Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 249

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 249: Domineering air

Since the circumstance had changed, Ye Chuan didn’t have time to secretly launch a surprise attack from within the poisonous mist at the side of Demonic Dragon Path, so he directly walked out openly. Although his cultivation appeared low, for an unknown reason, he was giving a dangerous feeling.

Everyone could feel the dangerous aura emitted by six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within the body of Ye Chuan. All the people who were able to arrive here were experts, and they possessed sharp sense and instinct.

“Noble son Ye……”

Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi exclaimed simultaneously with excitement and their eyes shone.

Since all the onlooking adventurers didn’t make a move to help them, they two had thought that they would die this time. But, to their surprise, Ye Chuan, who was missing without any news after they entered this paradise realm, suddenly appeared here.

Ye Chuan continued to walk forward. His complexion was calm and his steps were steady.

He had already restrained his energy fluctuation and the aura of several Heaven Swallowing Talismans, but his expression of facing danger fearlessly and the killing intent that he emitted unconsciously made people apprehensive in secret. Especially Tuoba Xiong, closely watching at Ye Chuan, he was shocked. He unexpectedly discovered that every time he met Ye Chuan, his temperament differ to some extent.

Recalling the first meeting, when he led a large group of Black Cauldron Sect’s disciples to make a show of his strength, Ye Chuan was merely a worthless Wuzhe. He had yet to break through to Xiushi realm. He could have easily crushed him to death with a finger. Later, in the three sect’s Great Competition, Ye Chuan began to gradually show his brilliance, but his cultivation was still not outstanding. And now, although he had yet to break through to Daoist Master realm, don’t know from when, he unexpectedly began to give people an unfathomable and hard to defeat feeling. Moreover, his cultivation speed too, wasn’t that honestly too fast?

Tuoba Xiong didn’t utter a single word and suddenly had a powerless feeling. Not because the cultivation speed of Ye Chuan was too fast rather because Ye Chuan was comparatively much younger, and since he was old, he was unable to keep up with the changes of Wilderness World.

“Boy, are you Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan?”

Da Qin Crown Prince quickly guessed the identity of Ye Chuan. And feeling the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan, he was somewhat confused. He didn’t know where this dangerous feeling was coming from, but he still looked down upon him.

Ye Chuan had not shown himself all the way, so he still had little misgivings, thinking there were many people with him. Only after Ye Chuan arrived in front of him, his heart was free from anxiety.

Only a young disciple with Rank 7 Xiushi realm cultivation, even if he had a unique ability, how big could his means be? Even Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi, these two Rank 5 Daoist Master realm experts were able to withstand a single blow, how could this trifling Rank 7 Xiushi change the situation?

Da Qin Crown Prince smiled, coldly smile and ferociously looked ahead.

Ye Chuan had come at just the right time. Now, he could catch the whole lot in a dragnet so as to avoid leaving a future trouble. And without waiting for the answer of Ye Chuan, he suddenly put forth strength in his hands to kill both Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. “Hahaha, boy, you have come at just the right time, you three can go together on your way so as to not waste the time of this crown prince, hahahaha……”

Ye Chuan suddenly dimmed and disappeared right before the eyes of everyone. In the next moment, using Peerless Style Technique, he bypassed the guards behind Da Qin Crown Prince, directly appearing in front of this Da Qin Crown Prince who considered himself the best in the world. Then, he ferociously punched.

This punch appeared nothing special, and the strength behind this punch was also not violent like that of Emperor Fist of Da Qin Crown Prince, but the pupils of everyone shrunk all of a sudden.

When Ye Chuan punched, seven and eight dragons unexpectedly appeared in the air and pounced towards Da Qin Crown Prince along with dragon roars. If the latter continued to put forth the strength to kill Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi, then he himself might also get injured. This punch of Ye Chuan came too quickly and too unexpectedly, the experts around Da Qin Crown Prince basically didn’t have time to react.

The complexion of Da Qin Crown Prince become cold. He had no choice but to give up killing Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. Then, taking a step ahead, he also similarly punched, confronting the tough with toughness.

An ear deafening colliding sound resounded, and the shockwave of this collision made people unable to open their eyes.

The dragon phantoms in the air completely vanished and Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan as a blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. He was clearly not the opponent of Da Qin Crown Prince in a one on one fight. The experts at the side of Da Qin Crown Prince rushed up, wanting to take advantage of this occasion to catch Ye Chuan alive, but to their surprise, Ye Chuan before them disappeared once again. Then along with a cold wind, he appeared behind Da Qin Crown Prince along with wounded Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi.

Da Qin Crown Prince turned around and coldly looking at Ye Chuan, he coldly said, “Not bad, although your cultivation is not up to much, you have cultivated this style technique to the acme of perfection, deserved to be called the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. But, with only this small skill, boy, you are still far from being qualified to fight against this crown prince. Give yourself a favor and stretch your neck to accept death, hahahaha…..”

Da Qin Crown Prince roared with laughter but his handsome face became more and more ferocious.

Just now he was unguarded so Ye Chuan was able to launch a surprise attack using Peerless Style Technique, but now that he was alert, the situation changed. The experts of the imperial palace around him didn’t need to make a move, he alone could easily kill Ye Chuan and the other two.

Suddenly, dazzling cyan lights flashed in front of people in succession.

Suddenly, one human faced snakes appeared at the side of Ye Chuan, then two, thee……, in an instant, 12 ferocious and frightening human faced snake guardians appeared at the side of Ye Chuan. The aura of these human faced snakes wasn’t ferocious like the aura of dragon statues on this Demonic Dragon Path, but human faced snakes appeared even stranger. Just looking at their continuously swaying body, people felt jumpy.

This……, weren’t these human faced snakes that appeared in Ghost King Chessboard? How could they appear here and heed the order of Ye Chuan?

The adventurers that had experienced Ghost King Chessboard were alarmed, and simultaneously had their eyes wide open in shock. Tuoba Xiong was also similar.

The laughter of Da Qin Crown Prince ceased abruptly. He felt strong danger from these 12 human faced snakes. It was easy to forcibly kill Ye Chuan and the other two with the help of numerous experts of the imperial palace, but confronting the desperate counter-attack of Ye Chuan and others, he feared that they might suffer heavy injuries.

In this dangerous and unfathomable paradise realm, losing a large number of experts was a heavy damage.

Da Qin Crown Prince began to hesitate. His objective was Julong Pagoda in the hand of Flame Devil, and it was naturally the best if he could eliminate both Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi, but it was not worth paying a heavy price.

Who was Ye Chuan? With a single glance, he was able to see through the thoughts of Da Qin Crown Prince. “Your Highness, in these last few years, my Cloud Mist Sect is not particularly good, and my sect naturally cannot compare to your Da Qin Dynasty. But, even rabbit bites when in danger, so don’t push people too hard. How about forgetting this matter in just this fashion and keep ourselves out of each other’s affairs hereafter?”

“Forget it?” Da Qin Crown Prince raised his eyebrows and his killing intent soared all of a sudden.

“I was lucky enough to pick up some treasures in this paradise realm, I will give all of them to you, how about it?” Ye Chuan reached out and took out several dragon crystals he had yet to refine, and continuing to show the weakness, he retreated in order to advance.

The eyes of onlooking adventures shone. After coming all the way here, who didn’t understand the value and rareness of these dragon crystals?

Flame Devil anxiously said, “Noble son Ye, you can run by yourself, leave us……”

Flame Devil wanted to say something, but Ye Chuan waved his hand to stop him, and he quietly watched this overbearing Da Qin Crown Prince. The latter greedily looked at the dragon crystals in the hands of Ye Chuan. Then, taking a step ahead, his energy fluctuation and killing intent suddenly rose, pressuring Ye Chuan.

“Boy, how is this so cheap? I want these dragon crystals, and Julong Pagoda is also mine, moreover, I also want the life of you three, hahaha……”

Da Qin Crown Prince laughed and after weighing the advantage and disadvantage, he made a decision, He immediately led numerous experts of imperial palace towards Ye Chuan.

A thrilling battle was about to erupt!

The onlooking adventurers retreated in succession. They retreated far away and watch the circumstance without even blinking their eyes. They were waiting to see a splendid and intense battle. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was wearing a big bamboo hat didn’t utter a single word and she also had no intention to help.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This simplifies his future plans at least. He can take the cauldron and their snake guardian back, leaving them in the dust when he rises in the future.

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