Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 242

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 242: What I want is not treasure but your life

“Hahaha, hahahaha, it’s mine, it’s mine!”

Sensing the energy contained within the golden dragon crystal, old man Feng Ren roared with laughter.

He already had several dragon crystals in his hands. Although no one could refine those dragon crystals as fast as Ye Chuan, and they also didn’t know the use of those dragon crystals, but they instinctively knew that those dragon crystals were good things. After leaving this paradise realm and returning to Five Style Sect, he could slowly refine and comprehend. Then, making a breakthrough in one fell swoop, he could snatch the power of Five Style Sect!

After the sect master of Five Style Sect was drawn into this paradise realm, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive. Over many years, he had always been eyeing the throne of sect master, and he would naturally not miss this extremely rare good opportunity.

All experts of sects and loose cultivators surrounded them and looking at that golden dragon crystal in the hand of Feng Ren, the gaze of everyone became scorching hot and were ready to make a move. But, looking at Feng Ren and numerous elite disciples of Five Style Sect around him, they had no choice but to give up the thought of forcibly snatching it.

Among this huge crowd of experts, there were many cultivators that were equally matched with Feng Ren, and some could even claim to be slightly better. But, there were many people of Five Style Sect and they were united as one, as a result, even cruel and ruthless great devils did not dare to easily make a move against Feng Ren.

Feng Ren looked at the expression of people around him and he laughed even louder as he felt secure in the knowledge that he had a strong backing.

Originally, he had thought that he had become a loner, but to his surprise, after entering Demonic Dragon Path, he actually met with a group of Five Style Sect’s disciples, and in turn become the most powerful person among the crowd. After that, if they ran into a good thing, he would go and snatch it from other people too, but, who dare to defy the mighty?

“This old bastard, he is a step faster again. What kind of dog shit luck does he have today?”

Tuoba Xiong coldly looked at Feng Ren. He was unwilling to let Feng Ren have that golden dragon crystal, but, there were 50-60 elite disciples of Five Style Sect around him, nearly twice as much as the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, so he could only endure without making a move. The Demonic Dragon Path was long and winding, he didn’t know what kind of dangers lied ahead, but there were also more opportunities ahead, so it wasn’t advantageous for him to fight against Feng Ren at this moment.

“Ai, with luck on my side, even if I truly want to stop, I am unable to stop. It’s mine, does anybody want to snatch it from me?”

Feng Ren clearly saw the unwillingness of his old opponent, Tuoba Xiong, and he felt even more complacent, moreover, took this advantage to show off. And hearing those words, Tuoba Xiong had an impulse to flip out, but he took a deep breath and still endured. Then, he intentionally turned around and didn’t look at that complacent expression of Feng Ren, but he could still hear that laughter of Feng Ren.

“Old bastard, who said this treasure is yours?”

A cold voice suddenly resounded when Feng Ren was laughing heartily. This voice wasn’t big, but clearly transmitted to the ear of everyone present.

Ye Chuan who had been far behind suddenly took off the mask and calmly walked up.

Well-trained disciples of Five Style Sect had heavily surrounded Feng Ren. Even if he rushed out from the midst of poisonous mist, it would still be hard to the snatch the golden dragon crystal. After estimating this, Ye Chuan simply walked from the front.

The laughter of Feng Ren ceased abruptly, and seeing Ye Chuan was walking over holding his head high, he suddenly felt uncomfortable as if he had eaten a dead fly. But, thinking that capturing Ye Chuan was even better than obtaining any treasure, he coldly smiled and his energy suddenly erupted. Then, pushing open the guards in front of him, he directly walked towards Ye Chuan while his killing intent and energy were steadily increasing.

“Eh, who is that youth?”

“I heard that he is the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, but he is merely a Xiushi, is this boy tired of living?”


The crowd became restless and began discussing pointing towards Ye Chuan.

Nowadays, among the three big sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, Ye Chuan was like the sun at high noon who was known by everyone. But, the disciples of other sects and loose cultivators that came from far away didn’t know him. Even Tuoba Xiong, this ferocious and ambitious person didn’t dare to rob in broad daylight, but Ye Chuan went alone to snatch it from Feng Ren. Wasn’t this courting death?

Even the people who had continued to walk forward stopped and waited for this one-sided battle to begin as they took advantage of this occasion to rest.

Tuoba Xiong also turned around to look, and seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, he frowned finding this hard to believe.

Even with his cultivation, it was hard to arrive here, moreover, he had paid a heavy price. He had lost many elites of the sect, but how did Ye Chuan who was merely a Xiushi arrive here without any scratch?

“Brat, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, and you brat have come at just the right time. If this treasure isn’t mine, then is it yours? Hahaha……”

Feng Ren walked up and with a ferocious face, he couldn’t help roaring with laughter. Even before he made any move, he was very excited in his heart, imagining the pleasant sensation of breaking the neck of Ye Chuan.

It already felt very wonderful to seize a treasure in front of his rivals. But, after seizing a treasure, if he killed the enemy, getting rid of Ye Chuan, this thorn in his flesh, in the presence of all, then that would feel even more wonderful!

“It’s not yours, it’s mine, and your life is also mine.”

Ye Chuan also walked forward in large strides. And those two people got closer and closer.

As expected, suddenly rushing out of the poisonous mist, it would have been difficult for him to get close to Feng Ren who was heavily surrounded by guards. But, approaching straightforwardly taking off his mask, the old fellow also walked up as he had expected. This old fellow still treated him as an ordinary Xiushi realm cultivator. Since that was the case, not snatching the treasure from this old man’s hand was unnatural!

One was a powerful longtime Daoist Master realm Elder of Five Style Sect, and the other was a trifling young disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, was there any suspense in this battle?

Of course, there wasn’t. Looking at over-confident Ye Chuan, the people shook their head and waited to see how he would die.

When the distance between those two people was less than 7 meters, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped and said: “Old man, let’s make a bet, whoever loses the treasure is the loser, how about it?”

“Who wants to bet with you? Brat, do you think you have the qualification to bet with me?”

Feng Ren coldly smiled and continued to advance. Moreover, his energy fluctuation continued to rise, and along with wind blades appearing in the sky, his killing intent soared. Then he added, “Now, it is not the time to discuss about whose treasure, brat, I want your life! What, scared? You stood out courageously, but, are you scared now? Hahaha…..”

Feng Ren grinned hideously and he suddenly speeded up, determined to kill Ye Chuan. In an instant, he used wind style to appear in front of Ye Chuan, then those wind blades that were even sharper than flying swords flew towards Ye Chuan and enveloped him.


Feng Ren shouted loudly. He had attacked with all his strength without holding back.

The on-looking people closed their mouth, and even Tuoba Xiong became solemn, feeling the pressure from this one move of Feng Ren. Even though he was a dignified Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect and a Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert, even he would not dare to take this move of Feng Ren head on.

The poisonous mist on the right side of Demonic Dragon Path suddenly seethed as Little Long’er who was hiding there become nervous. He opened his mouth and just when he was about to shout, he suddenly recalled the instruction of Ye Chuan. He had to hide within the poisonous mist and wait for the opportune moment to come.

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