Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 237

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 237: Dragon Kingdom

Inside and outside the gate dazzling with golden light was two completely different worlds.

Outside the gate, it was a wilderness covered with a poisonous mist, and one couldn’t see the ends of it. Inside the gate, there was a small path constructed with cyan slabstones. On both sides of this small path, the poisonous mist was surging. And in the midst of this poisonous mist, golden statues were standing tall. All of those statues were huge dragons, all kinds of dragons’ statues. There were five clawed golden dragons baring fangs and brandishing claws, winged dragons with a pair of large wings on their back and earth dragons whose half of the huge body was hidden underground.

Inside Demonic Dragon Path, it shockingly was the Dragon Kingdom. Moreover, from far away, low sounds of dragon roar came frequently. Those sounds were terrifying and shocking. But for an unknown reason, Ye Chuan and that little boy, Ye Long, were excited.

Demonic Dragon Path was blood-stained. Not far away from them, they saw corpses. There were the corpses of the sect disciples and also the corpses of loose cultivators that came from far. Moreover, there were also many scattered remains of dragon statues. Just like the statues of Myriad Beast Forest, all were stone lumps, the only difference was, all of these statues were golden, not like a pure gold, rather like a golden crystal stone, moreover, inside and outside, many ancient and obscure runes were engraved on them.

Ye Chuan carefully looked after squatting down, and he discovered that he couldn’t recognize the runes engraved on these golden dragon statues. The script was completely different from the runes of Heavenly Fire Continent. Clearly, it was the thing that came from the world beyond the highest heaven. Every collapsed dragon statue had a fist-sized hole on their head. It seemed some strong treasures were stored inside them. Since he was a step too late, all the things were already taken away.

“Little Long’er, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan held the hand of Little Long’er and accelerated forward. All along the way, he ran into more and more people, but all of them were lying on the ground. The corpses of some people were intact and some corpses had legs or hands missing, but all of them had died and blood was flowing out. Still, most of the people had changed into a meat pulp, so neither identity nor face could be recognized.

In the midst of poisonous mist on both sides, he could indistinctly see towering innumerable dragon statues. Each and every one of them appeared as if they wanted to pounce on them.

The more Ye Chuan walked forward, the more shocked he became, moreover, his hair stood on end.

Compared to Myriad Beast Forest’s statues, the dragon statues on both sides of this Demonic Dragon Path were incomparably ferocious. Each one had a violent atmosphere. If they made a surprise attack, then even a Daoist Master realm expert might not withstand being crushed into a meat pulp or torn into pieces while still alive!

“Big brother Ye Chuan, I am afraid……”

The little boy shrunk and leaned on Ye Chuan. He appeared very nervous and restless.

The towering dragon statues standing in the midst of the poisonous mist looked ferocious, but even more frightening were corpses they saw on the path. Even an expert that had fought a hundred battles would have a nightmare seeing this, much less a seven or eight year old little child.

Ye Chuan stroked the head of this little boy and suddenly squatted, “Little Long’er, don’t be afraid, you are the great expert and great hero of the future. Come, let big brother carry you on the back!”


The little boy climbed onto the back of Ye Chuan and closed his eyes without daring to look again.

Ye Chuan kept calm. Carrying the little boy on his back, he walked forward in large strides. Although his speed wasn’t fast, his every step covered exactly the same distance, pressing forward on this dangerous and unfathomable Demonic Dragon Path. Strangely, the dragon statues on both sides of the path didn’t move. It seemed all the active dragon statues were already eradicated by Tuoba Xiong and others who had entered first. But it also appeared as if the dragon statues on the way were indifferent towards them, so they were more scared than hurt throughout the way.

After an hour, Ye Chuan and little boy arrived in front of another gate.

Compared to the first gate, this gate was bigger and the patterns carved on the door frame were also even more complicated. There was a big mess around this gate. There were many corpses of adventurers and also a pile of scattered remains of the dragon statues on the ground. Ye Chuan put Little Long’er down and looked all around. The head of these dragon statues was empty, the treasures sealed within them were already taken away, so when he was just about to leave, he accidentally discovered that there was an adventurer who had yet to die. Looking at his dress, he should be the disciple of Black Cauldron Sect.

“Dragon, true dragon, many many dragons, there are dragons……”

This disciple of Black Cauldron Sect was muttering nonstop. He seemed to have lost himself due to fear. Ye Chuan didn’t know what kind of scene he had seen to become like this. Ye Chuan squatted down and observed. The stomach of this Black Cauldron Sect’s disciple was already crushed into meat pulp. He was already at his last breath and couldn’t be saved anymore. Sure enough, it didn’t take long before this disciple of Black Cauldron Sect stopped breathing and died in front of him. His eyes were still opened wide as he had died with a grievance, moreover, his right hand was still pointing forward in fear.

True dragon?

Can it be that these dragon statues truly are alive?

Ye Chuan shook his head. He knew that this disciple of Black Cauldron Sect was truly scared, so he was very likely to be wrong. Turning around, he walked to leave, but he noticed that Little Long’er was unexpectedly sizing up the patterns of the door frame carefully. He appeared excited forgetting his fear and also looked nervous.

“Little Long’er, can you understand it?” Ye Chuan was surprised but also looked forward to a little.

The patterns on the door frame didn’t resemble runes and also didn’t resemble some decorations, he wasn’t able to understand them. Perhaps, this mysterious little boy could understand them.

Little Long’er shook his head and said: “I cannot understand, grandfather didn’t teach me, merely……, merely……”

“What merely?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Merely, I feel like I have seen it in my dream, they appear… familiar.” Little Long’er somewhat hesitate, but under the urge of Ye Chuan, he boldly spoke.

Seen in the dream?

Ye Chuan shook his head and made a wry smile, then carrying Little Long’er on his back again, he stepped into the second gate, continuing to move forward.

This time, he didn’t even reach far before he could indistinctly hear the sound of fighting, so he rushed forward to see. But the shocking scene he saw made his scalp tingled.

About 20 adventurers had encountered the attack of several dragon statues. In the midst of poisonous mist, these dragons were ice-cold statues. They were glittering as if they were plated with a layer of gold; but after rushing into the road, the golden light around their body would quickly dissipate and they would turn into a true dragon with flesh and blood as if they had suddenly reawakened after being petrified for thousands of years. Moreover, they would launch violent attacks on people.


A winged dragon statue suddenly opened its eyes, reviving right in front of the eyes of people. After reviving, it flapped its wings and pounced on that group of people. In this attack, three Daoist Master realm experts collapsed to the ground, and blood flowed out. It was unknown whether they were alive or not. The other people joined hand and used their remarkable abilities to kill this winged dragon. This winged dragon fell to the ground and whimpered for a little while, then cracks appeared on the body of this winged dragon, then its body exploded, changing into a pile of ice-cold stones. But in the next moment, the earth blew open and an earth dragon suddenly broke out from the ground, swallowing an expert into its stomach……

The towering dragon statues that stood on both sides of this Demonic Dragon Path weren’t crude statues, rather were true dragons. Their attack either tear apart the adventurers or crush them to meat pulp. But, they didn’t leave behind dead bodies after they were killed. They rather leave a pile of stones. No one knew how many dragon statues were there in the midst of poisonous mist on both sides of this path, moreover, he couldn’t see the ends of this complicate and zigzagged path. The Demonic Dragon Hall was still far away from them, so with such situation, he didn’t know whether he could reach there or not.

Ye Chuan was shocked and he didn’t dare to rashly rush up.

True dragons!

The words and terrified expression of that disciple of Black Cauldron Sect before dying suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan. They similarly were statues, but compared to Myriad Beast Forest, this Demonic Dragon Path was ten times more dangerous. This really was the Dragon Kingdom.

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