Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 245

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 245: Third gate

Xiu, xiu, xiu, void breaking sounds suddenly resounded in the sky of Demonic Dragon Path as numerous wind blades shot towards Ye Chuan.

The adventurers turned around to look and were shocked simultaneously.

The human body of Ye Chuan once again stopped the attack of Feng Ren. His physical body was so tyrannical that Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong who devoted on tempering body was also shocked and startled to see this.


When the wind blades all over the sky stalled Ye Chuan, Feng Ren successfully rushed over to the front of Ye Chuan and ferociously palmed him.

The body of Ye Chuan was very tough, even those sharp wind blades could do nothing about it, but this palm was powerful, profound and contained majestic dark energy. Even if the skin of Ye Chuan was tough and tensile, what about internal organs? Can they resist this violent internal energy?

This palm with majestic power landed squarely on the chest of Ye Chuan, and the eyes of Feng Ren who was somewhat worried originally lit up as he roared with laughter. But, in the next moment, he suddenly couldn’t laugh.

As expected, Ye Chuan was sent flying towards the poisonous mist with his palm. If he fell inside this poisonous mist, then he would certainly die without any doubt, but, the moment Ye Chuan was sent flying, he extended his hand and firmly grabbed the wrist of old man Feng Ren, and two people flew towards the poisonous mist. At that moment, Feng Ren suddenly raised his head and saw a sneer on the face of Ye Chuan. At this moment, as if awakening from a dream, he realized that he had fallen into a trap, but it’s too bad, it was already too late.

This brat, he wants to perish together, truly is ruthless!

The heart of Feng Ren trembled and suddenly regretted for being too reckless.


A sad and shrill scream resounded from within the poisonous mist, and that terrifying poisonous mist seethed as if a boiling water.

Feng Ren did his utmost to struggle, but he wasn’t able to free himself from the grasp of Ye Chuan, and he could only look helplessly at his flesh and blood melting, revealing white bones. But, Ye Chuan who was similarly inside the poisonous mist was completely fine as if he wore an invisible armor that could resist the corrosion of this poisonous mist.

This wasn’t perishing together, this was a death trap!

Ye Chuan, this brat did this intentionally!

Seeing Ye Chuan was completely fine in the midst of poisonous mist, Feng Ren realized that he was wrong, and his mind was quickly occupied by boundless fear.


Feng Ren didn’t want to die. He issued an inhumane scream and obtaining the strength from who knows where, he suddenly struggle free from the grasp of Ye Chuan and rushed towards the Demonic Dragon Path outside this poisonous mist.

Unfortunately, this poisonous mist was very powerful. It could corrode all things that have flesh and blood, even a Rank 4 Daoist Master realm expert couldn’t survive the corrosion of this poisonous mist. The moment when Feng Ren was about to rush out of this poisonous mist, his final breath dispersed and collapsed to the ground. Only, his one hand was out of this poisonous mist. But, strictly speaking, this already wasn’t a hand, rather a claw with only white bones. And that ring worn in the middle finger of this hand proved that identity of this remains.

All sects’ disciples and loose cultivators had their hair standing on end.

The intensely seething poisonous mist gradually simmered down and became peaceful. There was no trace of Ye Chuan, seemingly, he had already died inside this poisonous mist. But recalling this matter, people still couldn’t help but tremble with fear.

Not only Ye Chuan killed Rank 3 Daoist Master Feng Ren being only Rank 7 Xiushi, such scheme, courage and boldness, who else can do that?

Looking at the poisonous mist beside the road, the gaze of Tuoba Xiong become somewhat complicated.

Ye Chuan finally died, seeing this, his heart felt stuffy and also relaxed. But, recalling his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao who was infatuated with Ye Chuan, furthermore, the amazing talent of Ye Chuan, he couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

It was a pity that such a talented youth was the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. If he was the disciple of Black Cauldron Sect, then how wonderful that would be?

After resting for a moment, people set out once again.

This time, Tuoba Xiong led Black Cauldron Sect in the front. Whenever any treasure appeared, he repeatedly snatched it first.

Without Feng Ren, this old adversary, Tuoba Xiong discovered that everything was much easier. On the contrary, the situation of the disciples of Five Style Sect was anything but reassuring. After losing Feng Ren, this Daoist Master realm expert, the disciples of Five Style Sect quickly lost their power, and even repeatedly suffered the pressure of other powers, moreover, they frequently died. Some died under the claw of dragons, and some died struggling against other powers.

The troops of adventurers had undergone great changes, but there was one thing that never changed. Whenever a dragon crystal appeared, everyone repeatedly fought to get the hold of it.

After Ye Chuan died inside the poisonous mist, don’t know when it began but a strange person with dragon head and human body appeared behind this group of people. His speed was very fast and his whereabouts was very erratic, but the most frightening thing was, he could freely walk through the poisonous mist. He didn’t want any other treasures and also didn’t seem to want to kill them, merely, he would seize all the dragon crystals that appeared along the road.

“Came, that guardian of paradise realm came again, it’s a death curse!”

“Yes, it came again, what should we do?”

Several experts of Long Clan screamed in fear, recalling the so-called death curse. The words of these people rapidly spread throughout the troops as if a plague, and everyone discussed about it with changed complexion. Afterward, when they see a dragon crystal falling from the remains of the huge dragon, they wouldn’t dare to step forward to fight for it, instead, they would simply step back and leave so as to avoid being pulled into that terrifying poisonous mist by that strange person.

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong was gloomy. He vaguely felt that the build of this strange person was somewhat familiar and quickly recalled Ye Chuan who had disappeared inside the poisonous mist, then he suspected that Ye Chuan hadn’t died. But, after listening to the words of the experts of Long Clan, he couldn’t help but toss that thought.

The statues on both sides of Demonic Dragon Path would often change into true dragons and rush out. Every time, they appeared, they would give rise to a foul wind and rain of blood. Every time they walked a section ahead, they had to pay blood and lives as a price, as a result, the number of people were decreasing rapidly.

After more than two hours, this group of people arrived at a small valley, and yet another gate dazzling with golden light appeared in front of them.

At this moment, the number of people had already reduced to 60-70 people from several hundred. Now, merely seven disciples of Black Cauldron Sect remained at the side of Tuoba Xiong. As for the disciples of Five Style Sects, all of them were already annihilated completely.

“Ahead is the end of this paradise realm, this is the final gate of this Demonic Dragon Path, let’s go!”

“The inheritance of this paradise realm is mine!”

Seeing a layer upon layer of imperial palaces indistinctly appearing in the midst of grey mist in front of them, adventurers got excited, and then, forgetting the hardships and dangers they had suffered along the road, they strived to be the first to step into the third gate.

Tuoba Xiong hesitated a little, and then, he also led several disciples of Black Cauldron Sect into that gate. Now, the heavy cauldron on his shoulders had many cracks. If he had to battle several ferocious dragons again, then smashing the other party, it might completely crack open and become a scrap.

The poisonous mist on the left side of this Demonic Dragon Path suddenly rippled and seethed intensely, and then, a tall and a short, two figures came out.

After a good while, after all the adventurers had disappeared, Ye Chuan finally walked out from inside the poisonous mist along with Little Long’er, then carefully sized up the decorative patterns on the doorframe. After a while, Ye Chuan shook his head as he was still unable to make sense of what he was looking at, but, Little Long’er was looking at it with relish and his eyes were shining. After entering this dangerous Demonic Dragon Path, not only this kind was never tired and sleepy, he instead was even more vigorous and his speed had become faster and faster, seemingly, the energy within his body was slowly activating and his cultivation was basically incomparable in this Wilderness World.

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