Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 247

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 247: Julong Pagoda

In the midst of thick fog, shadows of human figures swayed frequently, and people retreated from the front in succession. Behind them, huge dragons were chasing them.

The pressure on Tuoba Xiong and others suddenly increased, thus, they had no choice but to go all out to meet the enemies. The group of Da Qin Crown Prince attracted most of the dragons, and those dragons were ferocious and tough too, but, fortunately, the strength of their group was also sufficiently strong. More than ten people stood out and joined hands to kill dragons. Frequently, sad and shrill cries resounded as someone fell to the ground and died. There were also dragons falling to the ground with a bang.

A group of experts wearing a big bamboo hat suddenly came out from the fog and joined the battle. Although there were only five of them, their combat power was especially fierce. There was a 7-8 meters tall fellow, he could tear a dragon into two half with his bare hand. Very quickly, the number of dragons that were besieging everyone became fewer and fewer. In the end, after a sad wail, that especially huge leader Golden Dragon King turned around and fled into the depths of the thick fog.

“Eh, Kumu warrior, Tain Ku? Furthermore……”

After the battle gradually calmed down, Ye Chuan discovered several familiar figures. Kumu warrior Tian Ku was among them, and the person standing beside him was none other than Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who had angrily returned to Heavenly Yao Sect.

After the paradise realm came up out of the ground, Heavenly Yao Sect that was known as the peerless sect also couldn’t control themselves. Aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia personally led a group of people to enter this paradise realm.

After the battle was resolved, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia led several experts of Heavenly Yao Sect to one side to have a rest. On the other side, tall and sturdy Da Qin Crown Prince led numerous followers to surround two loose cultivators whose face was covered with a black cloth, and his killing intent soared.

“You two even dared to snatch the thing of this crown prince, your guts is truly big. You have guts to snatch Julong Pagoda, but don’t have the guts to show your face?”

The complexion of Da Qin Crown Prince was ice-cold and his momentum was threatening as he suddenly said, “Say, who exactly are you two? If you two are sensible, then quickly hand over Julong Pagoda and cut off one of your arms to make a formal apology, otherwise, you two are dead and the sect behind you two will also be annihilated! No matter how big or how powerful and prosperous your sect is, it will fall apart under the trampling of my Da Qin army!”

Da Qin Crown Prince coldly boasted, but his energy fluctuation was incomparably tyrannical as he simply had enough capital to be this wildly arrogant. There were many experts of sects on the scene, and hearing his words, their complexion became ghastly pale, but no one dare to step forward and argue with him after sensing that tyrannical energy fluctuation of Da Qin Crown Prince.

“Such a big tone, granted that you don’t put my Cloud Mist Sect in your eyes, but do you think a trifling crown prince can annihilate Heavenly Yao Sect?”

The two masked man looked at each other and then took off the black cloth covering their face, coldly confronting the pressure of Da Qin Crown Prince.

Both of them had a tall and big figure, one had a purplish red beard and his skin was dry. He held a three feet tall golden little pagoda; as for the other one, he was three meters tall, and a pair of horns could be seen vaguely on his head. Although their cultivation was not so tyrannical like Da Qin Crown Prince, they also were Rank 5 Daoist master realm experts.

Flame Devil Yi Yanzi and Horned Demon Na Gusi?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone. He hadn’t expected that he would actually meet them in this place. He wanted to rush over to join them, but suddenly thinking about something, he continued to hide behind the rock.

“Heavenly Yao Sect is Heavenly Yao Sect, can an unqualified sect like yours compare with them? Give up, don’t imagine that it’s possible to drag Heavenly Yao Sect in this matter. No one can save you two.”

Da Qin Crown Prince coldly smiled and taking a step forward, he aggressively said, “Very long time ago, Cloud Mist Sect was very powerful, but now, I’m afraid it is unworthy to be called even the third-rate sect. Believe it or not, this crown prince’s one command can exterminate your Cloud Mist Sect without leaving a single survivor.”

The killing intent of Da Qin Crown Prince soared and looking at that small golden pagoda in the hand of Flame Devil, his eyes shone.

This Julong Pagoda was discovered among a group of dragon statues. Its value was far above ordinary dragon crystals. It was very hard to obtain. To obtain this, several later stage Daoist Master realm experts had to join hands to attract that strong Golden Dragon King. Unexpectedly, before they could return, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi successfully obtained it.

“The current Cloud Mist Sect is not up to much, but Your Highness Crown Prince shouldn’t forget that Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect have an ancient treaty of alliance. Ever since ancient times, they have the agreement of advancing and retreating together. If you want to exterminate my Cloud Mist Sect, let alone you, a trifling crown prince, even Da Qin King also doesn’t have such guts and ability.”

Flame Devil directly confronted the pressure of Da Qin Crown Prince, and looking towards not far away Heavenly Maiden, he said, “Your Excellency Heavenly Maiden, do you all truly want to look on with folded arms? This old servant served Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan for many years, I am his only trusted aide and confidant, if you all just kept on looking without trying to save me, then in the future, how will Your Excellency Heavenly Maiden explain to Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan?”

Flame Devil knew that he wasn’t the opponent of this Da Qin Crown Prince, in addition, Horned Demon Na Gusi also was useless, not to mention the other party had surrounded them with a large group of experts. If they fought recklessly, then they were sure to be defeated, so he was forced to use the name of Ye Chuan to ask Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and her group to come to the rescue. Among the experts of sects and loose cultivators present on the scene, only Heavenly Maiden and her group might be able to suppress this Da Qin Crown Prince who considered everyone beneath his notice. There were not many experts on the side of Heavenly Maiden, but each of them was elite of Heavenly Yao Sect and their energy fluctuation was very powerful.

The complexion of Da Qin Crown Prince slightly changed, now, he truly had misgivings. If Heavenly Maiden and her group attacked, then that would be troublesome.

All people simultaneously looked towards Heavenly Maiden wearing a big bamboo hat, and were secretly looking forward to a world-shaking battle. Legend says that Julong Pagoda could command a group of dragons, so who didn’t desire to obtain it? But, only when both Heavenly Maiden and Da Qin Crown Prince suffered losses, they would have an opportunity.

Flame Devil was uncommunicative in former days, but at the crucial moment, his words were sharp. He knew how to borrow power. Unfortunately, he was disappointed very soon as Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was still motionless without any intention to move. Few words could move other people but not Heavenly Maiden. Under the spacious big bamboo hat, she had an ice-cold face without the slightest emotion. Her face was exquisite but cold like a glacier.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, I said no one can save you two. Taste the power of my Da Qin Dynasty’s Emperor Fist and die!”

Da Qin Crown Prince roared with laughter and he personally rushed towards Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. He also didn’t use his killing weapon, instead attack with his palms. The body of both Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi sunk at the same time and the energy within their body became chaotic. Instantly, as if suffering an innate pressure, they couldn’t even condense their energy.

Emperor Fist!

The overbearing Da Qin Crown Prince attacked using the unique technique and his killing intent surged.

Emperor Fist, this technique was the crystallization of the hard work of Da Qin Dynasty for several hundred years. Generation after generation, Da Qin Kings invited countless experts to gather together. According to the rumor, even an expert from beyond the highest heaven had participated in that gathering, and after several hundred years, they finally created this uncommon technique. This technique was monopolized by the imperial family and it was custom made to restrain all ordinary techniques of the sects. Once this technique was used, it innately suppressed the power of the opponent.

Numerous sect disciples and loose cultivators breathe heavily and look at this scene without blinking their eyes. Even Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was the same. Seeing the move of Da Qin Crown Prince, she became solemn.

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