Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 250

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 250: Give you this treasure

Da Qin Crown Prince was greedy and overbearing. He directly led numerous experts of imperial palace to press forward.

The onlooking crowds didn’t utter a word and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. Flame Devil and Horned Demonic Na Gusi were also nervous. Once Da Qin Crown Prince attacked them regardless of everything, then their party of three might be completely wiped out, and even Ye Chuan might not be able to escape unscathed.

“Slow down!”

Ye Chuan suddenly shouted and looking towards Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia not far away on the sidelines, he said, “Zixia girl, are you truly not helping? In such a short period of time, did you forget our Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect’s oath of alliance and also forget the entrustment of Heavenly Empress? I know, you are very sad for that day inside the cave, but as a man of character, I will do what I said, I will definitely take responsibility.”

Since he ran into the group of Heavenly Yao Sect led by Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia in this place by coincidence, Ye Chuan would naturally not miss the opportunity to make full use of it. Female sea demon Hai Lili’s innate skill was very powerful. Using it suddenly, even Da Qin Crown Prince might be affected, but, after it was exposed, it wouldn’t be as effective, and it also wasn’t the time to summon her.

Da Qin Crown Prince suddenly stopped, and all people simultaneously looked towards Heavenly Maiden wearing a big bamboo hat.

Who was Heavenly Maiden?

Even in Heavenly Yao Sect that was known as the unequaled sect, she was only below a single person and above many people. Da Qin Crown Prince dared to make impertinent remarks with disdain, but it was different when it comes to Heavenly Yao Sect. Among the numerous forces present on the scene, he had most misgivings towards Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s group. If Heavenly Maiden and Ye Chuan joined hands, then that would be anything but reassuring.

Heavenly Maiden of every generation, all were aloof, refined and remote, but hearing the words of Ye Chuan, it appeared as if the friendship of Heavenly Maiden and Ye Chuan wasn’t that shallow or subtle relations, what was going on here?

Facing everyone’s suspicious gaze, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s face became rosy and lost the control of her feelings. Even if the greater part of her face was blocked with that spacious big bamboo hat, one could vaguely see her redness. “Ye Chuan, shut up for me, who want you to take whatever responsibility? You courted death by yourself, don’t drag my Heavenly Yao Sect!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was furious. Ye Chuan however just smiled without any objection and quietly, taking out two medicinal pills, he threw them to Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. These two were the first-rate Pei Yuan Pills. They can rapidly heal wounds. Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi caught and then swallowed them. Then, they took advantage of this occasion to heal their injuries and conserve their strength, preparing their respective strongest attack.

“Heh heh, boy, do you think you can be the fox that borrows the tiger’s ferociousness? Now, what else can you do? Feel free to try them out.” Da Qin Crown Prince sneered and continued to press forward.

In the hands of Ye Chuan, suddenly a heavy pill furnace appeared and a flame soared towards the sky, which sent out heat waves all around.

Heaven Burning Furnace?

The complexion of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia changed and she indistinctly felt ill at ease.

Taking out Heaven Burning Furnace at this moment, what does Ye Chuan want to do? Does he truly want to go all out against Da Qin Crown Prince?

Da Qin Crown Prince stopped his footsteps once again and his complexion became solemn as he sensed a danger from Heaven Burning Furnace.

“Your Highness, this is the Heaven Burning Furnace that suppressed the fate of Heavenly Yao Sect. This pill furnace is of little use to me, but it is different in the hands of a competent expert. How about I give this treasure to you and hereafter, we keep out of each other’s’ affairs?” Ye Chuan said something startling.

The gaze of Da Qin Crown Prince quickly became scorching hot.

Such a peerless treasure, its value is absolutely far above the Julong Pagoda, moreover, it would have extraordinary significance if Da Qin Dynasty possessed it. With Heaven Burning Furnace, the reputation of Da Qin Dynasty would undoubtedly shake the world and the unequalled sect Heavenly Yao Sect would definitely receive a hard hit, and perhaps, from that time on, it would walk on the path of decline, and it would no longer be able to lead numerous cultivation sects, then it would no longer be able to contend against Da Qin Dynasty.

Da Qin Crown Prince began to hesitate and his complexion became indefinite, but his gaze became hotter and hotter.

Not far away, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia however was unable to stand still. Leading several experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, she strode forward and said, “Ye Chuan, what do you think you are doing? Is this how you keep the promise?”

This time, the objective of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia for coming to this paradise realm was to seize the inheritance of this paradise realm, but seeing Ye Chuan wanted to gift her sect’s defining treasure, she could no longer stay calm and collected. The things in the hands of Ye Chuan could be retrieved at any time, but if it falls into the hands of Da Qing King, then it was a different matter. If her Master White Haired Heavenly Empress knew that, then she would definitely be furious.

“Zixia girl, it’s not that I don’t want to keep my promise, merely, I truly cannot keep this treasure. When people die, how can they safe-keep their treasure? Ai, it’s because I don’t have the ability, I let down Heavenly Empress……”

Ye Chuan shook his head and pretended that he was about to throw the Heaven Burning Furnace towards Da Qin Crown Prince.

“Hahaha, this furnace is not bad, boy, give it to me!”

Da Qin Crown Prince roared with laughter and he suddenly rushed towards Ye Chuan, wanting to snatch Heaven Burning Furnace from Ye Chuan so as to avoid troubles that might appear due to a long delay.

Ye Chuan stood still without any intention to dodge and he even extended his hands to hand over the Heaven Burning Furnace with a pair of gentleman looks.


Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia stamped her feet and she was very furious, but she had no choice but to rush over to the front of Ye Chuan to stop incoming Da Qin Crown Prince. Suddenly, a seven-colored halo appeared on the back of her head and majestic energy fluctuation erupted from within her body.

Bo! A muffled sound resounded as Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Da Qin Crown Prince collided against each other.

Both parties retreated a step back, unexpectedly were evenly matched. The long hair of Da Qin Crown Prince was in a mess, and the big bamboo hat worn by Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was sent flying by the invisible shockwave, revealing her pure and noble exquisite face. Her slender neck, exquisite and lovely facial features, furthermore, that aloof and refined temperament stunned all people. Even Da Qin Crown Prince who had seen many beauties also become absent-minded beyond his control.

All knew that every generation heavenly maiden had an outstanding appearance, but, Heavenly Maiden Zixia without big bamboo hat still made people feel that she was exceptionally beautiful.

“Thank you, Zixia girl, I knew it, you cannot bear to let me die here.”

Ye Chuan suddenly put away Heaven Burning Furnace with a smile. Since Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia made a move, now, he was certain that he could use the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect and there was no need to have a last-ditch struggle.

“Boy, you……”

Da Qin Crown Prince came back to his senses, then gnashed his teeth with a cloudy complexion as he understood that he had fallen into the trap of Ye Chuan. Moreover, he also became fully aware that Ye Chuan succeeded in dragging Heavenly Yao Sect into this muddy water. This brat was truly shameless.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was also glaring hatefully at Ye Chuan while gritting her teeth. She had thought to take advantage of this occasion to take back Heaven Burning Furnace and save herself from the troubles of the future, but, who would have thought that, Ye Chuan, this brat was so shrewd. He was even more cunning compared to a ten thousand years old fox.

“Well, I promised Heavenly Empress to personally return this Heaven Burning Furnace to her, since I have said that, I will do so. Your Highness, I apologize.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled and looking at Da Qin Crown Prince who was on the verge of going out of control, he suddenly took Julong Pagoda in the hand of Flame Devil, then holding it high in the air, he threw it far into the poisonous mist and said, “Your Highness, were you demanding this whatever Julong Pagoda? Fine, since my Cloud Mist Sect cannot contend against you, whoever wants it, they can take it away.”

Beyond all expectations, Ye Chuan suddenly threw the Julong Pagoda before the eyes of everyone, secretly signaling Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi to not agitate. After that, under the protection of 12 human faced snakes, they slowly retreated.

The eyes of Da Qin Crown Prince flashed with ominous glint and he was unwilling to let Ye Chuan go just like this, but looking at the vaguely visible Julong Pagoda in the midst of poisonous mist, he hesitated again.

Was it important to chase and kill Ye Chuan or to seize that Julong Pagoda?

The answer was self-evident, Da Qin Crown Prince quickly made the decision, and at the same time, he also felt heavy pressure. Not only Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, even the onlooking crowd were ready to make trouble, and they completely ignored Ye Chuan and others as they stared at that vaguely visible Julong Pagoda in the midst of poisonous mist.

It would appear that the action of Ye Chuan taking the initiative to dispose of Julong Pagoda was extremely rash, but in fact, it was a careful consideration. He cunningly transferred the attention and contradiction of people.

Compared to the real inheritance of this paradise realm, what was Julong Pagoda? Moreover, throwing it into the poisonous mist didn’t truly count as a loss!

Ye Chuan glanced at the seething poisonous mist on both sides of the Demonic Dragon Path and used his divine sense to tell Little Long’er not to hastily take away Julong Pagoda.

The best part of the show was yet to come!

Ye Chuan sneered and looked towards the party of Da Qin Crown Prince as if he was watching dead people.

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