Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 252

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 252: Dare to take one punch

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his steps and turning around, he coldly looked at Da Qin Crown Prince chasing after them and also Liu Hong, then genuine killing intent appeared around him.

He spared her life, time and time again, but this she-devil made things difficult for him, time and time again, and she didn’t realize her error and show repentance. It seemed it was the time to thoroughly send her on her way.

“Brat, stop! Murong Zhuifeng is my brother. My demand is not too much, just cut off both of your legs by yourself, or I will cut off your three legs, and let you have the taste of having only half-body!”

Da Qin Crown Prince pressed onward in large strides emitting dense killing intent. Behind him, as if wolves and as if tigers, the experts of imperial palace followed him in succession.

In order to obtain Julong Pagoda thrown into poisonous mist by Ye Chuan, at that time, he didn’t want to get into a fight so as to avoid giving advantages to other people. But, Murong aristocratic family had always been his strong supporter. Since Murong Zhuifeng had come to ask for help after he had been reduced to this appearance, if he didn’t personally give him a support and avenge him, then later, who would work themselves to the bone for him and who would support him with all their strength when contending for the throne?

Da Qin Crown Prince was overweeningly ambitious, so he quickly made the decision.

Julong Pagoda was very important and was also a rare treasure worth higher than dragon crystals. But, no matter how good treasures were, compared to the vast territory of Da Qin Dynasty, they were still not worth mentioning!

At the side of Ye Chuan, suddenly a cyan light flashed and a tall and big Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared.

What is that?

One Evil Eyed Cow Demon? Vainly attempting to use this kind of low leveled yao beast to stop a peak Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert, was Ye Chuan too desperate or too naive?

The onlooking Tuoba Xiong found this unbelievable and shook his head.

Ye Chuan had already displayed his capability in taking impromptu decisions and making strategies. He indeed had won against many people, merely, other cultivators and Da Qin Crown Prince were too different. Just a Xiushi could easily crush an Evil Eyed Cow Demon much less a Daoist Master realm expert.

A disdain appeared on the face of Da Qin Crown Prince and he continued to press onward. His killing intent became denser and he became even more confident.

Liu Hong and Murong Zhuifeng also laughed. Being forced to summon Evil Eyed Cow Demon, this kind of low leveled yao beast, one could well imagine that, this time, Ye Chuan had reached the dead end. There was no escape from this misfortune!

Dazzling cyan lights flashed in succession and around Ye Chuan, more and more Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared, 10, 20, 100……, in the blink of an eye, now there were more than 800 Evil Eyed Cow Demons, moreover, they were arranged in a neat battle formation. Finally, along with the flashing of cyan light, a graceful woman wearing a black robe appeared at his side. And the hard slabstone under her feet, even though there was no rain, it nevertheless became wet, then a water vapor spread all over.

Since there was no way to avoid clashes, Ye Chuan was forced to face the hard battle, and in the blink of an eye, he arranged many defense lines.

The first line of defense was those 12 ferocious human faced snakes; the second line of defense was more than 800 Evil Eyed Cow Demons arranged in a battle formation. Even if Da Qin Crown Prince was powerful, he would still need time to arrive before Ye Chuan. The third line of defense was Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi; and the final line of defense was sea demoness Hai Lili standing at his side.

The cultivation of Sea Demoness Hai Lili couldn’t be considered very high, but her unique innate skill made her become the most powerful trump card in the hands of Ye Chuan.

Da Qin Crown Prince stopped his step and his complexion became solemn.

He alone was sufficient to deal with Ye Chuan, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Susi, these three people. But with the addition of those human faced snakes, his group had to spend more effort and he might lose some followers, that’s all. But, adding such a big group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons was different. He could withstand the joint attack of these more than 800 Evil Eyed Cow Demons, but the numerous followers behind him didn’t have doughty body like himself. A slight carelessness might lead to a large number of causalities. Moreover, that mysterious Sea Demoness gave him even more dangerous feeling. In a single glance, he knew that she clearly wasn’t a person of this mainland. And those overseas loose cultivators often had unique innate skills.

“Your Highness, do you truly want to have an all-out fight with me?”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han, and retracting his weak and compromising looks, he coldly said: “Yes, the cultivation base of Your Highness is extraordinary, and no one is capable of stopping you. But, as long as you are unable to kill me in one move, you will be the one to die. Even with your heaven-defying cultivation base, it is equally difficult for you to avoid death!”

Such a big tone!

The onlooking crowd clearly didn’t believe. No one had expected Ye Chuan to suddenly summon such a large group of yao beasts. But, looking left and right, he didn’t seem to have the ability to kill Da Qin Crown Prince in an instant. On the contrary, the expression of Da Qin Crown Prince became solemn and he didn’t dare to be conceited and arrogant. Standing face to face, he could feel the power and danger of Ye Chuan. The feeling he gave was completely unlike the feeling he got from a Xiushi realm cultivator.

“Your Highness, Ye Chuan, this brat is purposely making a mystery of simple things once again. He is most skilled in this kind of move.” Liu Hong walked forward with a sharp flying sword in her hand.

“Liu Hong, are you so eager for me to die sooner?”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at ferocious Liu Hong and said indifferently, “How long has it been? Did you forget how narrowly you escaped from the Myriad Beast Forest at that time?

Liu Hong was startled all of a sudden, recalling the final moment of the stone forest. At the critical moment, over hundred statues suddenly stopped as if the time had stopped.

No, impossible!

That was merely a coincidence, with the cultivation of Ye Chuan, how could he have such heaven-defying means?

Liu Hong desperately wanted to tell herself that that was merely her illusion and also tell herself that Ye Chuan was lying, but she clearly was unable to convince herself. She could clearly remember that time when the time seemed to have frozen. Recalling that moment, her teeth started chattering.

The complexion of Da Qin Crown Prince become even uglier. No one was a fool, one look at the current expression of Liu Hong, anyone would know what was going on.

Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, his expression was so calm and collected, and his manner of speaking was also so certain, so he definitely has something to rely on. Attacking rashly, he might truly suffer a setback.

Da Qin Crown Prince once again hesitated and was in a dilemma.

If he let Ye Chuan leaven in just this fashion, then his every shred of prestige would be swept away and he would lose the solid backing of Murong aristocratic family. And if he forcibly attacked, then he might successfully kill Ye Chuan, but there was also the possibility of both sides suffering.

“Boy, how about we have a bet?” Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han thought of a way and said.

“Speak.” Ye Chuan said.

“We two will compete. In one move, whether victory and defeat or you live or die will be concluded, then from this time on, we’ll keep out of each other’s affairs. All feelings of grievances will be written off. How about it? Rest assured, I will only use my left hand, moreover, only use 50% of my power.”

Da Qin Crown Prince stared at Ye Chuan without blinking his eyes. This talk seemed to be fair but in fact was advantageous to Da Qin Crown Prince.

With his Rank 7 Daoist Master realm cultivation base, let alone 50% of his power, even if he used only 30% of his power, Ye Chuan wouldn’t be able to withstand, and that single punch could blow off the latter. It was enough to kill Ye Chuan.

“Fine, I will take this bet!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, and beyond all expectation, without the slightest hesitation, he agreed and waved his hand to signal Flame Devil to not be impulsive. After that, he walked towards Da Qin Crown Prince.

This boy is insane!

The onlookers were shocked and everyone thought Ye Chuan was crazy. He could have clearly hide behind the heavy line of defenses. Like that, even if he was unable to defeat Da Qin Crown Prince, he could still stall for time and deplete the strength of Da Qin Crown Prince. Perhaps, some changes might occur in the future, but, he readily agreed to the demand of Da Qin Crown Prince and seriously came out by himself to accept a challenge. If this wasn’t insane, then what was?

The eyes of Liu Hong who originally was disappointed suddenly shone and became excited.

Tuoba Xiong who was carrying a heavy cauldron once again looked at Ye Chuan with increased respect. As for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, looking at Ye Chuan, her expression was somewhat complicated.

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