Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 243

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 243: Old dragon doesn’t eat young grass

The wind blades rotated around, seethed and blotted out the sky and covered the earth, engulfing Ye Chuan. Moreover, sharp ‘wuwuwu’ sounds came through the sky as the air was torn.

Wind Nation!

This moment, Feng Ren used his signature deadly move which made him famous, moreover, he went all-out as he was determined to kill Ye Chuan.

The complexion of on-looking crowd was solemn, and they had to re-examine the strength of Feng Ren. Such a swift and violent deadly attack, even a Daoist Master realm expert would not be able to stop or dodge it. So Ye Chuan who was merely a trifling Xiushi realm cultivator was screwed!

Ye Chuan suddenly moved, and swaying within the minimum limits, afterimages appeared.

Dingdingding, loud and clear sounds resounded in succession.

Ye Chuan used peerless style technique to dodge the overwhelming majority of wind blades, but many still stabbed his body. However, to the surprise of everyone, every wind blade issued a metal colliding sounds as if hitting a thick and heavy armor.

The wind blades all over the sky disappeared, but Ye Chuan was still standing tall without any wound. There was an indistinct white light circulating around his body as if he was wearing a full body invisible armor.

“This……, how can this be?”

The on-looking crowd had their eyes wide open. They were stunned including Feng Ren as they looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief.



Ye Chuan rushed up and punched coldly. Along with six Heaven Swallowing Talismans rotating rapidly, the strength of 108,000 jin suddenly erupted.

Whoosh! This punch was so powerful that even the air twisted and rippled, moreover, one, two……, many phantoms of dragons appeared in the air. There were winged dragon with the wingspan of ten meters, yellow colored earth dragon, ferocious black dragons and golden dragon. And in an instant, 7 or 8 dragons pounced onto Feng Ren along with soul stirring dragon roar.

With every dragon crystal he refined, there was one dragon phantom.

This punch which originally was just an ordinary punch brought ferocious might. The might of this punch was unexpectedly not inferior to the Wind Nation of Feng Ren, and was even better!

The spectators were startled and subconsciously fell back. As for Feng Ren who was bearing the brunt of this move, his heart was in jitters. This counterattack of Ye Chuan, how does it resemble the attack of a Xiushi realm cultivator? Even the punch of a Daoist Master realm wouldn’t have such momentum!

Feng Ren gritted his teeth and whirlwind began to rise again around him, which changed into sharp wind blades and whistled directly towards those dragons.

An ear-piercing colliding sound resounded, then thw ind blades all over the sky vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds, and those 7-8 dragon phantoms also disappeared. Ye Chuan however took advantage of this change to dash to the front of Feng Ren and ferociously attacked him.

“Powerful, how can this kid do this?”

“Expert, he is a hidden expert!”

People got agitated and kept watching without blinking their eyes. Even Tuoba Xiong was same.

Not a single person had thought that Ye Chuan who had ordinary cultivation level on the surface was so powerful. Hitting so ferociously in such close proximity, would Feng Ren die in the hands of Ye Chuan or will he suffer severe injury?

Now this battle which originally was without any suspense suddenly made everyone excited and everybody focused their attention.

The complexion of Feng Ren was tense, this attack of Ye Chuan suddenly made him feel uneasy and his intuition told him to dodge letting go of his face. Still, he gritted his teeth, and ferociously chopped towards Ye Chuan with his wind blade, confronting the tough with toughness.

As for Ye Chuan, he suddenly swayed left and right, dodging the wind blades of Feng Ren, leaving behind afterimages.

So fast!

Ye Chuang instantly erupted with speed, shocking everyone.


Feng Ren could no longer care about his face, and retreated immediately, but, his left hand suddenly felt lighter as the golden dragon crystal was snatched by Ye Chuan.

“Old man, thanks!”

Ye Chuan smiled and swaggered off taking the golden dragon crystal.

From the very beginning, his target was this golden dragon crystal. The might of that head-on attack was powerful, but it was merely an empty move. This completely deceived the old man Feng Ren. When the numerous disciples of Five Style Sect rushed out, it was already a step too late.


Feng Ren lost his temper and took the lead to chase Ye Chuan.

He had just laughed heartily and threatened that this golden dragon crystal was his, and no one could snatch it, but in the blink of an eye, that golden dragon crystal fell into the hand of Ye Chuan. Like this, where did he face go? How could this be endured?


“Kill, kill this brat!”

Numerous disciples of Five Style Sect chased after Ye Chuan while cursing furiously with soaring killing intent.

As for Ye Chuan, he just looked back at Feng Ren and numerous disciples of Five Style Sect, and sneered. He didn’t rush into the poisonous mist and seize the opportunity to flee to a faraway place, but continued to run forward along the Demonic Dragon Path while secretly slowly down his step.

“Boy, don’t run if you have the skill. Leave the thing behind, otherwise, when this lordship catch you, I will cut you into three hundred pieces!”

Feng Ren gnashed his teeth and ferociously pursued relentlessly, and seeing the distance between them were getting shorter and shorter, he was wild with joy in his heart. Then, a whirlwind sharp wind blades began to reappear around him.

Whoosh, a towering dragon statue at the roadside suddenly opened its eye and just after Ye Chuan ran past in front of it, it transformed into a true dragon with flesh and blood, and then attacked Feng Ren. Feng Ren who was wholeheartedly chasing after Ye Chuan was caught unprepared. This attacked sent him flying and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth as he nearly tumbled into thatterrifying poisonous mist.


Feng Ren roared and he suddenly disappeared, then appeared ten meters away. But, he didn’t try to kill the dragon, rather continued to chase after Ye Chuan. And in a blink of an eye, he appeared ten meters away again, which was merely half a meter away from Ye Chuan.

From behind, sad and shrill screams came as the disciples of Five Style Sect suffered the attack of the dragon, but, Feng Ren didn’t even turn his head and put all his energy to use wind style to chase him. Today, he was determined to kill Ye Chuan even if he had to pay a big price. But, what made his mad was, he was only half a meter away from Ye Chuan, but was never able to catch him.

With an ear-deafening dragon roar from the front, a 100 meters tall dragon rushed over from the poisonous mist. Triggering the restriction of Demonic Dragon Path, yet another dragon was attracted.

“Hahaha, brat, where will you run now?”

Feng Ren who was chasing behind roared with laughter, then along with a dazzling gleam, hundreds upon hundreds of wind blades condensed outside his body. Using his signature technique, Wind Nation, he added with a ferocious face, “Brat, be obedient and stretch your neck to accept death, hahahaha……”

A dragon was blocking in the front, and a formidable enemy was chasing behind, Ye Chuan truly was screwed this time!

The onlookers shook their head in sympathy. The strength of Ye Chuan had cause their eyes to shine, but, this time, it would be difficult for him to escape with his life. Even if Tuoba Xiong with in the place of Ye Chuan, he wasn’t confident to escape unscathed from that dangerous situation.

Roar, an ear-deafening dragon roar resounded and the dragon ferociously rushed over. But, it completely ignored Ye Chuan who ran past it, instead, ferociously pounce onto Feng Ren chasing behind Ye Chuan.

How could this be?

The dragon ignored Ye Chuan and pounced onto him, could it be that this dragon stone has different taste? It didn’t like young grass but especially likes old bones?

The laughter of Feng Ren stopped short, and looking at the dragon pouncing onto him while ignoring Ye Chuan, he wanted to vomit a blood.

Compared to his old rival, Tuoba Xiong, his luck was very good. After entering Demonic Dragon Path, he luckily met a large group of Five Style Sect’s disciple, vastly increase his strength. Like that, whatever treasure he obtain first, no one dare to snatch it from him. But when Ye Chuan appeared, his good luck seemed to have ended. This fellow was his complete nemesis, even better luck was also no use against him!

“Hahaha, old man, you don’t need to escort me!”

Ye Chuan laughed heartily and looking at the depressed Feng Ren, he swaggered off along with the golden dragon crystal and disappeared from the field of vision of people.

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