Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 251

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 251: So unbearable, so sore straits

Taking advantage of the time when the attention of people had shifted, Ye Chuan slowly retreated and wanting to go far away from this place rife with troubles.

A woman suddenly rushed out from the midst of the crowd and screamed, “Your Highness, don’t let this brat surnamed Ye run away. This is definitely his plot.”

This woman was petite and graceful. She was not tall but her figure was curvy, and her legs were especially slender. On her upper body, she was wearing skintight leather armor and on her lower body, she was wearing an extremely short which cannot be any shorter leather skirt. Her figure was dazzling, but her long hair was in a mess and her eyes were red, moreover, she had bloodstain all over her body. Now, her originally charming face looked somewhat ferocious and somewhat haggard, appearing somewhat in sore straits and also somewhat insane as she ferociously stared at retreating Ye Chuan.

Liu Hong?

Ye Chuan was very surprised. He had never expected to meet this she-devil here again. His heart sank and he signaled Flame Devil and Horned Demonic Na Gusi to quicken their steps.

Liu Hong, this woman had always been paying attention to her own attire and makeup. She was adept at scheming and even more adept at moving people, moreover, was skilled in using her own beauty to hook up with capable men. But, looking at her current appearance, she clearly had eaten many bitter tastes all along the road and also had truly begun to enter the demonic path.

It’s a pity, this beautiful maiden who could stay young forever changed into a ferocious she-devil.

Ye Chuan shook his head. After carving that Cyan Feather Technique which appeared right but actually wrong on the big crystal man in the stone forest, he had already expected this day. Merely, he had never expected for this day to come so fast. The greed, prejudice and insanity of Liu Hong made her walk on this road to ruin and also accelerated her end.

“Who are you?” Da Qin Crown Prince frowned.

Liu Hong of before entering paradise realm might have aroused his interest, but with her current insane and wicked appearance, she could only make people spoil their appetite. Especially after seeing pure and noble, aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, looking at other women, Da Qin Crown Prince felt all of them were flat and insipid.

Born in emperor household, when he had to marry, he would marry a woman like Heavenly Maiden. Relying on his appearance, cultivation and background, he could obtain anyone he pursued. Moreover, in the future, he would ascend the throne and become the new Da Qin King!

Intentionally or unintentionally, when Da Qin Crown Prince looked at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, his gaze became somewhat scorching hot and he suddenly noticed that Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia looked beautiful even when she was angry. The moment when the big bamboo on the head of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia flew away, he was shocked and his heartbeat had accelerated. If he didn’t have to worry about how to retrieve the Julong Pagoda, then he would have long thought of a way to hook up with her.

“Your Highness, this servant is Liu Hong, is the daughter of Five Style Sect’s Sect Master.” Liu Hong said while sticking close to him as she reached out her hand to flick the messy hair on her forehead, appearing coquettish.

She was already abandoned by Murong Zhuifeng, the thigh she had hugged, not long ago, and now, when she was in sore straits, she suddenly ran into Da Qin Crown Prince, this even sturdier thigh. And she had the chance to hook up, she would naturally stick up.

How to make a man have a good opinion of herself and then dead set, Liu Hong had long been familiar with this path, merely, it was unfortunate that Da Qin Crown Prince was not an ordinary thigh. He had long experienced beauties, moreover, his heart had just been shocked by Heavenly Maiden and the current appearance of Liu Hong couldn’t compare to her past appearance, as a result, the action of Liu Hong merely aroused aversion.

“Never heard before, roll away from where you have come, roll far away.”

Da Qin Crown Prince didn’t hide his disgust and he no longer looked at Liu Hong.

Liu Hong who still considered herself beautiful and was imagining herself hugging this new thigh was dumbfounded. For the moment, she was found it difficult to advance or to retreat and felt unprecedented awkwardness. Soon after that, she gnashed her teeth. Even if someone gave her extremely big guts, she would not dare to be furious with Da Qin Crown Prince, as a result, she pinned all the blame to Ye Chuan, and she couldn’t wait to personally kill Ye Chuan and chop him into eight pieces.

“Your Highness, this servant is speaking the truth. This brat, Ye Chuan is adept at scheming. It is impossible for him to give on Julong Pagoda on his own. This is surely his plot. Be sure to not let him run away.” Even though she had completely lost her face, Liu Hong was still unwilling to give up. She was unwilling to see Ye Chuan escaping unscathed among so many adventurers.

Was this third or fourth time? Will she let this golden opportunity to slip?

Liu Hong had forgotten, but she knew that once she let this golden opportunity slip and let Ye Chuan escape unscathed, then she will forever lose the opportunity to kill Ye Chuan.

Like Tuoba Xiong, Liu Hong instinctively noticed the astonishing transformation of Ye Chuan. Every time she met him, the temperament and cultivation realm of Ye Chuan differ to some extent, and his strength steadily rose higher. If this goes on, then he would break through to Daoist Master realm, then perhaps, even Da Qin Crown Prince might not have any way to deal with him!

“Plot, can you prove it? Is this the plot of Ye Chuan or your plot? Do you truly think other people are blockheads?” Da Qin Crown Prince coldly smiled and signaled, then two experts of imperial palace stepped up. One on the left and the other at the right, they grabbed Liu Hong’s arms, wanting to throw her far away.

“Wait, Your Highness, I can prove.”

A voice suddenly came from the midst of the crowd, and a person strenuously crawled out. Ye Chuan turned around and saw a familiar face. Crawling out from the crowd was not someone else, actually was Murong Zhuifeng without legs. This fellow unexpectedly didn’t die and came here together with Liu Hong.

“Murong Zhuifeng, is that you?” Da Qin Crown Prince exclaimed and rubbed his eyes.

Murong aristocratic family had always been the loyal and reliable support of imperial clan. Murong Zhuifeng personally also had a close friendship with Da Qin Crown Prince, moreover, he listened to his every command.

One of the three young masters of capital with great abilities, how can he change into such appearance?

Seeing Murong Zhuifeng had degenerated to a disabled person, Da Qin Crown Prince found this unbelievable for the moment.

“Your Highness, it’s me, it’s me……”

Murong Zhuifeng crawled to the side of Da Qin Crown Prince and hugging the latter’s right leg, he wailed.

The encounter of these past two days was simply an unbearable nightmare for him.

When he first entered this paradise realm, he was still full of ambitions and determined to seize the inheritance of this paradise realm, then return to the capital bringing honor to his ancestors and ask the old patriarch to record his meritorious deeds. All the way, there were dangers and also pleasant surprises, but, he surmounted all difficulties. However, after encountering Ye Chuan, everything changed. All of his aspirations completely shattered, no need to mention continuing grandly, he became a cripple!

“What happened? Speak, who cut off your legs, who is so bold and so ruthless?”

Da Qin Crown Prince was furious. Murong Zhuifeng was his follower, and the Murong Clan behind him was his supporter to contend for power and influence. Reducing Murong Zhuifeng to this state, it was not only not giving a face to Murong Clan, also was slapping him, the Da Qin Crown Prince, in the face.

“It’s him, it’s that brat Ye Chuan, it’s him. Your Highness, you must help me take revenge, Your Highness……”

Murong Zhuifeng pointed towards Ye Chuan and shouted while gnashing his teeth and tears streaming down his cheeks.

Da Qin Crown Prince looked up and along with creaking sounds, surging energy fluctuation erupted from him as he ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, then he strode forward along with dense killing intent.

Brat, you are screwed!

Liu Hong smiled. She had waited for this moment for a long time. As long as Ye Chuan was dead, even if she completely loses her face, everything was worth it!

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