Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 24

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 24: Swatting to death with a broom

A cornered beast will do something desperate, with a ferocious complexion, Jin Hua approached Ye Chuan step by step with his killing intent getting increasingly dense, but the complexion of Ye Chuan was still calm, “Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, you are not my opponent, just surrender yourself. Resistance is futile, surrendering instead has a gleam of life. I, with my status of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will approach Great Elder, and request him to spare your life.”

Pretend, keep on pretending to death!

With I, your father’s scheming, little fellow, you are too inexperienced.

Ye Chuan sneered inwardly. Until Great Elder reacts, he decided to continue acting.

“Hahaha, brat, I will beat you to death!” Jin Hua laughed as his anger reached the utmost point, then he suddenly speed up.

“Seven steps!” Ye Chuan coldly said.

“Seven steps? Bart, what are you saying?” Jin Hua suddenly stopped his steps, and the energy fluctuation of his body steadily increased.

Ye Chuan slightly raised the broom, “What I mean is, take 7 steps, and you will certainly die.”

“Hahaha, idiotic nonsense!”

Now the anger of Jin Hua reached past his limit as he laugh, then he quickly rushed towards Ye Chuan. Just took one step, then his laughter ceased abruptly, body trembled and his heart ferociously jumped for no reason at all.


Jin Hua refused to be taken in by fallacies, and continue to take steps towards Ye Chuan.

Took second step, chest felt stuffy and the four limbs felt weak.

Took third step, chest began scalding.

Took fourth step, severe pain came through his chest as if a knife had stabbed.

Jin Hua’s title of genius was not in vain, he gritted his teeth and took fifth step, then filled power in his arms and the phantom of fierce tiger appeared above him once again.

Sixth step, the pain in his chest suddenly intensified, and felt as if his intestines, internal organs and blood vessels were being cut off inch by inch.


Jin Hua gave a blood-curdling scream, as pain reached to his soul causing his mind to blank out for a moment. And because of inertia, his body took a step forward which was the seventh step. After that bloody hole appeared in his chest from inside, and Golden Cicada came out of there.

In Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan not only saw through the scheme of Jin Hua, and expelled the Breaking Yang Water from inside his body, conversely he plotted against Jin Hua without anybody knowing it, and let Golden Cicada enter the latter’s body together with Dragon’s Vein Crystal. And Jin Hua was unable to have sexual intercourse with junior apprentice-sister Xiao Qing, because of the mischief of Golden Cicada within his body, pushing down that plaything’s tendon veins and blood vessel.

After refining part of Dragon’s Vein Crystal’s power, the cultivation of Jin Hua had suddenly advanced greatly, unfortunately, that was only the appearance. In fact, unconsciously he had already changed into the host of Golden Cicada. In the end, not only he couldn’t get Dragon’s Vein Crystal, he was forced to flee overnight, and finally his spirit power and even blood qi essence of his entire body were devoured by Golden Cicada.

“I told you, you are not my opponent, and you will certainly die if you take seven steps, still why did you so that?” Ye Chuan shook his head. Looking at screaming Jin Hua, sympathy appeared on his face, but his eyes were increasingly becoming cold.

“Brat, you……, you dare to kill me?”

Seeing Golden Cicada bore out from his chest, Jin Hua was scared out of his wits, and understood that this was the sinister move of Ye Chuan. But even so he still had stern countenance, as he didn’t believe that Ye Chuan would dare to kill him.

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, you talk too much.”

Pallid light flashed in the eyes of Ye Chuan, then circulating the Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he swatted him with the broom. ‘Pada’ sound resounded, Jin Hua fell to the ground and stopped breathing. After that golden light flashed, and Golden Cicada with Dragon’s Vein Crystal entered into the body of Ye Chuan.

“Stay your hand!”

Great Elder rushed out while shouting loudly, unfortunately, by the time he rushed out, he was already too late.

“Ye Chuan, you……”

Great Elder was astounded, although he had already stepped into the realm of Daoist Master (Zhenren), and was known as Cloud Mist Daoist Master, but, the circumstance greatly changed in an instant, and even he was caught unprepared. Who would have thought that, Jin Hua, this genius Rank two Xiushi would suddenly die in the hand of Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother without a single redeeming feature, without being able to strike even once?

“Great Elder, sorry, I wasn’t able to stay my hand all at once. I also don’t want this, unfortunately, junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua was simply obsessed to attack.” Ye Chuan didn’t even looked at the corpse of Jin Hua as if he had merely swatted a fly to death.

“Ye Chuan, did you kill Jin Hua with this broom?”

Great Elder Zhu Guohong had his eyes wide open, although he had witnessed it himself, but he still wasn’t able to believe this.

“The power of Dragon’s vein Crystal is very big, and very probably, junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua urgently wanted to completely refine it, so he had suffered internal injuries, and my broom just happens to be the last straw to overwhelm him.”

Ye Chuan didn’t want to reveal the existence of Golden Cicada, so he had already found a plausible excuse, “Heaven’s net has wide meshes, but noting escapes it, the fellow was very gifted, but it’s too bad, his heart walked on an evil ways. He incessantly schemed to kill me, seize my Dragon’s vein Crystal and the sect’s position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, ultimately, instead of blessing, he got retribution.”

Great Elder became silent, just now he himself also had heard everything, including Jin Hua personally admitting everything, so there was nothing to say in this matter. Regardless of whether scourging Ye Chuan or sneaking into Martial Repository Pavilion and stealing merit law, both of them were capital offense. Right now what made him puzzled was, how Ye Chuan who was completely foolish and dumb before become so intelligent? Is it possible that, before he was pretending?”

“Ye Chuan, was this intentional? You clearly knew that rashly refining Dragon’s Vein Crystal is very dangerous, that’s why you intentionally gave it to Jin Hua as a gift?” Great Elder asked.

“Yes, that was intentional. If I didn’t do that, then I would have died in the hand of Jin Hua sooner or later. Master Sect Master isn’t present, and my cultivation is also weak, so I’ve no other choice but this.” Ye Chuan answered the answer he had prepared in advance.

Looking at Ye Chuan who have received cold-shoulder and supercilious look from childhood, Great Elder felt sad inwardly, “Ai, this is all my fault, Ye Chuan, I put you to great inconvenience for many years.”

Great Elder sighed, for so many years, continuously pretending to be stupid to endure other people’s supercilious look and humiliation, Ye Chuan is naturally not simple. “But, although Jin Hua was courting death, but he after all died in your hand, Hall Master Jin and Third Elders will not let you go. Moreover, he was soon going to have a bridal chamber, this……, how could Tuoba Xiong drop this matter?”

“There’s no harm, Great Elder rest assured, I will handle it, and this will not implicate the sect.”

While Great Elder was worried, Ye Chuan was calm as if this didn’t have anything to do with him. After pausing for a bit, Ye Chuan indifferently said to Great Elder, “But, Great Elder, don’t you think, me and protectors suddenly encountering ambush in a remote mountain very suspicious? Who clearly understood our whereabouts, and who has such a strong fighting force? Furthermore, Three Great Sect’s Competition is about to begin, but in such time, Tuoba Xiong personally came to our sect, moreover he lowered his status and took the initiative to form an alliance by marriage, isn’t this too suspicious?”

“Ye Chuan, you are saying……” The gaze of Great Elder flickered, and muttered to himself.

“I suspect, there is a rat in our sect, furthermore, in a high position.” Ye Chuan paused, and profoundly said, “Master Sect Master went out for many years and still hasn’t returned, so the scramble for power and profit is intensifying within the sect. Great Elder, you also know, who is continuously monopolizing Weaponry Pavilion, and not allowing entrance to anyone other than their trusted followers. Who is continuously peeping on my position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, and secretly adding the fuel to the flames from behind the scene. Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong is settled on this point and taking advantage of this emptiness, he is joining in. He wants to decimate our Cloud Mist Sect, this so-called forming an alliance by marriage is merely a humiliation, strategy to strike our moral that’s all. Marrying that ugly big bird is just to let other people see our sect as a joke. Now it’s my turn, and next, perhaps it’s Great Elder and Zhu Sijia’s turn.

“They dare?” The complexion of Great Elder became ice-cold, and his killing intent flourished greatly.

His family had suffered a calamity in the early few days, so now he had only her granddaughter Zhu Sijia as his family. If anyone dares to a make a move against Zhu Sijia and hurt even her hair, then he would tear him apart regardless of whoever that person was.

“The struggle within the sect is always most brutal, there is nothing they dare not to do. Great Elder, we shouldn’t endure any longer!” Ye Chuan struck while the iron was hot.


Great Elder sighed and pondered without speaking. Throughout his life, he had gone through unknown number of dangerous storms, and as a matter of fact, he understood clearly, merely he couldn’t bear to oppress his fellow disciples.

“Great Elder……”

Seeing Great Elder was still hesitating to make a decision, Ye Chuan sighed, now it was too late to speak any more, as he suddenly sensed other people.

In the dark, suddenly sad and shrill loud cry came through, very quickly, a large crowd of people rushed over.

“Hua’er, my Hua’er, who killed you? Who……”

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun threw himself onto the corpse of Jin Hua and howled loudly. Seeing his son’s ice-cold corpse, his face twisted, and his eyes became red as if bleeding. Behind, Third Elder with the group of trusted aide slowly walked over with his face solemn and somber, while thick killing intent undulating in the sky.

Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong still hadn’t arrived, so Ye Chuan was about to face the internal strife of sect first, confronting Hall Master Jin Zhikun and Third Elder’s pressure.

In the dark, with a long line of torches, heavy footsteps’ sound as if thunder resounded. The entire sect shook, and disciples and guards came over one after another.

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