Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 241

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 241: Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road

The five surviving experts of Long Clan continued to press onward. They were brave and battle-wise.

When the paradise realm was about to come up out of the ground, changes appeared in heaven and earth. Sensing this changes, many powerful and famous experts of the capital urgently rushed over via teleportation formation. Now, among more than 200 people, only these 5 were still alive. They had heavy casualties. Walking on this dangerous and unfathomable Demonic Dragon Path, the complexion of those five people was tense. Even if they returned back, they might similarly trigger a restriction, so they could only brace themselves and walk forward.

Perhaps because an army with a grievance was bound to prevail or perhaps because the lady luck was finally on their side, although they suffered the attack of huge dragons one after another, no one was killed. Even when they were about to suffer an accident, they were able to avoid their vital parts narrowly. But, the hateful thing was, whenever a huge dragon collapsed and a dragon crystal appeared, a mysterious guardian of this paradise realm would always snatch it away.

Throughout the way, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er tailed behind those five experts of Long Clan waiting for their chance to seize the dragon crystal. Not only they didn’t seize this chance to attack those injured experts of Long Clan, instead, they frequently helped them in secret. At the juncture when one’s life was at stake, sometimes, after those experts of Long Clan dodged the calamity, they would be at a loss as they didn’t know how they dodged.

In the beginning, Little Long’er shrunk with cold and closely followed Ye Chuan. But, later, under the encouragement of Ye Chuan, he slowly became daring, and gradually, he displayed his amazing talent.

Under the corrosion of poisonous mist, Ye Chuan was still somewhat uncomfortable. He couldn’t stay within the poisonous mist for a long period of time, but it was different for Little Long’er. Not only the poisonous mist didn’t have any effect on him, on the contrary, like a tiger that has grown wings, immersing in the poisonous mist, his speed and power soared dramatically. Later, Ye Chuan provided support from the back and Little Long’er seized the dragon crystal that fell down from inside the huge dragon.

Rumble! A muffled sound resounded as yet another dragon fell.

This time, it was a black dragon that fell to the ground. Its body got stiff and burst into a pile of stones. Then, a black colored dragon crystal rolled out from its head. It was jet-black as if a black crystal. This black dragon was especially ferocious and tough. It nearly annihilated those five experts of Long Clan. Moreover, the dragon crystal that rolled out from inside its head was also one-third bigger compared to frequently seen dragon crystal.

The leader of the experts of Long Clan, Long San, was a cyan robed person, he was roughly 40 years old in age. Seeing this black dragon crystal right in front of his eyes, his eyes shone, then he personally threw himself at it. But at the moment, when his fingertip touched this dragon crystal, the dragon crystal disappeared without a trace before he could grab it. And a thin and small figure flashed before his eyes, then rushing into the poisonous mist, he disappeared.

“Damn, it’s him again!” The cyan robed man gnashed his teeth and said angrily.

“Third brother, this situation doesn’t seem right. Before, a big guardian of paradise realm came, and now a small one, are they targeting us? Is there truly a so-called death curse, are we going to die here?”

A young expert of Long Clan walked over with tense complexion and he looked all around with terror as he said. That ugly faced evil spirit could rush out from the poisonous mist of two sides of this Demonic Dragon Path at any time. Being assassinated by a blade was still a minor matter, but being dragged inside the poisonous mist was certain doom. They could only look at themselves becoming dead bones helplessly. Just thinking about it, his heart was in jitters.

“Shut up, what curse? Just walk!”

The leader cyan robed man, Long San, coldly said. But, although he had an ice-cold expression, he was also restless in his heart, still, he had no choice but to appear strong on the surface so that he could lead these people to continue walking forward. This time, the patriarch of Long Clan had given him a mission. He must enter the important place of this paradise realm, then seize the inheritance of paradise realm which was of the utmost importance. As a result, no matter what danger he had to face in the front, he had to brace himself and press onward. If he didn’t accomplish this mission, then returning to the capital, he couldn’t explain himself to the old patriarch.

According to the rumor, the old patriarch of Murong aristocratic family was about to breakthrough to Sage realm in the near future, so the Long Clan needed the inheritance of this paradise realm, otherwise, they would be completely trampled by Murong aristocratic family.

The five experts of Long Clan took a rest for a little while, then they continued forward.

Behind them, behind a big stone, Ye Chuan closed his eyes and refined the black colored dragon crystal he had just obtained on the spot. Suddenly, a violent energy fluctuation that wished to rend the heaven and earth erupted within his body. He was obviously standing still, but his biceps, triceps and even abdominal muscles vibrated, issuing a series of crackling sounds as if an electricity was running through his body. Now, his energy was so violent that even Little Long’er who had always followed behind him was frightened and retreated a bit away from him.

This violent energy disappeared as fast as it came. Not long after, the energy fluctuation within his body simmered down and he slowly opened his eyes. Now, even though there were still six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and he was still Rank 7 Xiushi, the feeling he gave was different to some extent. Standing still, he gave a blade-like sharp feeling.

“This Long San is not bad, it seems the Long Clan of the capital that has the inheritance of hundreds of years is not simple. Little Long’er, let’s go!”

After opening his eyes, Ye Chuan looked at the back view of those experts of Long Clan and making an evil smile, then with Little Long’er, he followed them keeping a certain distance.

Under the watch of Ye Chuan, those experts of Long Clan were depressed and dejected because all the dragon crystals they came across after killing dragons with great difficulty instantly disappeared before their eyes. But, not long after, they discovered that they were not the only one to have bad luck.

After pressing forward for an hour, these experts of Long Clan caught up to a large troop. Ye Chuan also accidentally discovered a few familiar faces. Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect’s Feng Ren were among them.

The experts of Long Clan that were walking behind could still be counted as quite good. Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and others who were walking in the front encountered much more dragon guards. Now, all of them were covered in blood. But to the surprise of Ye Chuan, there were many sects disciples beside Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren. And especially Tuoba Xiong, compared to the time when he entered the demonic dragon path, there were much more disciples of Black Cauldron Sect around him. It seemed, the entrance to enter this Demonic Dragon Path was not limited to one.

The more people walked together, the more dragons they encountered. The ear-deafening dragon roar never stopped as dragon continuously rushed out from the poisonous mist.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er were far behind the crowd. Only when dragon crystal appeared, they rushed up. And like the statues of stone forest, not every dragon had treasure sealed within its body. The head of some dragons was empty and also, all the treasures dropped from the dragons were not dragon crystal. Some were flying sword, armors and even pills. Every time a treasure appeared, there would be a fierce battle, but apart from dragon crystal, Ye Chuan basically ignored everything else.

Roar! Along with a loud roar, a huge golden dragon suddenly reached to the clouds and abruptly rushed forward, directly killing five adventurers. All people rushed forward showing their power and joined forces to kill this terrifying dragon. The body of this golden dragon cracked open and become a stone, then along with a dazzling golden light, a dragon crystal appeared in front of people. It was at least twice as big as ordinary dragon crystal, and with its boundless pure energy spreading all over, a golden light fell from the sky. Bathing in this golden light, people discovered that their wounds were healing at an unbelievable speed.

“This treasure is mine, Wind Nation!”

Feng Ren of Five Style Sect roared and suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, he appeared next to the golden skeleton and grabbed this dazzling golden dragon crystal.

Seeing this golden dragon crystal, Feng Ren used all his strength including his hidden strength. When others were still stunned, he had already taken this treasure in his hand. Then, the disciples of Five Style Sect under his leadership rushed over in succession, arranging a sword formation around him, strictly on guard against other experts.

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