Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 246

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 246: Da Qin Crown Prince

Again waiting for a while, Ye Chuan left with Little Long’er, entering the third gate of Demonic Dragon Path.

A cold wind blew directly against his face.

Ye Chuan was startled and felt uneasy in his heart. At first glance, this Demonic Magic Path and the path of before didn’t have any difference, this path was also not wide and there was poisonous mist on both sides with towering dragon statues in its midst, but this place had more dangerous feeling which made people stop their steps instinctively.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, what is that?” Little Long’er hid behind Ye Chuan and pointing towards the left side in front of them, he looked pale.

Ye Chuan looked over and his complexion suddenly strained.

Roughly 20 meters on the front-left side, in the midst of poisonous mist, there was a towering uncommon statue. It wasn’t a huge and ferocious dragon, rather a human. His entire body was an ice-cold stone lump, but his hair and eyebrows were clearly visible, and his expression was lifelike. And upon closer look, he discovered that he was wearing the standard war robe of Black Cauldron Sect, shockingly was a disciple of Black Cauldron Sect.

The master of this paradise realm left behind a statue of Black Cauldron Sect’s disciple in ancient times, was this possible?

Ye Chuan was stunned, this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was at least several million years old, at that time, did Black Cauldron Sect already exist?

It was impossible for the master of this paradise realm to leave behind this human-shaped statue, then, how come it appeared here?

A terrifying thought appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan then plucking up his courage, he walked forward. Sure enough, not long after, he saw several similar statues.

Before, the poisonous mist in two sides of Demonic Dragon Path only corroded, it could corrode all living beings that had flesh and blood, but, after entering the third gate, this poisonous mist had become even more terrifying. It no longer corroded the human body, rather directly petrified humans.

Before, if one carelessly fell into the poisonous mist, then one would have changed into a skeleton, now, one would change into a statue at two sides of this Demonic Dragon Path.

After realizing this, his fine hair stood its end. As for Little Long’er behind him, his teeth were already chattering.

After looking all around, Ye Chuan suddenly bent over and picked up a knife fallen on the ground, then giving it to Little Long’er, he said, “Little Long’er, I will test the poisonous mist of this place, you help me hold the lines. I will stick my finger into this poisonous to test, if I couldn’t free himself, then immediately cut off my entire arm.”

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and circulating Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body, his body glimmered with white light, then stretching the middle finger of his right hand, he slowly extended his hand towards this poisonous mist.

Being able to walk freely inside the poisonous mist was Ye Chuan’s greatest gain after entering the Demonic Dragon Path. It was also the greatest trump card when facing Tuoba Xiong and others. But, since the situation had changed, the front was dangerous and unfathomable, so he had to quickly be clear about the effect of this poisonous mist on himself, the faster the better.

A faint tingling pain quickly came through his fingertip and the color of his fingertip quickly changed as a layer of grey mist completely covered it. Very quickly, the middle finger of his right hand become stiff, numb and ice-cold like a stone.

The complexion of Ye Chuan became solemn. The change in his finger verified his conjecture of before. Fortunately, this terrifying poisonous mist didn’t spread along the middle finger of his right hand. Although it was stiff and numb, he could still feel his finger and also could move it slightly. In the short period of time, it seemed he wouldn’t be completely petrified.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, let me try.”

Little Long’er suddenly stepped into the poisonous mist, and he was completely covered with a layer of grey mist, but, to the surprise of Ye Chuan, he could move freely without any effect, moreover, the energy fluctuation within his body rose steadily. More powerful poisonous mist seemed to stimulate his potential even more, rapidly increasing his power.

Demonic Dragon Body!

This was the true Demonic Dragon Body, can it be……

Ye Chuan was shocked and suddenly had a thought.

After refining a drop of Demonic Dragon Blood, he condensed a Demonic Dragon Talisman, furthermore, refining many dragon crystals, he obtained a tyrannical body, but, it was still difficult to freely move within the poisonous mist. But, Little Long’er innately didn’t fear the corrosion of poisonous mist, this clearly showed that he possessed a unique innate skill. Only the Demonic Dragon who built this paradise realm might be so!

Ye Chuan boldly stood up and like little Long’er, he walked into the poisonous mist, and after repeatedly testing how long he could stay within this poisonous mist, he continued on the journey.

The Demonic Dragon Path behind the third gate was more dangerous compared to before. All along the road, Ye Chuan saw the corpses of many adventurers. Among them, there was no lack of familiar faces. Many sects’ disciples and loose cultivators had died here. After walking quickly for an hour, he could finally hear the screaming and fighting sounds in the front. He finally caught up to the large army in the front. Then, quickening his step, he saw Tuoba Xiong and other in the front.

This was a valley. Demonic Dragon Path extended to this place with a wide terrain. The sky of this valley was enveloped in a grey mist, but compared to the poisonous mist of Demonic Dragon Path, this mist was different. It wasn’t harmful, merely affected the line of vision. At one glance, there were only a dozen people including Tuoba Xiong in the front. There was not even a single disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, only Tuoba Xiong was left alone. And among the experts of capital’s Long Clan, only Long San remained. Moreover, at this moment, several ferocious dragons were besieging this crowd of uninvited guests. And at the distance place, there seemed to be lots of people, moreover, all of them were experts, but, because of the thick mist in the air, it was unclear who they were.

Roar, a true earth dragon suddenly soared and opening its mouth, it bit an adventurer, then walked away, returning to the poisonous mist at the side of this Demonic Dragon Path, then one man one dragon, both of them quickly changed into ice-cold statues.

Tuoba Xiong, Long San and others quickly gathered together back to back. Each and every one of them looked pale. As for Ye Chuan who was looking everything from a distant place, his heart was in jitters.

They similarly were statues, but the dragons of this place were clearly different. They were very intelligent, actually could understand besieging and had the sense of propriety. How were they statues? They were clearly the true dragons that were temporarily frozen and petrified. When they had a chance, they might rush out, becoming ancient yao beasts that broke the prohibition against taking life!

Along with ear-deafening dragon roars coming in succession, the figures of the distant place rapidly approached. There were not many people in this group, only 20-30 people. There were aloof loose cultivators, sects’ experts wearing standard battle armor, and furthermore, a group of people wearing uniform cyan armor clustered around a youth wearing a purple robe. This youth was tall and imposing, and his energy fluctuation was even more outstanding. He had the cultivation realm of Rank 7 Daoist Master. With a single slap, he sent a dragon that was rushing towards him flying. His strength was amazing.

Seeing a group of experts had arrived, the eyes of Tuoba Xiong and others shone as they sighed in relief, but, in the next moment, no-one could be happy.

A group of ferocious golden dragons was rushing behind this group of experts. There were more than a dozen of them and they were chasing after this group of experts with soaring killing intent. They appeared as if they wouldn’t stop unless they died. It seemed this group of experts seized some treasure, thus, that group of ferocious golden dragons wanted to tear them into pieces.

“Be careful, that golden dragon king is coming!”

“Protect crown prince, all warriors of my Da Qin, listen to my command, protect crown prince!”


The complexion of those experts was tense. They retreated while tightly protecting that purple robed youth. On the waist of everyone, a piece of heavy golden waist tablet was hung. Above that golden waist tablet, special Azure Dragon insignia of Da Qin Dynasty’s imperial family was carved.

Da Qin Crown Prince?

Did Da Qin Dynasty who had great influence in this world also sent someone to try to seize the inheritance of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm?

Ye Chuan frowned and became all the more careful. Then, along with little Long’er, he quietly watched the battle and changes from a distance place.

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