Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 240

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 240: Paradise Realm guardians

On both sides of Demonic Dragon Path, the poisonous mist was seething, and from the distant place, the sound of fighting came frequently.

Ye Chuan stood motionless, quietly comprehending the changes in his Demonic Dragon Talisman.

After the dragon crystal was merged, the energy fluctuation within his body had increased, which vaguely coordinate with the energy fluctuation of the world. This was the sign that he was about to break through to Daoist Master realm. Once he broke through the final bottleneck of Xiushi realm and entered into Daoist Master real, he would become a real expert and could use even more techniques!

After reincarnation, now, Ye Chuan stood in front of the first real cultivation checkpoint. If his cultivation stagnated, then he would forever be a trash and will not get anywhere; if he takes this step and broke through to Daoist Master realm, then he would have a bigger stage in front of him and he could truly wander around Wilderness World.

The sign of breakthrough made people excited and hopeful, but Ye Chuan was more concerned about the changes in Demonic Dragon Talisman. After dragon crystal fused, this talisman had become even more condensed, and he could vaguely sense it was somewhat similar to Cyan Lotus Space, but contained even greater power. With his thought, the energy emitted by this talisman steadily rose with earth-shaking momentum.

Po! A muffled sound resounded as Ye Chuan punched the air.

The air rippled, and an invisible air blast whistled out like a huge arrow shot from a crossbow.

Behind violent air blast, the air twisted and rotated, quickly changing into a dragon phantom. It was a winged dragon with more than ten meters wide wings. It held its head high and roared, then rushing to the front of the air blast, it rushed several hundred meters away, and then this winged dragon’s phantom slowly dissipated.

Winged Dragon Punch!

The strength of an ordinary punch was increased sharply. An ordinary person couldn’t even imagine the profoundness behind this punch.

It was a treasure that similarly dropped from a statue, but this dragon crystal was truly more valuable than any small crystal man obtained inside the stone forest. Not only it had majestic and pure energy, there still were technique and profound mysteries.

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, then he suddenly issued a long, loud cry holding his head high. This dangerous and unfathomable Demonic Dragon Path suddenly become the place to encounter fortune.

Just merging with one dragon crystal was so powerful, if merged with 10, 100……, then what kind of changes would occur in Demonic Dragon Talisman? Will it change from quantitative to qualitative change, refining a true Demonic Dragon Physique?

Ye Chuan was hopeful as he looked at the layer upon layer of palaces at the horizon.

Rumble, suddenly a rumbling sound came from the distant place. It seemed someone had activated more restriction. Moreover, the sound of shouting, fighting, screaming and ear-defeating dragon roar came from the distant place practically at the same time.

Little Long’er raised his head. His face was pale and he appeared somewhat afraid and also somewhat expectant. He seemed to have sensed something.

“Little Long’er, do you want to play a game with big brother?” Ye Chuan suddenly said, then taking out a few crystal stones from inside the Cyan Lotus Space, he emitted a three inches flame from his palm, melting the crystal stones. And not long after, they changed into a strange-looking mask.

The lower chin of this mask had a beard, the face was cyan along with white as if painted with greasepaint, and the top had a horn with a protruding forehead. Wearing this mask, one would look like an indigenous person that had just left the mountain. It vaguely also resembled the dragon face. After wearing this mask, Ye Chuan changed into a yao beast with dragon head and a human body.

“Well, listen to every instruction of big brother.”

Little Long’er nodded his head with pleasure. Seeing the appearance of Ye Chuan after he wore that mask, he was somewhat eager to try it.

Ye Chuan took out a few crystal stones again and quickly made a mask for Little Long’er following the suit. Then, Little Long’er also wore the mask. And after disguising themselves, they quietly left, walking on the edge of Demonic Dragon Path and poisonous mist.

The experts of Long Clan triggered every restriction on the path which alerted dragon statues on both sides of Demonic Dragon Path. As a result, they had to kill all the way. Moreover, carefulness was of no help. Oddly enough, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er had no effect, even if they bump into the dragon statues in the midst of poisonous mist, they didn’t trigger the restriction. It seems after sensing the Demonic Dragon aura within their bodies, the restrictions within this paradise realm had no effect on them.

Before long, Ye Chuan caught up to the experts of Long Clan.

In less than half an hour, only seven people were left from the group of Long Clan. Even those alive were injured and were covered in blood. But, these fellows were especially brave, even in such conditions, they continued to advance forward. They appeared as if unless they were wiped out, they swore not to stop until they reach the Demonic Dragon Hall at the end of this Demonic Dragon Path.

Roar! Along with a roaring sound, an earth dragon suddenly rushed out from the ground, then opening its mouth, it swallowed one expert of Long Clan and whipped another one flying into the poisonous mist with its tail. Their sad and shrill cry was very brief.

Two Daoist Master realm experts of Long Clan instantly died just like that.

The remaining five experts of Long Clan rushed up and cooperated to kill this ferocious earth dragon. And after a while, along with cracking sounds, the corpse of earth dragon disintegrated, changing into a pile of stones. The sharped eyes person among them saw an earth yellow colored dragon crystal falling out of the head of this earth dragon, so he rushed forward, but just when was about to grab it, a scary face suddenly appeared in front of him. He had a beard on his chin and also had a horn above, moreover, with a colorful face, he looked somewhat funny and strange.

“All those who intrude my Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm will die, contact the death curse, kakakaka……”

Seeing the suddenly appeared terrifying face, the expert of Long Clan was so scared that he instinctively retreated and when he came back to his senses, that person with terrifying face had already turned around and plunged into that terrifying poisonous mist. Moreover, he had taken that dragon crystal, leaving behind a strange laughter.

Relying on his tyrannical physical body, mysterious Peerless Style Technique and the ability to walk through the poisonous mist, now, Ye Chuan could come and go like a shadow, as a result, he was able to easily snatch the spoils of war from the expert of Long Clan.

This was still showing mercy, otherwise, with his current ability, he could easily launch a surprise attack when they were in unguarded state and inflict fatal damage. He hadn’t attacked them and showed mercy on them because, on one hand, he didn’t have big resentment towards the capital’s Long Clan; and on the other hand, living them alive was better than killing them as he could use them to kill dragons, then seize the chance to snatch dragon crystals.

Ordinary treasures, even if they were heaven grade treasure, Ye Chuan wouldn’t even look at them even if the experts of Long Clan gave them to him. In his previous lifetime, what kind of peerless treasure of this Wilderness World he hadn’t seen. But these dragon crystals were different, and they were much better.

“Who was that?”

“Dragon head human body, moreover, can walk through the poisonous mist, can it be that that was the guardian of this paradise realm?”

The remaining experts of Long Clan looked pale. The death curse Ye Chuan had spoken thoughtlessly had greatly scared them. Only after a long time, they were able to overcome the fear in their hearts, then bracing themselves, they continued to move forward.

Behind, behind a rock enveloped by the poisonous mist, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er looked at each other with an evil smile, after that, Ye Chuan refined that dragon crystal on the spot. Very soon, in Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body, a small pattern appeared once again. Last time, it was a winged dragon, but this time, it was an earth dragon pattern. Moreover, the energy fluctuation within his body increased once again.

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