t think that you will be better-off, we will go to hell together!”

Da Qin King suddenly pulled out a sharp dagger from his bosom, then ferociously stabbed the stomach of Golden Dragon King.

Golden Dragon King uttered a sad calls feeling pain, and it also fell down. And since there was poisonous mist everywhere underneath, all of them would certainly die inside.

Da Qin Crown Prince was especially ferocious, even when dying he wanted to drag down Ye Chuan, Heavenly Maiden and Little Long’er. Moreover, he roared with laughter as if he had gone insane. But, don’t know from where he obtained the strength, he unexpectedly paused in the midair, and once again, firmly grabbed the claw of Golden Dragon King.

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