Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 244

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 244: Not die without doing

“Brat, don’t run!”

Feng Ren flew into a rage and wanted to continue chasing, but with two dragons blocking his way in succession, he lost some time. By the time he got rid of those two dragons, he had already lost one-fifth of the disciples of Five Style Sect, moreover, both of those dragons’ heads were empty. Let alone some dragon crystals, he didn’t even obtain a piece of dragon scale. Everything changed into ice-cold broken stone, making people even gloomier.

After this small disturbance, people again continued to walk towards the ends of this Demonic Dragon Path.

Merely, the situation had changed compared to before. Feng Ren leading the disciples of Five Style Sect was no longer the strongest team, and the other sect disciples and loose cultivators no longer exercise forbearance everywhere. Conflict and scramble occurred time and again, but, this was nothing, what made Feng Ren vomit a blood had yet to come.

Relying on his powerful strength and high speed, after a little while, Feng Ren was able to obtain another dragon crystal.

This time, it was a cyan colored water dragon crystal. It wasn’t big but contained pure energy. Refining it, it would be sufficient to have the efficacy of at least 100 years.

Feng Ren closed his eyes and quietly sensed the energy fluctuation of cyan dragon crystal.

A cold wind blew over and happy Feng Ling suddenly felt his palm was lighter. The heavy dragon crystal on his palm had disappeared.

“Old man Feng Ren, I will help you take care of this dragon crystal, you’re welcome.”

Ye Chuan flashed and appeared ten meters away, then flashing again, he reached 100 meters away, and then ran away, snatching that dragon crystal. When he snatched golden crystal, he had said the words of thanks, but now, he had directly said you’re welcomed, making Feng Ren vomit blood.

There were many disciples of Five Style Sect beside Feng Ren, but no-one saw from where Ye Chuan popped up from.

“Kill, kill him for me!”

Feng Ren flew into a rage and recklessly chased which resulted in triggering the restriction like before, then dragons stopped him like before.

In this mysterious and dangerous Demonic Dragon Path, people were unable to move a single step. Walking every segment, they would trigger restriction, attracting those terrifying dragons. Ye Chuan however seemed to be walking freely as if this place was his back garden, moreover, he didn’t trigger any restriction.

Feng Ren’s heart was in a mess as he ferociously watched Ye Chuan getting farther away.

After reaching the place where no-one could see, Ye Chuan rushed into the poisonous mist, refining the dragon crystal in his hand.

He didn’t need to fear the corrosion of poisonous mist, this was his secret. Relying on this point, he launched a surprise attack and smoothly snatched the treasure in the hand of Feng Ren. If they were to know his secret, then Feng Ren and others would be prepared, which would make it difficult if he wanted to smoothly snatch the treasures.

Dripping a drop of essence blood, the cyan dragon crystal in his hand changed into a cyan water dragon, then circling in the air, it changed into a cyan light and entered the body of Ye Chuan. But, to his surprise, it didn’t fuse with Demonic Dragon Talisman, rather disappeared into that flowing water shaped Flowing Water Talisman. After that, a watery light floated around the body of Ye Chuan, clearly reacting with the moisture of the atmosphere.

“Eh……, Demonic Dragon Talisman has reached its limit so quickly. Is it unable to hold any more energy? Or, because the other talismans don’t have sufficient energy, was it dragged behind?”

Ye Chuan doubted and urged Little Long’er to stay in poisonous mist, then quickly left.

Outside, Feng Ren killed all around and obtain a dragon crystal again, pressuring his rivals again.

This time, the old man learned his lesson. He didn’t dare to swagger and admire the treasure in his hand. He immediately commanded numerous disciples of Five Style Sect to lay out a sword formation to defend him. This assured him and he was able to appreciate the dragon crystal in his hand.

This dragon crystal was clearly much smaller. It was yellow in color with some spots seemingly containing many impurities and it also appeared to contain insufficient energy. It was nothing like that golden and cyan dragon crystals he had obtained before. But, being in the midst of numerous experts, it was not easy to snatch, just being able to obtain this dragon crystal was already amazing.

Looking at empty handed Tuoba Xiong not far away from him, Feng Ren found comfort in his heart. Even if a mosquito was small, it was also a meat. Not every dragon killed had dragon crystal, so even this small dragon crystal was also a treasure.

Rumble! Along with a muffled sound, the ground under the feet of Feng Ren suddenly rose and an earth dragon broke out from the ground.

The disciples of Five Style Sect surrounding Feng Ren turned pale with fright, and because they were caught unprepared, they were in a chaos, and this sword formation also collapsed.

Old man Feng Ren reacted very quickly. Wind blades quickly reappeared around his body and ferociously attacked this earth dragon.

The blade light glimmered and thousands of blade scars appeared on the ground, then the wind blade disappeared along with the ferocious earth dragon. When other dragon died, they at least left stones, but this earth dragon left nothing. On the contrary, old man Feng Ren looked pale. That attack of just now consumed a large amount of vitality and now he was like a withered lamp.

“This is just a phantom, Ye Chuan, that brat is coming again, be careful!”

Many disciples of Five Style Sect were stunned, only old man Feng Ren reacted and screamed. But, just when he was about to command the disciples of Five Style Sect to arrange the sword formation again, a figure suddenly popped out and punched, then several dragons appeared out of the thin air and rushed towards Feng Ren with killing intent. Although they were all phantoms, they forced Feng Ren to use all his strength to defend. He was able to escape unscathed, but the dragon crystal had disappeared without a trace from his hand and had appeared on the hand of Ye Chuan.

“Brat, I will stake all against you!”

Feng Ren was thoroughly driven mad, and he recklessly chased after Ye Chuan.

Snatching two dragon crystals of before was fine, but now, even this little dragon crystal containing many impurities was snatched away, this was bullying intolerably! Who can endure it?

Feng Ren was unable to control himself. He just chased after Ye Chuan even though he was already exhausted.

Like previous two times, after smoothly snatching, Ye Chuan immediately fled, but this time, he had a little accident.

The sect disciples and loose cultivators walking in the front suddenly triggered the restriction attracting a huge golden dragon, so the path ahead was blocked along with glint and flash of daggers and swords. If he continued to rush forward, he might be able to take advantage of the chaos to flee, but, there was a greater possibility of someone taking advantage of this chaos to make a surprise attack on him as lots of people already knew that he had snatched some dragon crystals.

“Hahaha, brat, let me see where you will run this time!”

Feng Ren roared with laughter and ferociously pressed onward. And approaching closer, the number of wind blades around his body became more and more, preparing for a deadly attack.

“Old bastard, it’s just a stone, why are you risking your life like this?”

Ye Chuan turned around and seeing overbearing Feng Ren, he retreated a few steps back, standing at the edge of the Demonic Dragon Path, then he held the dragon crystal he had just obtain high in the air, assuming the posture of wanting to throw it into the poisonous mist. Now, this poisonous mist that could instantly corrode a person into a dead bone was only half-an-inch away from him. A slight carelessness could make him fall into this poisonous mist.

“Brat, are you threatening me?”

Feng Ren quickly understood the meaning of Ye Chuan, then with a ferocious smile on his face, he suddenly rushed forward, “Hahaha, brat, you are too inexperienced and too naïve, are you using such a trifling dragon crystal to exchange for your life?”

Feng Ren’s killing intent soared. It was very hard to force Ye Chuan into a dead end, so he absolutely couldn’t stop. If worst comes to worst, he could just give up that dragon crystal. After that, he could still hunt and kill other dragons looking for other dragon crystals. There were many chances in the future.

The determined Feng Ren laughed but Ye Chuan also smiled, smiled coldly.

Originally, he didn’t want to reveal his secret of being able to walk through the poisonous mist without any major problems and also wasn’t prepared to ruthlessly kill this old man Feng Ren, but, since this old fellow was courting death, he was forced to help him achieve his aim.

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