Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 238

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 238: Dragon Crystal Stone

At the juncture when their lives were at the stake, the remaining adventurers joined together and did their best to kill the earth dragon that bore out of from underground. They battled while walking, continuing to push forward. All along the road, huge dragons rushed over from the midst of the poisonous mist in succession and the two parties had intense fighting.

Those huge dragons were very ferocious. It took only a moment to transform from statues to true dragons with flesh and blood, erupting with violent power. From time to time, adventurers fell and the numbers of dragons also increased.

Those adventurers that were still alive in this Demonic Dragon Path, regardless of whether they were sect disciples or loose cultivators, all of them were great experts and most of them were at least Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. The huge dragons on both sides of this Demonic Dragon Path were very powerful, but the combat capability of those about a dozen Daoist Master realm experts who had joined together couldn’t be underestimated.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er observed everything from far away and were cautious.

The chest of the winged dragon was hit heavily, and was sent flying away. Then, along with a whimper, it crashed landed on the ground. It just happened to heavily fall in front of the stone where Ye Chuan and Little Long’er was hiding. And after struggling for a short while, the life force of this winged dragon dissipated, then with its skin losing the elasticity and becoming rigid, it again changed into a statue. Then numerous cracks appeared all over its body, and along with a cold wind, it disintegrated into several hundred pieces. And the huge head happened to tumble to the front of Ye Chuan, and Ye Chuan vaguely saw a dim light inside the head of this winged dragon.


The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, and recalling the small crystal men he found inside numerous statues of Myriad Beast Forest, he quickly turned this dragon head upside down. Sure enough, a blue colored crystal appeared in front of his eyes. It was a fist sized blue crystal that felt ice-cold when touched. Looking from distance, it was like a rune but upon closer look, its appearance was just like a shrunk winged dragon. Eyes, claws, wings……, it had everything, even the fine hair of its wings were clearly visible. It was very lifelike as if a little winged dragon that had just grown up from the embryo.

This is……, is this a Dragon Crystal Stone?

Ye Chuan was excited, and feeling the pure energy fluctuation coming from this blue crystal stone, Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body rotated even faster, echoing each other at a distance.

Since even the small crystal men found within those ordinary dog headed statues and tiger headed statues were so precious, wouldn’t these Dragon crystal stone found within these huge dragons be hundred times more valuable and moreover contains greater mysteries?

The eyes of Ye Chuan burned and when he was just about to fish out that blue crystal stone, his body suddenly stiffened.

A swift and fierce sword light came from behind which was filled with killing intent.

Ye Chuan slightly tilted his head and from the corner of his eyes, he saw a black robbed middle-aged person flying over, stepping on the flying sword. He held a sharp spear and his body was dripping with blood with his hairs in disarray, most importantly, his ice-cold killing intent was threatening them. Little Long’er trembled and become pale as he tightly hugged the thigh of Ye Chuan. He looked, didn’t look and again looked at this expert who was bearing down menacingly.

“Little Long’er, don’t be afraid!” Ye Chuan reached out his hand and stroke the head of Little Long’er, calming him down.

“So bold, where did you come from, daring to steal the spoils of capital’s Long Clan, are you tired of living?”

This black robed man holding a spear ferociously shouted and grabbing the empty air with his big hand, the blue crystal stone flew to his hand. These adventurers dressed differently, but they hung the same kind of waist plate on their waist. They clearly didn’t resemble loose cultivators, also weren’t the disciples of any sects, they instead came from the same clan, no wonder they were able to unite as one.

Ye Chuan stood still letting this black robed man take the blue crystal stone.

This dragon crystal stone was very hard to come by, it might have a powerful heaven grade cultivating technique recorded on it or might contain boundless pure energy which would give good benefit if refined, but, not far away from this black robed man who was bearing down menacingly, he had more than ten powerful companions, and none of them looked like amiable people. So Ye Chuan didn’t want to easily clash with them.

“Humph, trifling Rank 7 Xiushi, but still dared to enter this Demonic Dragon Path, truly is tired of living. Kid, what is your name, where did you come from?” The black robed man coldly sized up Ye Chuan. After taking the blue crystal stone, he didn’t leave immediately, rather his cold eyes revealed ominous glint.

After fiercely fighting again and again, the robe of Ye Chuan was already tattered and blood-stained, so the war robe of Ye Chuan was already unidentifiable as the war robe of Cloud Mist Sect. Obviously, this black robed middle-aged man treated Ye Chuan as loose cultivator just like themselves, moreover, a solitary one.

In Wilderness World, the fight among the disciples of the sects was ordinary, but the fight among the loose cultivators was more bloody and direct. They often come to blows due to a brief remark. Every year, many loose cultivators die in a corner where no one knows.

“Ye Chuan, I live in the vicinity of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.”

Ye Chuan replied, maintaining his composure on the surface, but inwardly, he was alert and kept his guard up against this fellow who harbored evil designs. But, sizing this middle aged man carefully, Ye Chuan suddenly felt the attire of this fellow was vaguely familiar, a bit like……

A figure who came and go like a shadow suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan. That figure was that Dark Underworld Emissary who had instigated Third Elder Bai Yanhu from behind the scenes!

Compared to that Dark Underworld Emissary, the cultivation of this black robed middle-aged man was very lacking. He was merely a Rank 1 Daoist Master realm expert, but that pitch-black robe, sinister tone and especially that cold and gloomy aura, all were exactly the same. He might be the fellow disciple of that Dark Underworld Emissary or his subordinate.

The capital’s Long Clan, Ye Chuan silently memorized this name.

Originally, after the Third Elder Bai Yanhu died, he thought that the clues had broken off and he wouldn’t be able to uncover hidden Dark Underworld Emissary, but to his surprise, he suddenly found a clue here.

“Ye Chuan, good, this name is good, it’s just like the name of a dead person, kakaka, boy, even though you are just Rank 7 Xiushi, you dare to rush in, sooner or later, you will die, but leaving you alone will give us additional trouble, so this lordship will send you two to meet your makers, kakaka……”

The black robed middle-aged man roared with laughter and suddenly stabbed towards the chest of Ye Chuan, wanting to pierce Ye Chuan and even Little Long’er who was hiding behind Ye Chuan together. He had attacked ferociously.

Along with the bone-chilling wind, an ear-piercing void breaking sound resounded.

The spear of this black robed middle-aged man was fast like lightning and also ruthless. They had never met before and also hadn’t incurred hatred, moreover, Ye Chuan had already given up on the dragon crystal stone, but this fellow didn’t let this matter drop, unexpectedly made him a hindrance and made a move to take his life.

Ye Chuan was silent and stood still, but his upper body suddenly swayed.

Weng! A sharp sound resounded as the sharp spear whistle past the underarm of Ye Chuan and dangerously brush past the scalp of Little Long’er.

“Eh……, the cultivation is not up to much, but your speed isn’t slow, but, boy, here I come again, see how this lordship……”

The black robed middle-aged man exclaimed in surprise, soon after that, his complexion sunk and his energy fluctuation rose, wanting to attack with all his strength. But, he wasn’t able to pull out the sharp spear clamp under the arm of Ye Chuan. Gritting his teeth, he went all out, but he still wasn’t able to even move the spear.

The countenance of this middle-aged man suddenly changed, and his eyes flashed with terror as he understood that he had made an error of judgment. Looking at calm Ye Chuan, he suddenly felt strong unease.

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