Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 239

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 239: Miniature Paradise Realm

“Who are you of capital’s Long Clan? What is your name?”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at this restless black robed person and directly coming to the point, he said in a low voice, “Speak, who sent Dark Underworld Emissary to Long Clan to look for trouble? Who is your master? What exactly is his purpose?”

The voice of Ye Chuan suddenly become faint. It sounded like it was coming from the horizon, then the face of this black robed man become somewhat dazed and his eyes became blank.

Demonic Sound!

Regardless of the danger of triggering the restriction of Demonic Dragon Path and attracting the attack of huge dragons, he resolutely used his technique to interrogate the identity of this black robed man.

If that Dark Underworld Emissary had truly infiltrated into the capital’s Long Clan, then looking at the situation of Cloud Mist Sect, the purpose of this Dark Underworld Emissary was only one, subvert Long Clan and side by side, control this and other equally famous wealthy and influential clans like Murong aristocratic clan. Not speaking about attempting to dip one’s finger in various big cultivation sects, extending their evil hands towards the secular world, and attempting to control everything, the power behind that Dark Underground Emissary was bigger and more powerful than he had expected.

It was fine when he didn’t know, but now that he knew that there was such a huge underground power, Ye Chuan couldn’t let the other party have their way. At the very least, he would never allow that Dark Underground Emissary stage a comeback and once again become detrimental to Cloud Mist Sect. That year, when Ghost Hand Medicinal King was establishing Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan had already spent a lot of painstaking effort. To a certain extent, one could say that he had personally created this sect. As a result, he couldn’t helplessly watch Cloud Mist Sect reducing to the puppet of other people.

“I……, my name is Long Wu. I am the outer steward of capital’s Long Clan. It’s Hu……”

The black robed man was panic-stricken in his heart due to the intimation of Ye Chuan, and under the unguarded state, Demonic Sound confused him, causing him to speak out his name. But just when he was about to speak out who had sent him to Long Clan, he suddenly woke up. His tenacious willpower prompted him to instinctively resist the Demonic Sound of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan bent his knees and lowering his shoulders, he suddenly threw out a punch which hit right on the chest of this black robed man.

The power behind this punch was neither too big nor too small. It was just strong enough to make this black robed man spit out a mouthful of blood and rupture internal organs. Moreover, the energy accumulated within his body dispersed and became chaotic, therefore, now he was unable to resist the effect of Demonic Sound. If the power behind his punch was a bit more, then the body of this black robed man would have exploded, killing him instantly, and if the power was a little bit less, then he wouldn’t have achieved the desired effect.

“Speak, Hu what? Who sent you to capital’s Long Clan?” Ye Chuan intently watched this injured black robed man, Long Wu, and struck while the iron was hot.

The eyes of this black robed person Long Wu blanked again, and his mouth moved subconsciously. But, before he could speak out the name and identity of the instigator, he held his head and screamed, moreover, his face twisted and his four limbs convulsed.


Demonic Sound doesn’t have such side effect!

Ye Chuan rushed over and pushed down the convulsing black robed man Long Wu. He wanted to rescue him, but his heart sunk.

The four limbs of this black robed man still twitching, but he was no longer breathing. In the blink of an eye, he had died and his soul had scattered!


This was a kind of extremely powerful soul restriction. Once a person with this restriction wanted to speak out the restricted secret, he would be obliterated by the power of this restriction right away!

Now, the complexion of Ye Chuan was solemn and he felt a heavy pressure in his heart.

He had dealt with this kind of soul restriction, in his previous lifetime, when he concealed the heaven with one hand, he used this kind of restriction to bound some absolutely lawless great devils. The might of this kind of restriction was very amazing, but without exceedingly high restriction, one couldn’t use this kind of restriction, moreover, it consumed an astonishing amount of vitality every time such restrictions are used.

Behind Dark Underworld Emissary, was there a Half-Sage realm or Sage realm super expert?

Ye Chuan was overwhelmed with shock as he understood that he was still underestimating the power behind Dark Underworld Emissary. This invisible opponent was far more powerful than Feng Ren and Third Elder Bai Yanhu, even Heavenly Yao Sect’s White Haired Heavenly Empress might not necessarily be his opponent.

“Long Wu……”

“No. Brother Wu……”

The experts of Long Clan who were doing all they could to fight quickly noticed the activity behind them, and they ferociously rushed over in succession with soaring killing intent. At this moment, those huge dragons were unable to block them, and they rushed over in succession, wanting to kill Ye Chuan.

A trifling Rank 7 Xiushi kid, originally, no one took Ye Chuan who had appeared all of a sudden seriously. But seeing the sudden death of black robed man Long Wu under the hand of Ye Chuan, they were startled and also angry.

“Big brother Ye Chuan……”

Little Long’er cried out in fear. Seeing about a dozen experts of Long Clan were rushing over, he became pale as he trembled.

Even such ferocious dragons were unable to stop their steps, one could well imagine how powerful this group of Long Clan’s experts were. With all of them rushing over together, even ten Ye Chuans couldn’t stop them! If Ye Chuan died, then he was also doomed to die or even get tortured until he would wish to die due to the pain.

Little Long’er wasn’t afraid of the restrictions of this paradise realm, rather he feared these adventurers that broke into this paradise realm. Many times, people were most terrifying!


Ye Chuan shouted, and carrying Little Long’er, he turned around and ran. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to take the Dragon Crystal Stone from the bosom of the black robed man.

Whoosh! An ear piercing void breaking sound resounded as an arrow shot straight towards the back of Ye Chuan.

One of the experts of Long Clan stopped, and drawing his bow, he released the arrow. The bow had the name of Weapon Refining Great Master ‘Meng Han’ carved on it. The arrow was also a famous arrow. It was so sharp that it could even pierce through the head of a dragon, and its speed was also amazing. In the blink of an eye, it had already arrived behind Ye Chuan.

The neck of Ye Chuan suddenly sunken due to the strong wind coming from behind.

“Big brother, be careful!”

Little Long’er screamed. When he looked back, he just happened to see that terrifying arrow coming from afar.

Ye Chuan extorted strength on his tiptoes, and he suddenly accelerated towards the poisonous mist on both sides of this Demonic Dragon Path. A screaming sound came from behind, the experts of Long Clan chasing behind Ye Chuan simultaneously stopped and had disbelief written all over their face.

Touching this poisonous mist, their blood and flesh would be corroded, then they would change into skeletons. Even if they had no way out, who would dare to rush into the poisonous mist?

Ye Chuan dared and he quickly disappeared in the midst of poisonous mist.

“That madman!”

“Damn it, where did that fellow come from? Long Wu also was too careless, too unfortunate to encounter such madman!”

The experts of Long Clan cursed resentfully and after hastily burying the corpse of Long Wu, the turned away, continuing their journey towards the end of this Demonic Dragon Path.

After a while, from the seething poisonous mist beside Demonic Dragon Path, Ye Chuan carrying Little Long’er came out, and then hid behind a big stone. Little Long’er didn’t seem to have any problem, but Ye Chuan was feeling tingling pain from all over his body, moreover, he had small red marks all over his body which were very itching. Fortunately, they were nothing serious. After refining Demonic Dragon Ring, his body could resist the corrosion of the poisonous mist.

“Capital’s Long Clan……”

Ye Chuan murmured as he coldly watched the experts of Long Clan going further away. Then, with three feet tall flame suddenly appearing from his palm, he dripped a drop of blood to refine Dragon Crystal Stone on the spot. Suddenly a cyan light wandered around the small winged dragon statue, and as if alive, it had flesh and blood, moreover, flapping its wings, it circled a lap above the head of Ye Chuan, then changing into a wisp of cyan light, it entered the body of Ye Chuan. And on the Demonic Dragon Talisman, a small winged dragon pattern appeared.

“Eh, Demonic Dragon Talisman swallowed it? Can it be that, after cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, not only the heaven swallowing talismans become avatars, they still have paradise realm with completely different world inside? Are the current condensed heaven swallowing talismans miniature paradise realms?

The more Ye Chuan thought, the more excited he became.

At the end of his cultivation, he could condense 108,000 heaven swallowing talismans. And if his guess was correct, then wouldn’t he have 108,000 avatars and 108,000 paradise realms?

The more he comprehend, the more he discovered that he understood nothing. Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he had obtained in God Burial Valley was far more mysterious and complicated than he had thought at that time. Even with the experience of his previous lifetime and current Rank 7 Xiushi realm cultivation, he merely comprehended a tip of an iceberg.

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