Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 25

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 25: Wedding Night

“Who, who killed my son? Stand out for me!”

Jin Zhikun stood up, then raising his head, he roared. His face was completely twisted just like a brutal Yao beast, while his pair of eyes scanned all around. Swept by his eyes, there was no one among guards and disciples that were not trembling in terror, and uniformly fell back few steps.

Cloud Mist Sect’s forte was to plant medicinal herbs with alchemy, and the sect was subdivided into Mountain Patrolling Hall, Tool Smelting Hall and Alchemy Hall, but the most important among them was Alchemy Hall. This Alchemy Hall was the core of Cloud Mist Sect. So Alchemy Hall Master always had a high weight among the elders of the sect.

Jin Zhikun had controlled this Alchemy Hall for many years, and already was a big tree with deep roots. And he himself had also broken through to Rank 7 Xiushi more than ten years ago, and currently was just a step away from Daoist Master realm. And now he suddenly flew into rage, completely baring his might, this made all those guards and disciples who had rushed over after hearing the news didn’t dare to look straight at him, and each and every one of them didn’t even dare to even breathe heavily.

“I’m here, I kill him.” Ye Chuan indifferently said, and he calmly stood out directly confronting the pressure of Hall Master Jin Zhikun under the gaze of everyone.

“Hahaha, good, good, brat, you really have guts!’

Jin Zhikun laughed while his anger reached the limit, then taking one step forward, ‘kacha’ sound resounded, as a cyan colored slabstone under his foot cracked. After that with his killing intent sharply rising, he said, “Tell me why, why did you kill my Hua’er?”

Jin Zhikun eyes were dripping blood, and his current appearance was ferocious enough to frighten people. Right now just a single look from him would be enough to make others shiver all over through not cold.

“Because, he should die!”

These short sentence that came out of Ye Chuan’s mouth thoroughly frightened the public.

Good heavens, he dared to speak this way even in front of Hall Master, is he ignorant or mad? Is he not afraid of Hall Master Jin tearing him apart on the spot?

The complexion of Jin Zhikun flushed, Ye Chuan’s ‘should die’ these two words made him so angry that he trembled. He took another step forward, the ferociously said, “Why? Ye Chuan, speak, give me a single reason to not kill you!”

“Perhaps junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua was discontented with this sect marriage, he wanted to flee overnight down the mountain to avoid this marriage. Unfortunately, even if we forget about the matter of him trying to flee to avoid this marriage, before he went down the mountain, he unexpectedly sneaked into Martial Repository Pavilion to steal a merit law.”

Ye Chuan looked around and indifferently talked in a kindly and informal fashion, “Soon he has bridal chamber, but he tried to flee to avoid it, without thinking about whether this would invite trouble for the sect or not. Furthermore as an elite disciple, he deliberately broke the law of the sect and stole merit law. These two felonies are enough to behead him publicly. Moreover, stealing is merely stealing, but junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua not only not wake up to see reality, instead, thoroughly unleased a killer move to silence all the witnesses, entire twelve guards died tragic death under his Fierce Tiger Fists. If Great Elder had not arrived in the brink of the time, I fear, I, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother would have also died in his hands. Such extremely evil scum should not die, then who should die?”

Ye Chuan calmly, in a few words cleared this matter, stirring people’s anger and hatred.

Sure enough, the gaze of people that was looking at the bloody corpse of Jin Hua slowly changed. Now there was neither sympathy nor pity. Jin Hua is human, but aren’t those twelve guards also humans? If this scum Jin Hua is not killed, then how could one convince the masses, and what is the use of sect law?

“Brat, even if you speak further, today you are dead, kill!”

Jin Zhikun angrily roared, and without giving Ye Chuan any chance to explain further, he darted towards him. Then above his head in the sky, suddenly a scorpion phantom appeared, and this scorpion flung its tail, sending out a wind blade towards Ye Chuan, accompanied by a fishy-smelling wind.

Poison Scorpion Palm!

A strike, Jin Zhikun used his famed fatal blow to directly kill Ye Chuan.

Wuzhe realm refines body, and once cultivation reach Xiushi realm, they can cultivate magic power to condense all kinds of life origin talisman. Jin Hua’s life origin talisman was a fierce tiger, while Jin Zhikun’s was a poison scorpion. Merely the fishy-smelling wind assaulting the nostrils could make people dizzy, and could even kill people within 100 meters if he wanted.

Ye Chuan held his breathe, and rapidly fell back few steps, dodging that wind blade.


Seeing calmly standing Ye Chuan as if nothing happened, Jin Zhikun exclaimed in surprise, and his complexion became even more ferocious.

In that move of just now, the most terrifying aspect was not wind blade itself, rather that poisonous fishy-smelling wind. Even for a Rank 1 Xiushi realm disciple, it was very difficult to escape unscathed from this move, but Ye Chuan this brat, how did he accomplish it?

“Come back, brat, within three move, I will certainly kill you!’

The eyes of Jin Zhikun shoot flames, then rushing again, he appeared in front of Ye Chuan, then ruthlessly attacked him with his palm. This time, the strength was greater, and that fishy-smelling wind was also denser. The spectating guards and disciples hurriedly fell back, but even after they were ten meters away, they felt dizzy and their chest felt stuffy.

The speed of Jin Zhikun was astonishing, but this time Ye Chuan didn’t retreat, rather raised the broom in his hand.

This seemingly commonplace swarthy broom, which even if tossed aside, no one would bother to pick up, now in this moment, somehow caused a danger feeling to rise in the heart of Jin Zhikun, and in the space between the eyebrows, he felt extremely painful, as if in front of him was not a broom, rather a treasured sword that could cut through iron as if it were mud. Still he continued his swatting, he wanted to swat Ye Chuan into meat pulp.

“Eh, good boy, again, second move, Scorpion Rise!”

Jin Zhikun screamed once again, and brazenly used even more powerful fatal move. The poison scorpion phantom above his head suddenly lowered its head, then its abdomen deeply sunken down, and it suddenly swelled up next moment, then swung its tail at high speed.

In the air, a violent aura suddenly undulated.

And the onlookers retreated once again, retreated far away, feeling the danger.

Ye Chuan also frowned, and his heart wildly jumped.

If it was his most flourishing time, then Jin Zhikun, this kind of small character was not worth mentioning, and there was plenty of ways to break his move easily. But now, there was a too big difference in their realm. The gap between Rank 5 Wuzhe and Rank 7 Xiushi was too big that even his rich experiences were useless.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t get nervous, let me come!”

An ice-cold voice suddenly came from distance, and a sword light suddenly flew over from the dark.

Cold indifference, proud and aloof Nan Tiandu’s speed was alarming, before his voice had completely disappeared, he had already appeared in front of Ye Chuan, and stood there vigorously as if mountain. And he pointed his sharp sword towards the space between the brows of Jin Zhikun with awe-inspiring killing intent. After that Second Elder also arrived there from the dark while carrying medicine hoe, then looking at Jin Zhikun, he coldly snorted, “Humph, three move to kill my Cloud Mist Sect’s grand Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what a big tone? Jin Zhikun, who let you raise a hand to kill? Sect Master is out, so do you really believed that no-one will take care of your lawlessness? Come, I, this old man will fight you, if I cannot kill you within three move, then my name is not Nan Gongren!”

At the crucial moment, Second Elder Nan Gongren master and apprentice hurriedly came flying, and blocked atrocious action of Jin Zhikun.

“Second Elder, you…”

Jin Zhikun gritted his teeth in anger and hatred. Someone getting in the way just when he was about to succeed made him truly sullen. But looking at proud and aloof Nin Taindu as well as Second Elder shielding Ye Chuan, he had no choice but to stop his movement with great difficulty. Nan Tiandu was nothing, but if Second Elder took action, then with his Rank 3 Daoist Master cultivation, he absolutely would be badly battered. Moreover, Second Elder was famous eccentric, also foul and obstinate who was afraid of nothing, so he might even truly unleash a killer move under his temper which was also seriously a pain.

“Zhikun, return, although it’s unfortunate that Jin Hua had died, but when all is said and done, he had done wrong first. Whatever one says, the law of a sect must be abided.” Third Elder gave instruction, while looking at growing wild Second Elder with gloomy complexion. After that he sized up the body of Ye Chuan with his narrowed eyes as if a poisonous snake, which made people feel unwell from head to toe. Furthermore none knew what exactly he was thinking.

“Third Elder, my only son Hua’er cannot die in just this fashion ah, Third Elder……” Jin Zhikun spat blood in his heart. Seeing the corpse of his son Jin Hua, how could he easily let this matter drop?

“Stupid, although Great Elder didn’t show, but he is obviously protecting that brat Ye Chuan in secret. With Great Elder and Second Elder’s support, now we will have to fight to the death with them if we want to deal with Ye Chuan, is it worthwhile? The people of Black Cauldron Sect are coming soon, naturally someone among them will look for a trouble with Ye Chuan, that brat. Moreover who is Tuoba Xiong, let’s see how Great Elder and Second Elder justify themselves!”

The lips of Third Elder secretly moved, transmitting his voice directly to the mind of Jin Zhikun.

Yeah, isn’t there Tuoba Xiong? With his status, temper and cultivation, how can this brat, Ye Chuan easily escape him?

Jin Zhikun’s eyes shone, then ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan, he retracted his anger.

Just then from the foot of the mountain, suddenly a bustling sound resounded, and flames soared. They had just mentioned Tuoba Xiong, and Black Cauldron Sect’s troops had already arrived, while mightily escorting the bride to the groom’s home with torches.

Wedding night, bride came, but bridegroom however was already swatted to death with a broom, what to do now?

Now from the top to the bottom of the sect, everyone was worried as this situation was anything but reassuring. Even Great Elder was also similarly having a headache.

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